SYS (Novel) Chapter 519


Kinzelo Headquarters.

The bitter loss in the Sota Desert wasn't enough for the leader to suddenly stop coughing up blood again, so the atmosphere wasn't good.

Only Bouvard and Ainas were laughing.

"Ha, Zephyrin used the Leader's power again...."

"The leader needs to regain consciousness properly and control Zephyrin, but he lost his energy again. It seems like this keeps happening. I'm starting to think we should say something too, Vice Leader."

As Bishkel and Berakt seemed to express their frustration, Joe nodded.

"No, and so what if she's the Grand Duke of the Demon World. Isn't this a bit too much? The leader coughed up blood again."

"Don't interfere, Joe. Seriously, do I have to personally tell you to shut up every time so you keep that snorting closed? Should I break your jaw so you can't talk again?"

"Zephyrin-nim must not have had a choice. She must be more anxious than anyone for the leader's recovery. She's in a similar situation to Jin-nim's Dragon Guardian, Murakan-nim, so she must be frustrated."

"Well, that's true. Margiella."

Joe found it difficult to hide his uncomfortable feelings every time this happened. If he had said exactly what Margiella had just said, Berakt would probably have lunged at him, threatening to kill him.

'Ugh, this narrow-minded, foul-mouthed, dirty, and discriminatory bastard!'

While Joe thought that, Margiella turned her head and met his eyes.

'Don't have such bad thoughts, Joe-nim.'

She said this by moving her mouth, and Joe let out a dry cough as he felt a shiver down his spine.

The door opened.

Zephyrin entered.


Everyone who was sitting stood up, showing their respect.

"Oh, Grand Duke.... You've come. The White Wolf... just mentioned you."

Zephyrin gestured for those standing to sit, looking somewhat annoyed.

"I told you, elder sister! Zephyrin-nim, you're here. Everyone was talking about you."

"They were talking about me? What?"

"Oh, what were they talking about? Everyone, about Zephyrin-nim."

"We were talking about how awesome you are. Going alone to enemy territory is a heavy task for us, the lower beings. Thank you for your hard work, Miss Zephyrin."

Bishkel hastily interrupted Ainas and changed the subject, sensing Zephyrin's low spirits.

Even Berakt, who had said he would speak, sighed just by looking at Zephyrin's mood and "face."

'Damn it, I, a great warrior, am in a situation where I have to be cautious. Why is her jaw so... like that? Could it be that she was hit?'

Zephyrin's jaw was very swollen.

"Hehe, but Zephyrin-nim! Where did you get this bump? Will something come out if we pop it?"

On the other hand, Ainas, despite being warned once, shamelessly touched the swollen jaw, laughing softly.

Of course, the giant bump was the result of a blow from Talaris.

"Ohh, ahhh, Ainas... that, that's not good. The Grand Duke might get angry."

"Hehe, I've never seen such a big bump! Sister! Sister, try touching it too."

"Ah... you shouldn't... you... shouldn't, crazy thing! Die, die! What are you doing to the Grand Duke? Die! Die!"


Bianca's way of speaking suddenly changed, spitting curses and punches in rapid succession.

Ainas ran away, but Bianca soon followed her with a cudgel in hand.

Margiella rolled her wheelchair towards Zephyrin.

"Hmm, what happened? Zephyrin-nim."

"...We've decided to hold a meeting, Margiella. Jin will notify us of the date, and we can discuss things during the meeting. We must share all the information we find at that time. Damn that Jin Runcandel."

"Wow, it's an impressive harvest!"

"Do you really think so?"

"Of course, if someone else from our group had gone, we wouldn't have gotten anything!"

Meanwhile, the Kaligo sisters, who had been wandering among the executives, regained some of their senses.

"Oh... what have I done? I'm sorry... it must hurt, Ainas."

"Oh, uh, no. It's fine... huh? But what's this smell? Grand Duke, did you eat something delicious there? There's a really appetizing smell coming from you, Grand Duke."

This time, even Bianca sniffed the air near Zephyrin.

After the beating, Zephyrin had eaten something in Tikan before leaving. She couldn't help it because refusing to eat in such a situation seemed to go against the dignity of the Grand Duke of the Demon World.

'Sigh... why were those cookies so annoyingly delicious, and that strawberry pie too...'

Zephyrin took out cookies from Latrie, and the Kaligo sisters immediately bit into them, expressing their joy by hopping around.

In other words, it was a mess.

Bishkel couldn't help but feel bitter and sad, wondering how Kinzelo had ended up in this state.

"Shall I tell you a funny story for the downcast Zephyrin-nim?"

Chirr, Margiella said as she rolled her wheelchair.

"What's it about?"

Something sad might happen to Jin-nim soon, Zephyrin-nim."

"Something sad...?"

Margiella smiled gently.


"Hmm, you really ate a lot. You even took all the cookies I left for the kids."

"But I saved the strawberry pie, Jet. I couldn't resist eating strawberry pie at the table, but it's not as good as the strawberry pie my Strawberry Pie makes. No way."

"Sure, Murakan-nim is the best!"

After dinner, the group gathered to chat or smoke.

Talaris listened to everything that happened in the Sota Desert and examined the blueprints and the machine.

"Hmm, we might need a specialized magician to properly interpret the blueprints. This encrypted magic is probably a new type created by Zipple. As for the machine... did that prophet say this would change the course of future wars?"

"Yes, Talaris-nim."

"I'd say it might be true about a Black King's cannon calling it something like mana absorption, but I have no idea how such a small thing can be used..."

All of Jin's comrades and allies so far had the same reaction.

"I felt the same. But as I kept thinking, I came up with an idea. It might have something to do with the cube that Zipple used in the Gaifa Archipelago, the summoning device...."

"The last survivor of the Histor Clan named Aria Owlheart and Misha are crucial. I'm sure it will be possible to decipher the blueprint code using record magic, but can't we at least find out who made the machine?"

"I agree."

"And it would be great if Kinzelo can decipher the codes... the Black Dragon Misha might be of some help."

"I haven't been able to contact Misha-nim. It's been a year already. So I'm starting to worry a little."

The last time Jin saw Misha was around this time last year. He had sought her out to inquire about the recording device after visiting the Second Tomb of Temar.

By then, Jin received information from Misha that Aria Owlheart was in Mamit, leading to a natural reunion with Valeria.

"A year, well, that's nothing for dragons, so don't worry, son-in-law. Having fought together, I don't think she'll be caught easily. I'd also like to share a drink with Miss Misha as a companion."

"Yes, brat. The Hidden Palace Master is right. That crazy woman will show up when she feels like it, so let's stop worrying about that. Huh? Uh, thinking about her face gives me chills. And she's not perfect either. She's good at shady things like deciphering codes, but she also messes up a lot."

"Heh, is the handsome elder brother really scared of his elder sister?"

"Huh, who's scared?"

"Ah, so you're the one who's really worried?"

"If you knew that crazy as well as I do, you'd realize how insignificant the act of worrying is. If she hides with all her heart, not even the Gods could find her, let alone humans."

"The Demon God Orb is the combination of the abilities of various gods, so who knows? Maybe you need to be a little too honest."

"Too loud. Anyway, I think it's more useful to find the genius magical engineer as soon as possible, not Misha. Improving the equipment of the Black Kings and understanding that unidentified machine is important."

"We need a magical engineer, and we also need to meet Miss Misha. I have many things to ask her."

After recalling the need for a magical engineer, Jin diligently searched through the memories of his past life.

He tried to remember which truly great magical engineers he knew who were not affiliated with Zipple or the imperial family by that time.

Ramos Phil?

No, he was already affiliated with the imperial academy when I was a Provisional Flagbearer.

Tolva Newman?

No. The Sylar clan...

Wasn't it a clan that existed only until the early 18th century?

Magical engineering ranked last among Jin's magical interests. As a result, he didn't know many memorable figures, and most were either dead or already affiliated with someone.

"A magical engineering genius, huh? Hmm... There were some individuals like that among my past lovers. Should I contact them sometime? Son-in-law."

"Past lovers? I really don't trust that, Hidden Palace Master. Did you like those flashy types?"

"I'd appreciate it, Talaris-nim. I plan to meet all magical engineers who are not currently affiliated."

"Alright, but I have a condition. Call me mother-in-law, and I'll do it."

"Of course, mother-in-law. I should address you as such after all you've done for me."

"Jin, you too!"

Siris looked surprised.

"Haha, exactly! Only my son-in-law responded well to my joke today. The rest stayed serious. Hahaha."

Talaris and Jin burst into laughter.

Does my mother and Jin find it so funny?

But, for some reason, I also feel like laughing.

Maybe it's because of the peaceful and friendly atmosphere.

Siris resisted the urge to smile that was forming.

"Oh, son-in-law. Look. If we tease her a little more, she might smile too. Son-in-law, you know? When she was young, she called herself the Ice Princess."

"Ice Princess... No, Ice Princess, you say, Lady Siris? How old were you then?"

"Eh? Ice Princess? The brat got the nickname of Dark Crown Prince. Have you heard of that? The Dark Crown Prince, Jin Runcandel."

"Dark Crown Prince? That's pathetic. I think Ice Princess is better, Jin."

Pfff, in the end, Siris burst into laughter and responded to those who were laughing under their breath. Thinking, 'Well, alright.'

After laughing and chatting for a while, Talaris got up and fixed her hair.

"Haha, thanks to my son-in-law, I've laughed a lot."

"Are you leaving so soon, Talaris-nim?"

"Yes, I have to go."

"I'll prepare the farewell."

"Son-in-law, you should come too."

"To the Hidden Palace?"

"Yes. Specifically, to the Hidden Palace training ground."

"Why to the Hidden Palace training ground..."

"I heard you received from your sister, Mary Runcandel, a training book for a Secret Technique written by Cyron. This mother-in-law will personally help you perfect your mastery of the elements. It's the price of my laughter."


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