LWTG (Novel) Chapter 514


How much time has passed?

It wasn't a time that could be measured in hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years.

Inside an old cabin.

Azathoth lived in a house built in the middle of the desert.

Inside it, two beings lived together.


A man and a goat.

"Where are you going?"

Azathoth responded to Shub-Niggurath's question.

"Someone seems to be calling me."

He reached out and opened the old, rusty door.

The outside landscape became visible. The sky and the earth. Everything turned purple.

"I see..."


"Have they gathered?"

The color of Yog-Sothoth.


Thousands of Outers gathered. And in the midst of them was Yog-Sothoth.

Azathoth knew what would happen next.



A long, rough horn piercing through the back.


Azathoth's body shook. Shub-Niggurath's arm turned into a long, enormous horn, piercing through Azathoth's body from behind.


Blood flowed from the corner of his lips.

Despite knowing that it would happen, Azathoth didn't avoid that moment.


Azathoth lifted his head and looked at the sky.

"What bothers you, Sothoth?"


The nebulas floating in the sky shook violently.


That was the Name of the sky that was always in his head.

"Again... are you trembling?"

The sky that had received a Name gained feelings from that moment.

Sothoth had the largest and most glorious Name. A Name given to rule over all creatures as the sky of this world.

It was the "Opener of the Way" and "All-Encompassing."

In the first place, the sky is something seen everywhere but doesn't exist anywhere.

-You didn't give us all the Names, did you?

"Does this tempt you?"

Azathoth smiled faintly.

He still had many Names left.

And those in front of him coveted those Names.

Why were they so greedy?

Was it just out of fear?

What good would it bring to have more power?

"Why didn't you just ask me? If you had asked, I would have given it to you."

-Does that include Names like Foolish Chaos and Amorphous Chaos?

"You are very greedy."

The Names he mentioned were all powerful names, even among the Names Azathoth had.

Actually, it was like a declaration of war wanting to snatch all the Names from him.

Azathoth had already made a decision.

If it hadn't been, he probably would have already reclaimed all the Names he had.

"What will you do with those Names?"


Yog-Sothoth didn't answer.

Instead, it moved countless stars to threaten Azathoth.

Did that mean not to dwell on it and simply give him the Names?

It was ridiculous. By doing this, it seemed like he knew nothing.

At this moment, Azathoth could reclaim all his Names, but...

"Take them."

Azathoth didn't.

He couldn't reclaim the Names he had given them. Going back to being alone was something he didn't even want to imagine.

Just as Azathoth said... Sothoth and the other Outers tore apart his body.

They voraciously ate the Names within his flesh and threatened each other to satisfy their greed.

And while their Names were snatched away...

'You still haven't answered.'

Azathoth always looked at Sothoth, who stared at him from the sky.

He never told him what he was going to do with his Names.


In YuWon's eyes, there were stars.

Those stars were still falling at this moment. If he kept staring at them, he would be crushed by their force.


[The power of "Amorphous Chaos" looms over the "Otherworld Sword."]

[Divine Power is amplified by the "Otherworld Sword."]

The power of the Name hangs over the sword's tip.

YuWon's eyes glowed red. Among the stars reflected in his Golden Cinder Eyes, it seemed like a line had been drawn.

He slightly turned the hand holding the sword to take a stance. With the idea of cutting through the sky, he swung the sword.


The sky split with a single blow.

The falling stars stopped as if time had frozen, and a long black line was drawn in the sky.

It seemed like the world had been split in two.

But YuWon's sword didn't stop there.

[The power of "Amorphous Chaos" is amplified]

[The durability of the "Otherworld Sword" is rapidly consumed]


The aura hanging over the sword's tip intensified even more.

The effect of the Otherworld Sword is the amplification of Divine Power.

However, even the Item said to be a masterpiece of Hephaestus had difficulties amplifying Azatoth's power.

But thanks to that...


He could unleash several strikes like the previous one.


Several black lines were drawn in the sky.

The infinite-length lines extended from the sky to the ground and split the desert in half.

Tuk, tuk, tuk-!

All the stars that Sothoth had launched were cut and fell.

The remnants of the falling stars... YuWon received those remains with his entire body and glanced at the sword in his hand.

'Is it fortunate to be able to use it like this?'

The image of Hephaestus appeared in his mind.

The Otherworld Sword was the masterpiece created by two Hephaestus.

Should he say that he couldn't bear it? Or should he say it was fortunate that he could withstand Azatoth's power?

YuWon murmured sadly and looked upward.

"And what will you do now?"

In YuWon's eyes, a human figure swirled like a purple mist.

Sothoth, who had been throwing stars since the beginning of the battle, no longer had many stars.


He had the greatest Names among countless Names.

[The Concluder of Events]

[The Nonexistent Void]

[The Sky of the World]


The Name possessed by Sothoth crushed the desert. As an infinite gravity force fell, YuWon smiled, realizing that Sothoth had changed his method of fighting.

"Yes, I thought you would do something like this."

YuWon's waist gradually curved.

Sothoth first threw stars and then changed gravity. His way of fighting was, as expected, very different from that of normal living beings.

Sothoth's power was almost omnipotent.

"One thing..."

And that...

"Sometimes it's necessary to look back."

The name of "Azatoth" was the same.


A hand that pierced through Sothoth's figure.

That hand shook Sothoth's power.


The gravity crushing YuWon's body gradually faded. YuWon looked at the identity of the arm that appeared behind Sothoth.

"Well done."

The corner of his lips curved upward.


Azathoth's name, "Amorphous Chaos," took an indeterminate form and formed a single figure.

From hatching from a palm-sized egg, through its child form, it had now turned into an adult. This change occurred as the Names YuWon possessed grew.

That creature was the main entity of 'Amorphous Chaos.'

['Amorphous Chaos' confronts 'The Nonexistent Void.']

['The Nonexistent Void' opposes 'Amorphous Chaos.']

The collision between Sothoth and Danpung made Divine Power spark around them. Thus, the two Names fought desperately to devour each other.

Amorphous Chaos and The Nonexistent Void.

Both Names, of course, had no defined form.


Danpung's body scattered in all directions.

The enormous chaos swallowed Sothoth's void. The void that lost stars began to expand its purple energy to resist Danpung.

Tsutsutsutsu, tsutsu-!


The atmosphere distorted, and space-time twisted.

If anyone entered it, even the hardest metal would become a small point close to annihilation.


Ung, ung-.

Small points forming in Sothoth's blurry figure.

YuWon's eyes narrowed.

That was the power he possessed, "The Sky of the World." As long as he had that Name, Sothoth could regenerate nebulas almost infinitely and connect them.

"…It seems we won't be able to finish this like this."

The battle had been going on for days.

Both had inexhaustible strength, and it seemed that if they continued like this, they could fight forever.

It wasn't easy to reach a result just by clashing.

"Still not daring, Sothoth?"

Sothoth, who was pouring stars from the nebulas, hadn't said a word until now.

As if he was still too cautious with his words.

He seemed to understand what Sothoth feared.

He was afraid of Azathoth.

Despite taking away most of his Names.

"The All-in-One; The One-in-All…"

As YuWon's words began to emerge, Sothoth's figure began to twist a bit.


A sound like a creaking door. The small door inside the small universe in motion began to open slowly.

"That silly wordplay deceived you, you unpleasant Name that wanted to be everything by itself."

Sothoth's figure kept twisting and twisting.

"How long are you going to hide there?"

It was a provocation.

That he shouldn't be scared and come out quickly.


YuWon's glove, "Uranus Heart," shone.

A Black Lightning coiled around his hand.

The "Lightning" created using the power of Tartarus spread through YuWon's hand and enveloped his body.

"Come out and swallow me. If you do, this Name will also be yours, as you wish."

"You don't know."

A voice came from the open door inside Sothoth.

"How much we feared you."

"Fear me? What of?"

"Didn't you just say it? The All-in-One; The One-in-All…"


The nebula shook.

The door inside him swung wide open, and finally, "The Concluder of Events" appeared.

"We know."

It was a familiar face.

Clearly, it wasn't like this before.


First of all, Sothoth had no form.

He was the sky.

A being that existed everywhere but didn't exist anywhere.


"We are just a story that you created."


Sothoth, who was like that, appeared before YuWon with a real existence.

Seeing Sothoth that emerged from the "door," YuWon opened his mouth.

"You want to be me."

Sothoth that came out of the door.

He had the same face as Azathoth a long time ago.


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