SYS (Novel) Chapter 480


Mary, Mary, Mary!

The atmosphere, already peculiar, had now literally turned into a frenzy.

The residents had become spectators of the arena, and witnessing a fight like this up close was undoubtedly a unique stroke of luck in life.

Ah, that's it.

This is exactly what I felt...

Cosmos, the Pirate King and the king of corsairs, was truly experiencing the excitement and joy coursing through his body after a long time.

Since he assisted Jin in the operation to steal the compass three years ago, Cosmos had never celebrated a competition.

He always roamed the dark places of the sea as a wanted criminal.

Come to think of it, Jin Gray and Paul Mick's combat in my arena was the greatest spectacle of my life.

From today onwards, I hope to organize a genuine martial arts competition with Runcandel's support."

Jin was more aware of Cosmos, who was looking at him with moist, shining eyes as if about to cry, than Mary's mockery.

What's happening?

He's so moved it's almost overwhelming.

Cosmos casually wiped the corners of his eyes and opened his mouth again.

"Yeeeeeeeah! Mary, it's the wind's fury/crazy Mary! Well then, the opponent is-!"

As if they had reached a prior agreement, the commotion among the spectators suddenly subsided as Cosmos began introducing Jin.

Surprisingly, the connected covers started glowing, and subordinates resembling executives moved along the ropes between the masts, firing what looked like cannons in Jin's direction.


What the cannons fired were thick ropes with hooks on the ends.

The ropes were connected to dozens of thick cords, each tied to a bunch of silk and velvet, forming a bridge that connected Tikan and the ship.

This time, not only the spectators but also Jin and his comrades, even Mary, couldn't help but admire Cosmos's incredible performance.

"I've long felt it, but I can't understand why someone with such skills would become a pirate."

Jin contemplated the path of ropes that followed his landing.

"He was the most famous Provisional Flagbearer, the assassin of Archmage Kidard Hall, the Solderet Contractor, and the Black Dragon Murakan, the savior of the Holy Kingdom of Vankela, the Magical Swordsman, the Twelfth Flagbearer of Runcandel, and perhaps the next patriarch of Runcandel... The winner of the Cosmos 1796 Contest!"

The last part was unnecessary, but it wasn't the right atmosphere to question it.

Jin Runcandel!

Jin Runcandel!

When a couple of people shouted Jin's name from the railing, Cosmos silenced them by putting a finger to his lips.

He then continued, making a brief pause.

"...According to the latest rumors circulating among sailors, innkeepers' stories, and recent gatherings of various critics' associations, knight orders, and the alliance of warriors and mercenaries, he has recently been given this name."

Jin still didn't have a "representative" title.

Shadow Contractor, Magical Swordsman, Hero, and many other titles were there, but there wasn't a specific and widely recognized epithet.

"...I present to you! The Black Star and the sharp sword, Runcandel's monster... Dark... Crown... Prince!"

At that moment, Jin coughed unintentionally, and Murakan pointed at Jin and his companions in turn, exclaiming:

"Dark Crown Prince, Dark Crown Prince! Hahaha, Dark Crown Prince!" while Murakan laughed hysterically. Fortunately, his laughter was drowned out by the continuous drumming.

Indeed, no one had ever called Jin the Dark Crown Prince.

Partly because Jin was not a member of royalty or nobility, but the main reason was Joshua's existence.

The term "crown prince" referred to the person next in line to the monarch.

Joshua was the next patriarch in line, and there weren't many brave souls in Hufester who would dare label Jin with such a title.

In that sense, Cosmos was a very brave person, and he had a hunch.

The nickname "Dark Crown Prince" he had just given Jin would become a symbol representing him worldwide in the future.

"Jiin, Runcandelll!"

As soon as the introduction ended, a thunderous ovation, more than double, no, triple that of Mary, echoed through the waters of Tikan.

Tikan was Jin's base, and given how grand Cosmos's introduction was, it was natural for there to be differences in reactions.

So, when everyone was still gaping at the sight of Jin descending slowly down the silk and velvet path, Mary pulled Cosmos's earlobe.

"Bastard, who do you serve? Why is the little brother's introduction much noisier than mine?"

"Ugh, my, ear, my ear, please! Ugh! No, Captain! How can you blame me for that!?"

"What? This is insane..."

"The silk path was originally prepared for you, Captain. But you jumped even before I could use it, so I had no choice but to let your younger brother use it."


"And do you really hate it when your younger brother does well? You couldn't stop bragging about him throughout the whole journey here!"

"Of course, it's great that the younger one is doing well, but it feels weird."

"Hehe, don't worry. If you win, Captain, I'll set off an even bigger fireworks show. I wish you luck."

Finally, Jin descended to the deck via the silk path.

The enthusiastic cheers continued, but the atmosphere became tense as Jin and Mary silently locked eyes.

The audience swallowed saliva, enjoying the tension, and the siblings remained silent for a while.

"By the way, is Yona gone? Hello, insect." (Note: Insect is Kashimir's nickname)

"Yes, Murakan-nim."

"Who do you think will win? Make a bet. A thousand gold coins."

"A thousand gold coins might be too much for a bet, isn't it?"

"You're right, let's bet more, then two thousand. Now that I think about it, I have something to buy."

"If there were no rules, I would have chosen Jin-nim without a doubt. But in this situation... Well, it's hard to say. One thing is for sure, no matter who wins, the world will stir again. Many eyes are watching this."

"The current generation of pure-blood Runcandels rarely fought in public. This will be a battle to clearly show the public who is superior, and the losing side may have more to lose than they think."

Alisa gave an additional explanation, and Valkas nodded.

"Especially Mary Runcandel has a lot to lose. She is the Seventh Flagbearer, and many say she is the Flagbearer Cyron-nim showed the most interest in after the White Whale."

This was a well-known story among the Warriors. Indeed, Cyron had shown a lot of interest in Mary, to the point of directly imparting some of Runcandel's secret techniques to her.

"And, Ghost Blade, did you mention that you don't know what the result of their fight will be?" (Note: Ghost Blade is another nickname for Kashimir)

"Yes, Valkas-nim."

"You have never seen Mary Runcandel's sword in person. So don't say things like that."

"Valkas-nims, isn't it true that you haven't seen Jin-nim's sword either?"

"If it were me, I would bet on Mary Runcandel without any doubt. There's no need to worry if the Lord competes in pure fencing. Absolutely."

"All right, you two bet on Mary. I will bet on the brat."


While exchanging bets, Mary spun her chain sword in the air and began speaking first.

"Your nest is still under construction, younger one. It's not an exaggeration to say that the entire hideout of the Black King's Mountain is moving to Tikan. But didn't you know that Dyfus and I protect your loot from pests?"

"I didn't know, elder sister."

"I also wanted to have a good fight with the Black King Leader at least once. Brat, when did you grow so much? To the point of destroying the Black King on your own."

On your own?

Just as he was about to question it, Mary continued proudly with her statement.

"You were protected by Zipple mages by my oraboni and me until last year. You used the Reign Sword of the Kingdom of Legends and the secret technique of the magic sword in the Black King's Mountain just like in the Garden of Swords, right? In fact, the target I mentioned a while ago was precisely that. Surpassing you by a wide margin."

There seemed to be some misunderstanding, but Mary didn't give Jin a chance to speak.

She was like an excited child, revealing her grand ideas for the first time.

"Somewhat, you had a look in your eyes as if you were determined to do something big from the beginning. Is that where the misunderstanding comes from?"

Mary clenched her fists.

"Little brother."

"Yes, elder sister."

"Although we've decided to seal most of the great techniques in this duel, your elder sister is going to give her best. So don't fool around. If you don't fight properly, I'll destroy Tikan immediately."

How am I supposed to fight you, elder sister?

It's an impossible task from the start.

Instead of responding like that, Jin decided to choose other words.

Since this fight has become inevitable, Jin will use what he does best, as always.

The act of provoking and stirring up the opponent to create an opening was one of the elements that Jin considered most important in a fight.

"All right, sister. I understand. But if you're evaluating me like that, isn't there something you should fix before starting the combat?"

Mary's eyebrow twitched.

"What is it?"

The conversation had been spoken quietly until now, in hushed tones up close, so it hadn't transmitted to the crowd.

But the next moment, Jin shouted loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Take off the eyepatch!"

Jin's shout echoed on the walls of Tikan.

"...Huh, elder sister."

Murakan burst into laughter once again, scratching at Mary's insides, and the crowd remained silent, unsure whether it was okay to laugh or not.

"I'm beginning to understand why Uncle Jorden cut off your arms in the past...."

In an instant, a bright aura gathered around Mary's chain sword 'Viper.'

The aura was so dense and formed so quickly that it was almost unbelievable.

This is...

Jin immediately recognized what she was trying to do with her first strike, just from her posture.

On the other hand, Mary smiled mischievously, displaying a secret technique she had further improved since the last time.

Runcandel's Fifth Secret Technique.

Light Speed Thrust.

What Mary executed was the same sword she used to defeat Ozdock in the past.

'No, this is insane! She said to refrain from using the grand techniques that could destroy an entire fleet...!'

It was impossible to wonder whether the Runcandel Flagbearer retracted her words so quickly or lied.

Mary's Viper was already rushing towards Jin.


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