SYS (Novel) Chapter 512


Tap, tap, tap

Anne couldn't stop tapping the table with her index finger.

Sometimes she bit her nails, unable to hide her anxiety.

"Damn, damn, damn, damn...!"

On the opposite side, Myu couldn't hide her worried expression either.

It's not an exaggeration to say that the sisters survived in the Family by focusing solely on Joshua.

They never stood out in any period.

Not when they were Provisional Flagbearers, not when they became Flagbearers, not even now.

Specifically, things have gone downhill since they lost a rank war to Jin, who was a 15-year-old intermediate cadet.

Cyron and Rosa never showed interest in them.

They weren't praised even when they achieved something that could be considered an accomplishment.

And they weren't severely reprimanded when they made mistakes.

Myu and Anne were like air.

Just like other purebloods who didn't show an "exceptional" appearance.

"Even air is necessary... tch. We're just useless decorations to highlight the exceptional brothers. Looking back, we've always been in that position."

"What are you talking about all of a sudden, older sister? Is this the time to get lost in such thoughts? Our Elder Brother is already finished!"

"It hasn't happened, it's already over. So, we're also finished. Now, we're no different from chickens about to have their necks wrung."

"Ha! Mother would never abandon Elder Brother so easily. She must have some thoughts. Something, definitely, on her mind..."

Unfortunately, Myu and Anne had no way of seeing what Jin had intuited.

The sisters fell silent, their faces gloomy, remembering the day Luna had slapped them, a long time ago.

-From what I've observed, the younger one is not a very merciful child. You better be careful from now on.

-Is there still something left to ridicule? Elder sister.

-No, I say it because I'm genuinely worried about you. It's been a long time since things seemed to be going wrong, but you two are still my sisters.

The younger one is not a very merciful child.

When Myu and Anne heard these words from Luna, they trusted that Jin would never be able to defeat Joshua.

However, it would have been better if they had been a bit more cautious.

The sisters always showed more hostility towards Jin than necessary, and the results were never good, especially now, which was the worst.

"...Should we go beg the younger one?"


"You never know. Just like we did with our Elder Brother, we can offer to be his right hand if he asks us."

"We were never his right hand. What benefit did we give our Elder Brother? If we caused trouble, Elder Brother just covered it up. He took us in because we were pitiful. Maybe he saw himself in us, who were always trampled."

"Damn it, so are you suggesting that we sit still and wait to die, older sister?"

There weren't many brothers who could fill the vacant position of the next patriarch.

There were only four: Luntia, Dyfus, Mary, and Jin.

Among them, the sisters considered Jin to have the highest chances.

Anyone who saw his patriarchal declaration would think the same.

And if Jin became the patriarch, they were destined to be purged.

The same would happen even if another brother ascended to the throne instead of Jin.

They figured there was no way to avoid the purge, as Jin wouldn't be eliminated and would hold important positions due to his ability and the legacy of the first patriarch.

"...No, we have to find a new umbrella."

"Yes! Elder sister, that's it! We can't die like this."

"First, we have to find out why Mother abandoned Elder Brother. Maybe... could it be because of our Elder Sister?"

Anne's eyes widened.

"Elder Sister?"

"Why would Father take Elder Sister to the Black Sea Expedition for no reason? Maybe Father wanted to show her something there and try to change Elder Sister's mind. Mother knew it, that's why she abandoned Elder Brother Joshua. It's frustrating, but Elder Sister is still the best Flagbearer."

"If Elder Sister only expresses her intention to become patriarch as you said, then there is no one who can oppose her. I think we can survive if our Elder Sister ascends to the throne..."

Desperation sometimes leads people to a dark world of imagination.

The sisters were talking nonsense, distancing themselves from the reality that there was no way that would happen.

"Or, isn't Elder Sister Luntia looking for the legacy of the first patriarch? If she achieves good results, Mother might push her instead of Elder Brother Joshua. The possibility is higher for her than for Elder Sister."

"After a few days, I might go visit Mother...."

The moment she said that, a laugh suddenly came from behind the table.



The sisters unsheathed their swords at the same time, adopting a defensive stance.

The place where the sisters were was Myu's room.

Despite being in a state of despair, they were still Flagbearers of Runcandel.

They got goosebumps at not realizing at all until someone approached so closely.

Wasn't there any sign?

'This voice...!'

Surprisingly, the laughter belonged to someone the sisters knew well.

"I can't listen anymore! Ladies. Do you really think Joshua is finished?"

Shining mischievous eyes, black hair, and a delicate body.


Ilina Runcandel.

It was already quite shocking that someone had infiltrated without any signal, but the fact that it was her made it even more surprising.

She is Joshua's wife.

"Since when have you been there?"

"How can someone so foolish and incompetent wear the Flagbearer's cloak? The Runcandel I knew was not like this."

Ilina had never been so rude and hostile to the sisters.

Runcandel's flagbearers rarely married until the patriarch of the generation was determined, and the battle for hegemony came to an end. This was because the risk of their spouses and children being purged and killed was too high.

Furthermore, when a new patriarch was chosen, surviving brothers usually entered strategic marriages according to the Family's orders.

However, since Joshua had been the next patriarch for a long time, he married Ilina.

Everyone thought the reason Joshua married Ilina, who was not the daughter of a famous Knight Family, had an unknown origin and lacked special skills, was just an impulse or a passing passion.

To prove this, the wedding was very modest, and the marriage was not made public.

Ilina lived quietly like a shadow after marriage, never interfering in power struggles or expressing greed.

Moreover, Joshua barely visited her after their honeymoon.

So, Family members believed that once Joshua found a new girlfriend after becoming patriarch, Ilina would naturally disappear.

Even the sisters, who now unexpectedly faced her, thought the same.

She had no personal power; she was just Joshua's wife, a powerless figure.

However, such an powerless figure was mocking them.

It wouldn't be a problem to kill her with a single blow.

Since Joshua was imprisoned in the dungeon, Ilina would also undergo a process of downfall or expulsion.

However, for some reason,

Their hands holding the swords did not move.

The sisters sensed something.

Ilina was not the discreet person they thought.

Furthermore, if they drew their swords now, it wouldn't be Ilina, who until yesterday was a nobody, who would fall, but themselves.

"You... what is this?"

"What's wrong, Ladys? I'm your sister-in-law, no one else."

"I'm not asking that because I don't know!"

"Anyway, you have no more talent than barking. That's why our orphan loves you, precisely because of your incompetence."

Step, step, Ilina approached slowly step by step.

"Step back."

"Go away...!"

Myu and Anne unconsciously stepped back as they saw their shadow growing.

The shadow under Ilina's feet represented something completely different from her delicate body:

Something like a demon, a monster, or something even more horrifying.

The sisters' breathing suddenly became heavier as they observed the change in the shadow.

They had the feeling that an irresistible darkness was approaching.

In the end, the sisters couldn't wield their swords until Ilina was right in front of them.

They were trembling and sweating.

"P-please, forgive us... forgive us..."

The Runcandel Flagbearers begged for their lives, stunned.

They completely surrendered by just facing Ilina.

Even if they were considered incompetent, it was only insufficient when it came to the next Runcandel patriarch.

The sisters had traversed countless battlefields as Runcandel Flagbearers, facing numerous formidable opponents and defeating them.

The sisters had never shown signs of fear, even when facing opponents stronger than them.

Whether it was Luna slapping them, Mary hitting them, or challenging Jin whenever the opportunity presented itself.

However, as they had never experienced Cyron's wrath, the sisters could only be sure that there was no greater terror in the world than this.

Ilina looked at the sisters and smiled gently.

"You don't have to be afraid, Ladys. I won't hurt you."


Ilina's enormous shadow surged upwards, enveloping her.

The sisters, looking at that figure, laughed and shed tears.

In a moment of despair, it seemed like they had grasped the helping hand offered by fate.


[I am the Prophet of Calamity]

Ilina, emerging from the shadow, had a completely different appearance than before.

The darkness that could be described as her body filled the spacious room, and her button-like face in the middle of it all had a grotesque shape, swollen as if it would burst at any moment.

[Take the hand of our orphan].

Myu and Anne knelt down, extending trembling hands towards Ilina.

Something indescribable, cold but warm, seemed to grab their hands.

[I will become your father. Say that you desire it.]

"We desire it..."

Then, the shadow of the sisters shattered like broken glass.

One of the largest pieces was absorbed by Ilina's arms.

[The despair you have embraced as grieving orphans will make you even more valuable...]

Soon, Ilina's body became smaller again.

There was an ordinary-looking shadow under her feet, which had returned to how the sisters remembered.

The sisters remained kneeling.

"The role of saving our orphan, Joshua Runcandel, falls to you, Ladys. Can you do it?"

The sisters, with a faith they had never had before, nodded.


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