SYS (Novel) Chapter 522

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Jin caught his breath and looked towards the ice wall.

There was an exceptionally clean and deep hole amid the traces of chaotic destruction, as if some giant beast had gone rampant.

It was a hole formed by the Light Speed Thrust that Jin had just unleashed.

Among all the ones he had practiced in the last two weeks, only the last one had pierced through the Full Ice wall.

The hole had the shape of such a perfect circle that it seemed strangely artistic.

Great artists' works give the impression that, if looked at closely, one can see the spirit and tenacity consumed until their birth.

The hole formed by Jin's Light Speed Thrust was no different.

Jin and Talaris, who jointly created the result, remained silent for a while, unable to take their eyes off the hole.

"It's complete, my son-in-law. It only took 15 days to make a sword like this... Haha, I wonder what Cyron will say when he sees it. He'll surely be satisfied. Anyway, I don't know if Cyron is okay."

"I think it's the first time I've seen someone worry about my father, Talaris-nim."

"Well, because we are friends. And I made a promise to your father..."

Talaris smiled bitterly.


Jin tried to respond, but suddenly spat out blood.


"It seems I used too much aura and had a superficial reflux. Don't worry, Talaris-nim."

"If you were as strong as your first or second sister, you wouldn't have fallen into an aura reflux. Haha, you're weak."

She said it, but indeed, Talaris was also admiring Jin's resilience.

However, she only joked in the sense of being alert.

"It seems I can see a bit of what kind of mastery Elder Sister Luna has."

"White Whale, Luna Runcandel, if that girl's sword ability stops in my memory, then you are already technically equal or superior."

Jin shook his head.

"I don't know when Talaris-nim's last memory will be, but my sister must have achieved great things too. I think I still have a long way to go to catch up with my sister."

"She wouldn't have risen as high as you. And Luna's true strength wasn't her large body or her sword ability. She... haha, how should I express it? She has the ability to always win."

"The ability to always win...?"

"You are definitely stronger than Luna. You surpass her in almost every aspect. Still, if you were to fight Luna, you can't be sure of victory. There's something about your elder sister that is hard to describe in terms of potential or talent. Of course, you are strong too. And..."

Talaris looked at Jin again and stood behind him.

"While teaching you this time, I see something in you similar to that girl. I think that is the greatest blessing a Warrior can have."

"It's nice to hear that."

"Moreover, since neither you nor Luna achieved it for free, there's no reason to cherish it even if you like it."

Jin felt a presence as he was about to convey his gratitude for the training.


It was Kashimir.

As soon as he entered, he couldn't help but be startled at the state of his ice wall.

He was also briefly distracted by a single perfect trace amid the destroyed ice walls.

Are these traces the result of the training?

Especially that mark...

It seems that Jin-nim has completed a new sword.

An ice wall reinforced with the power of Full Ice.

Kashimir had the feeling that even making a deep crack in these ice walls would not be easy with his sword.


"Huh, I was about to send my son-in-law today. Have you come to notify me that I have kept him for too long?"

"No, Talaris-nim. I've come because there's a problem that Jin-nim needs to check quickly."

When Kashimir pulled out the report from the Seven-Colored Peacocks and showed it to him, Jin's eyes grew heavy.

A purge signal?

Talaris took a look at the report and snorted.

"Hahaha, that bastard emperor. When we were young, I saw him eyeing Ron like a hawk. Ron had been on the soft side since before the attack on Sword Emperor Castle, but he's so audacious."

Indeed, the imperial family has been controlling Hairan from when they were young until now.

And as Talaris said, the controls of the imperial family gradually increased in proportion as Ron weakened.

Most of the time, Ron simply didn't bother with it, like a prey animal tolerating the days of unconscious and agile cubs.

He thought it was the path for the Empire unless he rebelled.

All the previous patriarchs had done it, and the imperial family knew it, so they rarely crossed the line.

But this time, the imperial family crossed the line.

'According to the report, the emperor is intentionally dropping the dragon knights.'

Of course, the reason was to prevent the dragon knights from immediately reaching Sword Emperor Castle when something happened in Hairan.

Although the emperor has command over the dragon knights, they were the ones prioritizing the safety of Sword Emperor Castle over the empire's orders when Hairan was in danger.

Even if that means committing treason by disobeying the emperor's orders.

Of course, they can't be sure that there will be a purge based only on this situation.

Just as they have always increased the level of containment on every opportunity, this time they might be merely putting on a show for the public, using the Sword Emperor Castle terrorist attack and its aftermath as an excuse to demonstrate the absolute power of the imperial family.

But Jin didn't seem to think so.

'In the end, the empire chose a stone over Hairan.'

A white stone kept by the patriarch of Hairan.

The imperial family has coveted the stone for a long time.

Just as the Hidden Palace is sealing Elona Zipple, Hairan is also handing over the white stone to future generations.

So that the strongest patriarch can cut it and get rid of it.

Jin doesn't know what the white stone is.

He can only guess that it probably has something to do with Chaos.

In return, one thing was certain.

It was a fact that the emperor clearly made a mistake.

'Crazy bastard. I don't know how big the stone is, but are you going to throw the strongest knight of the empire away like this?'

Ron's sword is the strongest in Hairan.

Although it suffered unexpected damage from the terrorist attack, as long as Ron and his key personnel are in good health, the fact that Hairan is the empire's top martial artist and a prestigious family doesn't change.

It's not an exaggeration to say that the reason the Empire is able to enjoy the status of the third force after Runcandel and Zipple before Kinzelo's rise in the current generation is because of the existence of Ron and Hairan led by him.

'The reason I asked Beradin to urge Zipple to properly pressure Hairan was to more clearly confirm the distinction between friends and enemies and the purpose of the imperial family. Judging by their behavior, the results have come. In other words, Vermont chose the Stone and Zipple over Hairan.'

What's surprising is that Ron has yet to react differently.

Even though there are signs of a purge that even the Seven-Colored Peacocks informants know.

"Sigh, there must be something they believe in, so they're doing things like this. I have no idea. Besides asking if there is justification to purge Hairan in the first place, how are they going to handle Ron?"

Talaris thought that even if the imperial family is "hand in hand with Zipple," they would have no choice but to use Zipple's power.

So it's nothing more than publicity that the imperial family had sold the empire to Zipple.

"...It seems there is something they believe in, as Talaris-nim said."

"It makes me wonder if they're holding Dante hostage. Hmm, son-in-law, you seem quite worried."


"Ron was injured during the terrorist attack on Sword Emperor Castle, but a martial artist living in such times would prefer to worry about the imperial family and the empire. Would you worry about Cyron if a group of Runcandels went mad and threatened to purge your father?"

That's right.

If Ron were in a normal state, Jin wouldn't have worried at all if the emperor had tied the dragon knight's feet or borrowed Zipple's power.

-I don't know if the crimson sword was the problem or if there were other factors. If the day comes when he suffers internal injuries that can't be controlled like this, I thought it would be, of course, the day he mixes swords with his father... it's amazing that he was the leader of a group recently known as a third-category terrorist group.

Immediately after the terrorist attack on Sword Emperor Castle, Jin learned from Ron about his internal injuries.

Ron was unable to recover from the injuries he had suffered in the battle back then.

For a superhuman like Ron, it's normal to recover quickly, but the internal injuries gradually worsened over time.

Not even Dante knew.

Only Ron's five closest aides and Jin knew.

'...Maybe the emperor realized Ron-nim's condition.'

The emperor still doesn't seem convinced that Ron is not normal.

'If he fully understood Ron-nim's condition, he would have hurried immediately instead of checking it like this.'

Jin also didn't know exactly what Ron's current condition was.

If Ron's wound is the same as the first or worse.

That worried Jin.

Ron's lack of response so far (maybe he's dealing with it but hasn't been informed) might have something to do with his condition.

"That's right, Talaris-nim. Still, I'll go to Sword Emperor Castle myself."

"Yes, yes. Go and show off your new great skill."

"In the future, no matter who asks, I will tell them that I learned one of Runcandel's secret techniques from Talaris-nim. It was an honor to learn from you, Talaris-nim."

"How adorable you are. Ah, and, just in case. If you think something bad is going to happen to Sword Emperor Castle, make sure to let me know too."

"I will."

As soon as Jin left the hidden palace with Kashimir, he immediately boarded the Tikan transfer gate to the empire.

The transfer gate only emitted a warning sound and did not work.

It was a phenomenon that appeared when the other side of the transfer gate was closed.


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