LWTG (Novel) Chapter 513


In a dark room, in the majestic realm of Asgard where the sky turned purple, a wrinkled-faced man lay asleep.

A wise man who spent most of his life sleeping but, in turn, gained more wisdom than anyone.


Having lost both eyes that contained his abilities, he not only was deprived of his High-Ranker qualifications but also demoted to the bottom of the ranking.

There were two reasons.

First, Mimir's power, now without his two eyes, was insignificant compared to before.

Second, the sleep induced by the Curse of Knowledge became uncertain, not knowing if it would last a thousand or even ten thousand years.


Somehow, the prediction that he could sleep forever turned out to be incorrect.

Mimir's lips moved slowly.

"...That day has come."

His eyes did not open.

No, it was not necessary to open them.

Anyway, opening his eyelids would reveal nothing.

A view as dark as darkness.

Accepting that there was no more light in his own world, Mimir stood up.


It felt like the castle of Asgard was trembling.

Although he couldn't see with his eyes, it didn't mean all his senses were dulled.

Mimir staggered towards the window slowly, paying attention to the sounds.

"Save me!"

"Darn it, Kulan!"

"We need support here too...!"

"We're busy here too... Aah!"

Sounds of screams, splattered blood, and things exploding or tearing apart.

The smell of battle spread to this distant place. And among them, familiar voices mingled.

"For Asgard!"

"By Asgard!"


Odin's cry, leading Asgard, echoed in his ears.

In the place where the voice was heard, even the energy of Gungnir being activated could be felt. It meant that the situation was not as easy as to reserve Gungnir.

This was the first time he woke up without Odin around.

Odin was always there when Mimir woke up.

Whether reading a book.

Or sitting, yawning as he casually greeted him if he was awake.

It was lamentable, but at the same time fortunate.

"I can't see you anymore now."

He woke up after a year. It was a record.

Did he really think he would wake up so quickly?

There was no other way.

It was clear that this would be the last time, and only he knew it in this world.

'In this world, I mean.'

A smile formed on Mimir's lips.

He had no regrets.

He had lived this moment for a long time to have those regrets, probably since the moment he met YuWon.

To win, this was the only way.

"We can't win alone."

There was no choice but to accept that fact, and if that was the case, there was only one way to do it.


Mimir's body began to disintegrate slowly.

Feeling his fingers turning into dust, Mimir murmured.

"It doesn't hurt as much as I thought."

Was it because he had imagined this moment for a long time?

Becoming dust was terribly painful, but his long-held resolution even surpassed that pain.

He lost both eyes.

Now only his body remained.

After getting rid of that, what awaited him was probably complete annihilation.

Even so...

"Anyway, I'm grateful. Because I succeeded."

Mimir breathed a sigh of relief more than regret in his words.

It was unknown if this would end the fight victoriously.

But at least, this raised the chances of winning a bit more.

That alone was enough for Mimir to feel that his sacrifice was worth it.

"Odin... my friend..."

Towards the battlefield that couldn't be seen...

"Don't get too angry."

Mimir spoke his last words.



The commander of the battlefield used to be in the rear.

The death of a commander leads directly to the defeat of the war. Therefore, commanders take maximum security and lead the battlefield to victory.

But this fight couldn't be won that way.

That's why Odin took a step forward.

As a warrior of Asgard.

And as a king leading the battlefield.

"For Asgard!"

"For Asgard!"

Asgard's soldiers, including the Valkyries, responded to Odin's cry.

However, that was it. Morale was decreasing more and more.

It couldn't be helped.

The Outers in front of them were so powerful that it was difficult to handle them one by one unless they were High-Rankers.

'There are things that can't be overcome just with skills or the power of Myths.'

The Myth performed by Odin, "The King of Asgard," raised the power and morale of allies.

At the same time, it also took part of their damages. There were small penalties, but on such a large battlefield, it was truly an impressive power.

But that wasn't enough.

Now a change on the battlefield that they could see was needed.



Gungnir, held in Odin's hand, began to activate.

How many times has it been now?

"The fourth time?"

Gungnir required an astonishing amount of energy with each activation. Therefore, even Odin refrained from activating Gungnir more than twice.

But this time, it was the fourth.


Gungnir, released from Odin's hand, pierced through the battlefield.


A piercing sound cutting through the dense atmosphere.

Among the waves of approaching purple Outers, the white light pierced through them, and the fragments of the Outers who lost their lives fell to the ground.

In an instant, attention focused again, and the eyes of the Rankers narrowed once more.

"Gungnir... How many shots is this?"

"Four times?"

It had already been shot four times.

Every time Gungnir activated, the battlefield's panorama changed. The strike that cut through everything in a massive area showed overwhelming strength.


Gungnir's trace as it pierced through and flew was clearly marked on the battlefield.

Among the purple tide, a round circle formed, and where the spear passed, a white line was drawn.

Although it was only for a moment, the atmosphere on the battlefield changed.

A single shot of Gungnir, a single shot, had enough power.




Odin quickly wiped the blood flowing from his nose and tried to stabilize the swaying center of his body.

[The 'King of Asgard' is controlling the battlefield]

[Partially compensates damage to allies]


An impact transmitted to his head. Mental and physical damage were conveyed together.

No matter how many magical spells he accumulated to protect his body, it wasn't enough.

'I can't allow it now.'

He barely straightened his nearly collapsing body.

He himself would undoubtedly fall at some point.

But it couldn't be now. If possible, it had to be late, even a second later.

King Odin.

He was a presence practically equivalent to the spiritual ruler of this Tower.

"Odin... my friend..."

At that moment.

A familiar voice reached Odin's ears as he tried to control the blood flowing from his nose.


Along with the sounding voice, Odin quickly turned his head.

The Asgard Castle.

Inside it, his old friend who was sleeping alone.

That guy had already woken up.

It seemed like he might welcome him with open arms, but...

"What are you trying to do?"

At this moment, Odin couldn't eliminate the growing sense of anxiety within him.

Mimir's Curse was not something common.

The Curse of Wisdom. It was an invincible power obtained in exchange for drinking the water from Yggdrasil's well/spring, which could also be considered the foundation of Asgard.

Moreover, Mimir, at this moment, had even lost the two eyes that were the source of his power.

Even so, he suddenly woke up like this.

The fact that he woke up so suddenly meant that...

"Don't get too angry."

...another variable had emerged.


In Odin's sight, who had all his senses alert, Mimir's existence faded into the distance.

His whole body stiffened, and he couldn't run.

When Odin noticed, most of Mimir's existence had already faded.


Odin laughed bitterly.

Mimir was gone.

It wasn't a situation to laugh about.

However, he intentionally smiled, thanks to the last words Mimir left.

"This friend of mine..."

Resentment about why he did that.

And a farewell.

He couldn't ask why or question him for not saying anything.

There was no one to ask, and he knew why.

Mimir was a smart friend.

If the price of his plan was complete annihilation, going beyond the loss of his eyes, Odin would never have been willing to cooperate.


Maybe he would have tried to stop him.

Mimir might have seen that until there.

“Why didn't you tell me anything?”

Kim YuWon.

After learning that this guy came from the future and knowing the future through him.

Odin felt uncomfortable because Mimir knew this fact before him and asked, "Did you have any reason not to say it?"

"Reason? There is no reason. Because there's nothing we can do."

"Then are you just going to stay like this? This guy, deceive someone you can deceive."

There was nothing to do. Naturally, he didn't believe him.

He thought he was hiding something. But he trusted him, so he didn't ask for details.

But the result was this.

"You're a strange guy, both when we first met and now."

"My name is Odin."

He met Mimir in the Tutorial.

"I'm Mimir."

"Among all, you seem the most fitting. Do you want to come with me?"

And Odin thought that the moment he extended his hand to Mimir was the true beginning of Asgard.

The two, who joined the same team, fought for the first time.

Odin was interested in Mimir's abilities, such as fire and ice.

"What was that earlier?"

"It's magic."


"You use a spear, right?"

"Yes, but... I'm getting interested in that too."

In his youth, Odin was interested in everything. Mimir's magic was really attractive to him, who trained with a spear as a weapon.

"Do you want to learn?"

"That thing called magic?"


From that day on.

Odin never parted from Mimir. Even when he knew he would be trapped in the curse of knowledge after drinking the water from Yggdrasil's well, Odin supported his decision.

This time it was the same.

"I don't know what the hell you had planned, but...."

I don't think that will fail.

Odin nodded and composed himself with difficulty.


His only friend, older than Asgard.

If this is his choice, I respect it.

Did he tell me not to get angry?

Odin nodded.

He had no intention of cursing or getting angry, as he feared.

Perhaps this time, he was wrong.

"Don't feel lonely."

Odin didn't get angry. Rather, maybe it was fortunate.


Odin headed deeper into the Outer's center.



Gungnir, thrown with all his might, returned to his hand. He grabbed Gungnir and looked at the enormous battlefield unfolding before his eyes.

Mimir was dead.


Not only that, many Rankers were already dying.


Odin took another step, activating Gungnir, and thought.

There was no war where everyone could live. Someone had to die, or everyone would die.

So, who would die and who would survive in this fight?

Among them, for now...

'Mimir, and I.'

That's how it was decided.


Without stopping the flowing blood, Odin, with his shining blue eyes, murmured.

"Soon, I'll follow you. My friend."


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