SYS (Novel) Chapter 501


Is that Kinzelo's battleship that withstood the Sword of the Sword Emperor?

Was it called Grenille?

Hedo belatedly checked the battleship, feeling a wave of irritation.

Thick veins fiercely twisted over his robust muscles.

Since entering the Ten Stars realm as a Warrior...

Hedo had never experienced such a frustrating situation.

His skill always simplified complex matters.

But now, the opposite was happening.

What should have been the simple task of saving Jin and Murakan had become tangled and complicated like a twisted rope.

Nothing went as planned.

The vault was suddenly breached, and even when trying to save Jin, he continued to resist with his strange spiteful language.

It turned out that Yona was the one who opened the vault, and he received a serious injury from her sword.

Sandra, more impatient than usual, tore through the roof on her own, and now even Kinzelo's battleship was causing trouble.

Even the timing of Grenille's appearance seemed like an absurd coincidence.

If things continue like this, it will seem like I asked for support from the main house not for the Runcandel but solely for Kinzelo.


Hedo sighed and tousled his white hair.

Suddenly, he thought that maybe this situation could be less troublesome in various ways.

'Well, it might have been more of a headache to explain to the patriarch that the reason I asked for support was because I couldn't handle these intruders. So, it's better.'

Hedo, considering everything from his perspective, glanced at the hundreds of black dots in the dark dawn sky behind the Runcandel.

They were Drakka dragons flying towards them with magicians on board.

Among them, the one that stood out the most was the flagship Kozec, with Octavia probably on board as the commander.

If Kelliark hadn't been absent, it would have been him instead of Octavia.

A request for support from Hedo meant that such a situation had occurred.

Something had happened that he couldn't handle alone, so the clan had to be on guard.


'Is it time to once again shed the shell of arrogance and presumption?'

Hedo chuckled and shook his head.

It seemed amusing to him that he, who considered himself strong, had handled the situation so negligently.

Cyron Runcandel, the strongest being he couldn't even match, would undoubtedly not have let his guard down even in this situation.

"Eh? What's that, Grenille? Are they firing cannons at our fleet?"

Said Sandra.

Boom, bang...!

Cannons were firing from all directions of Grenille.

The mass-produced battleships anchored began to be mercilessly destroyed.

Majestic flames swept through the darkness as if the gods were playing with fireworks, and the falling fragments looked like a meteor shower.

If the public witnessed this, they would probably think that Zipple was collapsing.

It was natural to think so, considering the astronomical investment made in creating such a fleet.

However, the Runcandel swallowed dry saliva and were captivated by the unpleasant intuition that even this horrible blow to Zipple might not be enough.

Only after participating in this mission did the Runcandel truly experience the dominance of Zipple, the world's largest.

"Hedo! If we do this, the chances of saving Jin will increase! The main house will surely think you asked for support not for the Runcandel, but for Grenille. Right? Honestly, it's absurd to ask for support from the main house for intruders of this level."

Whether she was right or not, Sandra's voice was cheerful.

That fact made the Runcandel feel more frustrated.

"So let's save them all, make way! If you don't move fast, I'll split your incompetent muscular mouth in half!"

While Sandra shouted again, Hedo made eye contact with Jin.

'Truly, the heavens favor Jin Runcandel.'

Hedo came to a conclusion, and Jin peeked into his thoughts.

Jin intuitively read the gaze directed at him the moment Hedo decided to discard arrogance, shed presumption, and enter a superior domain, thinking of Cyron.

It was a look that only someone with that level of determination could understand.

Does it mean you're going to be stronger the next time we meet?

Is that possible, Tower Guardian?

Chilling shivers ran down his spine.

He had to be prepared.

Before that monster achieved another transcendence, he and Runcandel had to achieve an even more dazzling growth than that.


Suddenly, the longsword Bale emitted a sharp metallic sound and was dyed in a bright white light.

Hedo wielded his sword in the blink of an eye, and the Runcandel barely reacted, adopting a defensive posture.

However, the sword's energy wave didn't touch the Runcandel but extended behind them and towards the top of the magic tower.


"Hedo, oh, oh... no... no...!"

His sword pointed at the Spectres panting and lying in various places in the White Night Tower.

If the light moved like waves, it would look like this.

Due to the sword energy scattered by Hedo, the Spectres disintegrated like salt and scattered through the cracks that opened throughout the Magic Tower, disappearing.

The screams the Spectres let out in their final moments vanished like faint echoes.

At that moment, the Runcandels were once again stunned.

It was not surprising that he had killed the four Spectres, but the sword technique he had just unleashed was proof that Hedo had never revealed his full power until now.

Furthermore, his sword "disintegrated" the target completely, resembling the level of mastery Cyron had achieved.

"Leave, Runcandels."

Amidst the eerie silence, Hedo finally spoke.

The Bale Longsword he held in his hand still emitted a dazzling light.

[Eh, beauty. If you're going to clear the way, how about putting down the sword and talking about it? Eh? It's not like we're going to continue this. Aren't the kids getting scared?]

"I say this because I don't think the courage of the Runcandel, who opposed me so much until now, is fake, Murakan-nim. If you feel offended, allow me to apologize."

[Well, you don't have to go that far.]

Murakan transformed into a human and stood next to Jin.

"Keep that sword safe. It seems to have a connection with me. Come on, kid."

As Jin withdrew the sword from Sandra's neck, the rest of the group exchanged glances and followed him.

Passing by Hedo without showing him their backs was almost like an act of suicide, but Jin didn't look him in the eyes and walked on.

Jin wasn't afraid that Hedo would swing the sword from behind.

There was no doubt that he was not a man to be taken lightly.

"If the heavens favor you."

Hedo spoke quietly and deeply as Jin passed by his side.

"It must be because your father turned into the heavens themselves."

It was a story about a coincidence and celestial luck that worked in Jin's favor in a way that Hedo couldn't comprehend now.

"I'll make sure to tell my father that I've learned a couple of things from you."

"Miss Sandra."


Looking at Sandra impatiently turning her head, Hedo smiled gently.

Then, he carefully adjusted Sandra's disheveled clothes with his huge hands.

"Have a good time."

Hedo still trusted that Jin wouldn't escape with Sandra.

It wasn't an easy situation for him either.

Moreover, Jin acknowledged that Hedo was not an easy man and walked past the Bale Longsword.

Hedo also judged that Jin was not someone who would kidnap Sandra and take her to the Garden of Swords.

Sandra had only provided tremendous help to the Runcandels, and Hedo considered it as their short adventure.

Even if they were enemies.

Forcing and greedily using Sandra any further would tarnish the kind of trust they shared as Warriors.

"All right."

"Don't come back with a missing limb in the name of celebrating your reunion like last time. During your playtime, consider retrieving the items they took."

Sandra chuckled.

"Why take away what I've given? It's not that big of a deal, right? Is it important to have 'mine' and 'yours' between a couple? I got a little mad when Jin-nim killed that bastard instead of me last time."

"Is that so?"

"We're leaving, so handle the matter over there properly. In my opinion, that's a bigger problem than the assault on the vault."

Sandra pointed her finger at the sky on the other side.

The Grenille battleship was literally ramming like crazy.

"Yes, understood. See you later."


In a single leap, Hedo's figure shrank to a point in the blink of an eye.

He shot up into the Sota Desert sky almost as fast as a cannon shot.

The Drakka Dragons were also approaching Grenille and the fleet.

As if the fierce battle that had just taken place was a lie, a fresh morning breeze swept through the broken White Night Tower.

When Hedo disappeared, the Runcandels breathed as if they had awakened from a nightmare.

Undoubtedly, he was the worst and strongest enemy the flagbearers had faced.

The flagbearers' chests filled with a feverish warmth.

Although it couldn't be called brotherhood, the Flagbearers accurately read each other's emotions without saying a word.

It was a firm determination and resolution to become stronger.

However, one person, not a flagbearer but a Runcandel, had a different thought. Yona had been enduring reflux and internal injuries since she inflicted a serious wound on Hedo.

"Elder sister, are you okay...!"

Jin supported her, expressing concern with a worried tone.

"I'm... fine."


Yona pointed at Sandra with a trembling finger.

"Hey, younger one, that noisy troublemaker said she's your lover... Partner? Jin... I'll kill her."

Sandra's affection for Jin was so annoying to Yona that she wanted to kill her.

Even in the face of Yona's cold and deep murderous intent, Sandra's eyes gleamed.

"Oh, little sister! Can I call you little sister? Look at me, are you okay? You're so close to my Jin, aren't you? I know, I know. Sandra knows everything. Wait a moment, I'll help you quickly so you won't hurt yourself more!"

"Go away... Die..."

"It's not good for you to keep suffering until we leave the Sota Desert, little sister. We still have a long way to go, right? Where was the anesthesia?"

Everyone who witnessed that scene couldn't help but remain silent for a moment in absurdity.

Jin and the Runcandels thus left the White Night Tower.


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