SYS (Novel) Chapter 520


At the Hidden Palace, the leaders of the Golden Peng informed Jin about the status of their business.

Now, Golden Peng cosmetics were becoming nearly "irreplaceable" items.

Thanks to the development of various skincare products, not just makeup but also clothing, people of all ages worldwide were using Golden Peng products regardless of gender.

It had become a representative product of the era.

"Who would've thought that the flowers and snowflakes of the Hidden Palace could be so good for human skin? If it were a world where only money mattered, I'd already be near the top as an individual. I offer this glory to the great, beautiful, and all-powerful Talaris."

Jin nodded at Peng's words.

"How is the development of magical items going?"

"We're still pouring water into the bottomless well. But don't we have a lot of money? If we keep pouring like this, in the end, we'll see some results. Money doesn't lie."

The money earned from the Golden Peng business not only fattened Jin and his comrades' pockets but was also invested heavily in the development of magical items.

Eventually, it would change the market dominated by Zipple.

Time passes, and the world develops.

The more the world developed, the more Zipple's influence solidified, while Runcandel declined.

To stop Zipple's monopoly and Runcandel's decline...

Runcandel needed something more than military power.

"However, recruiting magical researchers or engineers isn't easy. Except for the best, we only managed to get people big enough to work with us in secret, so slow progress can't be avoided."

For Tikan's defense, analyzing the machine from the Second Magic Tower, and developing magical items, the situation demanded a genuine engineering genius.

Of course, it was highly unlikely that all these problems could be handled by the skill of a single engineer.

However, things couldn't go well without recruiting anyone.

"I'll actively look for more people in the future, so keep up the good work."

"Then, don't worry, comrade. Oh, and the guy who bought clothes from us, Nordav Sarsaeng. Did I hear his real name is Sandra Zipple?"

"Yes. If he didn't approve of your clothes, he was going to kill all of you."

"He's a damn customer, but we'll have to be careful when taking orders from now on. Oh, and I didn't write it in the report. I put the watertails together as a test on their bulletin board. People reacted well, saying they were cute. Take a look at this."

When Peng showed the ad design, Jin chuckled slightly and headed to the training field.

Talaris was waiting there.

"Huh, it looks like Cyron really liked Mary. Seeing such meticulous work in the Secret Techniques training book. Well, if he trains well and finds the right direction, he can be one of the strongest in the current Runcandel generation, excluding Luna."

Talaris examined the book of secret techniques written by Cyron.

As Jin entered the practice room, her eyes changed.

"I tried to help lightly, but your serious face is a bit overwhelming. Hmmm, I guess this mission has been quite impactful in various ways for you, my son-in-law."

" I always have a strong desire to become stronger, but it was particularly impactful in the Sota Desert."

"Because of that Hedo? I've been thinking about that person for a while, but no one comes to mind. As I said before, most likely, it's the warrior your father saved in the Black Sea in the past."

"Not just because of the Tower Guardian. Overall, I felt powerless."

"I heard your judgments were great. The handsome elder brother said the mission would never have succeeded without you. Well... I think Runcandel must have prepared security measures in case you failed."

"If my battle prowess had been higher, Jane-nim, the Black Knight wouldn't have died in combat."

"On the contrary, if it weren't for you, even the Black Knight named Mon would have died. You certainly did well. And now, at barely twenty years old, how much stronger do you think you need to be?"

"I think I need to be as strong as my father was at my age."

"Now you seem stronger than Cyron at twenty."

"I doubt that."

"Irrational impatience will only eat you up in the end."

"I've heard this many times before. I know it well. So I plan to systematically alleviate this feeling of impatience. First, I'll master the secret technique, then I'll fix the overall situation, and then I'll start closed-door training."

"Closed-door training?"

"I'll go to the world of the Legends Tribe, Lafrarosa. I won't come out until I reach 10 stars."

"You'll come out soon. Hmm, You also have to figure out how to bring the Legends Tribe from the dead world... My son-in-law is busy. My head is about to explode. But in times like these, there's nothing better than training. Especially for cooling your head, there's no better technique to perfect than Runcandel's Fifth Secret Technique, Light Speed Thrust."

Runcandel's Final Movements, secret techniques, and ultimate techniques can't be used unless you have the blessed body of pure-blood Runcandel.

Therefore, it can't be taught unless you are pure-blood.

However, Talaris knew the Fifth Secret Technique, Light Speed Thrust, better than most pure-bloods.

It was because she was the person who had clashed swords the most with Cyron Runcandel in the world.

"I can't even teach you the complicated things of Runcandel's secret technique. It's impossible to know something like the gathering and organizing aura that only pure-blood Runcandels can use because their body structures are different. But that's not the case with this technique. This is very simple, my son-in-law."


"It's just an incredibly fast thrust. Most of Runcandel's sword movements are like that, excluding complex ones like the Third Secret Technique, Annular Solar Eclipse."

"Just an incredibly fast thrust..."

"Other warriors can't imitate Runcandel's swords for one reason. It's because they don't have a body that can withstand that tremendous acceleration and explosive power."

A pure white chill gathered in Talaris's right hand, forming a single sword.

It was Full Ice.

"But if you're a skilled warrior like me, you can do something similar like this. Watch closely."

The Full Ice Sword cut through the air in the training field of the Hidden Palace. A dazzling aura spread, and space distorted and cracked in the shape of the sword tip.

There was no preparatory movement, but Talaris's thrust surpassed Mary's.

The reach of the strike was clearly shorter, but it was of a higher level.

It was the concentration of force with minimal dispersion, completely focused on one point.

"Amazing. If Talaris-nim unleashes this kind of thrust at full power, probably... I wouldn't be able to react."

Talaris didn't even go all out.

But Jin was sure that she could display an even more remarkable thrust.

"What do you think, isn't it similar?"

"It's not just similar, it's far superior to what Elder Sister Mary showed."

"Of course, I showed exactly the same technique. It's nothing compared to the original executed by your father. Ah, my waist. It feels like my shoulders could tear as well."

"Are you okay?"

"As expected, imitating Runcandel's sword skill is something I can't do. That's why it can't be applied in real combat. I'll end up receiving more wounds than the enemy."

Of course, the vast majority of warriors couldn't handle the thrust Talaris had just executed.

However, if Talaris were to fight a warrior of a similar level, this thrust would undoubtedly act like a handshake.

Naturally, there was a huge gap between superhumans like Talaris and Jin.

There was a certain wall that couldn't be expressed with simple numbers like 1 or 2 stars.

'Knowing that gives me chills. If Talaris-nim decides to kill me...'

It will end in less than 10 minutes.

When Jin felt that certainty, he had no choice but to admit it, but he also felt strangely bitter.

Talaris smiled as she read Jin's thoughts.

"If I were to try to kill you with all my might without anyone interfering, the result would come in five minutes, my son-in-law."

"I thought it would be ten minutes, but it seems even shorter than that."

"The domain where I stand may seem distant. And indeed it is. But if we compare it to stairs... There are only a few steps of difference. And I don't know about Cyron, but I was in a lower position than you when I was your age."

Jin didn't believe it, but it was the truth.

"And your growth rate keeps increasing sharply. Is enduring 5 minutes against me really that little? Considering the time density we both have experienced, it's quite unfair for me, son-in-law."

It's not bad. Jin slightly tilted his head.

"I think I've been arrogant and disrespectful to you, Talaris-nim."

"Reasonable arrogance is not unpleasant. Now, show me your Light Speed Thrust, son-in-law. I'll teach you the theory Cyron deliberately wrote in a complicated way. I'll simplify it for you."

The training book Cyron gave to Mary was elaborate but quite difficult to understand. He placed traps in each paragraph hoping that Mary would further illustrate the sword theory.


Bradamante emitted a glow.

The concentrated aura left a dazzling afterimage, and along the blade, a sharp band of aura drew in a diagonal line.

It was a Light Speed Thrust similar to the one Talaris had just executed. In terms of speed and power, Light Speed Thrust surpassed Mary's.

Jin read the book whenever he had free time, but he rarely practiced it.

Still, the reason Jin was able to execute a single Light Speed Thrust was Talaris's assistance.

The moment I unsheathed my sword, the power of Talaris-nim...

'Supported me.

The key to Light Speed Thrust is, of course, acceleration.

There were a total of seven accelerations using the aura in a single sword-wielding motion.

To ensure Jin could feel each precise moment, Talaris assisted in the seven accelerations with her own power.

Is it possible to assist with such precision to match my speed?

Although Jin had questions, there was no need to doubt.

He had experienced it firsthand.

Talaris smiled as if she expected him to be surprised.

"It's hard to understand the acceleration points with complicated theories, but now you can understand them accurately, right?"

"Huh... Yes, Talaris-nim."

"It means you have to execute it not by releasing the aura at once but by precisely dividing it into seven moments. Ordinary knights wouldn't be able to do it due to their low sensitivity to aura. Even if they managed it by luck, their shoulders and waist would break."

Jin immediately prepared for the next practice.

"After receiving my assistance for a day or two, you'll feel it more clearly. If you let your body memorize that feeling..."


While Talaris explained, Jin unsheathed his sword again.

This time, Talaris didn't help him.

She hadn't anticipated that Jin would practice a second thrust before she could finish her explanation.

However, Jin was in a trance.

Completely immersed in the sensation that Talaris had awakened, he unconsciously executed a second thrust.

The pleasure of that simple response was so ecstatic that he didn't even hear Talaris's explanation.

And the Light Speed Thrust he shot the second time was 90% of the first, which extended with assistance.

The second Light Speed Thrust shattered the ice wall of the training field, and Jin was surprised by his own unconscious action, ignoring Talaris's words.

Talaris's eyes widened as she was surprised by the results after the "sole" assistance.


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