SYS (Novel) Chapter 521


"Hmm... Am I being treated unfairly again? I thought it would take you at least two months to achieve such a perfected Light Speed Thrust, even with my help. However, you didn't do it in a day but in just an hour."

It wasn't easy to understand, even for Talaris.

In fact, executing a perfected light-speed thrust in two months didn't make sense.

She only thought that if Jin's potential and her own help were combined, it would be possible in that amount of time.

"...Did you do it in one go?"

Talaris was surprised by Jin's reaction.

Since he did it without much difficulty, Jin naturally assumed that reaching that level would be within Talaris's expectations.

"Is it surprising?"

First of all, Jin apologized for cutting off Talaris's words and made a slight bow.

"I'm sorry, I didn't realize."

"No, is that what's important now? Son-in-law, what the hell? Were you practicing this technique even before coming here?"

"It's been a few days already."

"Haha, that's fine..."

In some way, it reminded Jin of the first time he learned magic from Murakan during the Storm Castle days.

Talaris was showing the same reaction as Murakan, who was surprised at Jin's talent back then.

"Well, I guess I've chosen a good son-in-law. It's a shame to have such talent only for the hostess of the Hidden Palace. The Second Flagbearer, Joshua, also fell into the abyss... Eh, should I send my daughter to Runcandel? There's no precedent for a marriage between a patriarch and the owner of the hidden palace, but we can make it happen now."

When learning magic from Murakan, Jin deliberately downplayed his abilities and adjusted progress to avoid suspicion.

Now there was no need for that.

"For the Acceleration... instead of seven times, it seems I can divide it into nine."

"What did you say?"

"More precisely, it's better to say that it's divided into three times. I can group nine aura focus points into sets of three that count as accelerations. If I grasp the sensation of accelerating a total of three times like this, it will be a proper thrust."

At that moment, Talaris was surprised once again.

There was a rather difficult passage in the book Cyron left.

Could it be that what my son-in-law is saying now is what he meant...?

'I thought it was a problem for Mary.'

Talaris quickly reviewed the book again, and she could deduce that Jin's words were exactly right.

"Weren't you saying that your sister's Light Speed Thrust is inferior to mine?"


"Then Mary shouldn't have transmitted it to you. Because she couldn't understand the mystery. She might be thinking that the reason her Light Speed Thrust is inferior to Cyron's is just the difference in martial arts achievement and experience."

"If it's Elder Sister Mary, someday she'll find the answer for herself."

"Hmm, that girl is definitely special, so that might be true."

But compared to you, even that great talent is dull. Talaris swallowed those words.

"Anyway, I think I know where the focus points of the nine aura concentrations are. Just by teaching it again, my stomach hurts. Show me yours again."

"I think I need a preliminary action."

"Take your time, push with the utmost perfection."

Jin focused, refining his posture.

And the Light Speed Thrust showed itself more powerful than the sword Talaris showed him at the beginning..., as it seemed it was about to be revealed.

The sword's aura kept breaking without being able to stretch forward as much as possible.

His thrusting posture also collapsed, and Jin was about to fall forward.

"Hahaha! You just surprised this mother-in-law, and now it's your turn to be embarrassed!"

Seeing Talaris laughing so cheerfully, Jin couldn't help but feel a little uncomfortable too.

"Maybe my greed took over, and my center of gravity came down. It's embarrassing."

"Yes, you should also have that human side. Thanks to that, I had a good laugh."

However, contrary to her words, Talaris didn't ignore that Jin had "almost succeeded" this time.

He was so focused on gathering aura that he missed the basic posture at the last moment.

Indeed, this time he practically did it again...

'If he tries again, he will undoubtedly succeed.'

Jin adopted his posture again.

Talaris silently waited for him to unsheath the sword.

Jin, who changed his gaze, raised his aura while checking the mistake he had just made.

Soon, a shining sword burst into the air, exuding an aura worthy of being called Runcandel's secret technique.

Fifth Secret Technique of Runcandel:

Light Speed Thrust!

A flash of light pierced through the eyes.

Jin distorted the space abruptly extending at the "chasing" speed of the flash, leaving a long afterimage like a comet's tail.

Only those who had reached a certain level could see that fleeting afterimage.

It was because the aura line, which started from the sword but only advanced after the movement finished, rushed toward the path indicated by the sword.

A huge crack formed in the ice wall of the training field.

If Talaris hadn't reinforced it in advance with the power of Full Ice, Jin's aura would have reached the outside of the hidden palace and left a trail in the sky.

Now, instead of being surprised or scandalized, Talaris expressed pure admiration.

"Wow, I don't know the speed, but the power definitely surpasses what I showed."

Jin, finishing the secret technique, caught his breath and shook his head.

"It was just a light demonstration. In any aspect, my sword can't compare to Talaris-nim's mastery."

"No, it's the same even if you used it correctly. Since it's Runcandel's secret move in the first place, there are limits to imitation. And... Well."

"And why is that?"

"Nine times..."

Talaris had just observed Jin's Light Speed Thrust, and at first sight, she felt that she was facing the next level of the secret technique.

"Could you divide your aura focus points into ten times?"

Jin instinctively understood why Talaris was saying that.

"Could you be considering the possibility of improvement?"

"Well, it's an improvement... In the first place, it's clear that the Light Speed Thrust is the complete form of the nine focus points and three accelerations you mentioned. However, you're not an ordinary Warrior, right, son-in-law?"

Shadow Energy, Light Energy, Mana.

Unlike ordinary Warriors, Jin can use a total of four powers, including Aura.

And Talaris judged that maybe, one of those powers could serve as the "tenth element" of the Light Speed Thrust.

People usually don't question something that's already perfect.

The same goes for swords.

But Talaris wasn't an ordinary Warrior like Jin.

"There are various techniques in our Hidden Palace that are extremely fast thrusts or stabs. And all those swords are reinforced with the power of Full Ice. It seems the same method can be applied to the Light Speed Thrust. No, I'm almost sure. Those who only use aura can't think like that."

Jin felt a chill. It was like a flash of enlightenment.

"Of course, it might not be the case for all types of swords, but it won't be difficult to add another power in the Light Speed Thrust due to its simplicity. And I think adding lightning energy would be the best."

Some of Runcandel's decisive moves and secret techniques have their origins in Plutonian fencing.

In the case of the Light Speed Thrust, it's a sword that Runcandel formed on his own, but fundamentally, if you follow the source, there's no choice but to have a part influenced by the Sword of Legends Technique.

Of course, Talaris doesn't know this.

The reason she thought lightning energy would be the most suitable was purely based on the insight of a Warrior who had reached the peak.

"It will definitely fit. Now, what you and I have to do is find the final acceleration point. It will become a splendid sword. I'll name it after my son-in-law."

"I haven't done anything."

"Hmm, I know. But I can't put my own name on it, right? Consider this as a reward for making me laugh, Dark Crown Prince."

"I'm thinking about how to kill the pirate who gave me that nickname."


Without further ado, two weeks passed since Jin and Talaris started training.

Kinzelo kept cursing Jin every day for not informing him of the meeting date, and Runcandel and Zipple controlled information about the Sota Desert, engaging in a media war.

And dark rumors about Joshua began circulating worldwide.

Runcandel never officially commented on his fall.

However, even the general public could infer Joshua's fall just from that, so secrets openly formed everywhere.

However, Joshua's feathers subtly covered him in articles. They insisted that his failure was an unfounded rumor and that he was only entering closed-door training.

Rosa didn't particularly object to that.

"Hmmm! Now, our lord is no different from the next patriarch of Runcandel, but there are still rumors that the Second Flagbearer will sit on the throne. It's frustrating. That guy is finished," Jet said as he closed the bulletin.

"Jet, you shouldn't say those things in other places."

"Kashimir-nim, I'm not that foolish, hehe. Anyway, our lord left as if he were going to learn for a few hours, and it's already been two weeks without news... I'm worried."

"You worry about everything. Do you say that because you don't know how much Talaris-nim cares for Jin-nim?"

"Not at all. I just miss our Lord. If I had been born with true talent, I would have fought alongside our Lord every day. Right, Enya!"

"Of course, Uncle Jet! If you practice every day like me, you might find a hidden talent, you know?"

"Hehe, dreams are for young people like you."

"Old Jet."

Nearby comrades burst into laughter.

But soon, leaders like Kashimir, Valkas, and Lata had serious expressions.

"Ghost Blade. I suppose we should inform the lord about this."

In front of the table where they were sitting, there were reports from the Seven-Colored Peacocks mercenaries and Phantom Legion along with informational bulletins.

"I also think so, Valkas-nim."

"I have seen with my own eyes how much our lord cares for him. Of course, nothing seems to happen immediately, but still, it's better to inform him quickly. I don't have a good feeling."

The reports they were reading contained information such as:

(Confirmation of low-level purge: All Dragon Knights of Hairan are gathering at the imperial palace. There is a possibility that it's not just pressure from the emperor, according to the circumstances.

The whereabouts of the Dragon Knights cannot be understood with the current level of intelligence.

If we increase the intelligence level, the risk of being detected is very high, so approval from the Tikan Headquarters is required).


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