SYS (Novel) Chapter 518


Zephyrin had the appearance of a harpy commonly depicted in novels.

In general, she looked human, but her entire body, except for her face, was covered in black feathers, and she had wings instead of arms.

And she flew very fast.

She appeared as a dot in the distance, but in an instant, she came close enough to be recognizable.

"Hmm, what's with that human crow? Is it a surprise circus act my son-in-law has prepared for me?"

"It's a Demon Dragon named Zephyrin. It seems she has come here for some matters with me."

"Another woman, huh? Anyway, you're very popular among women, my son-in-law."

Naturally, Zephyrin didn't seem very friendly.

She had already suffered humiliation from Jin in the Sota Desert, and her plan to take Joshua hostage had failed.

Furthermore, the last-minute battle and the damage from the Volcano had left the Leader on the brink of death.

'Somehow, I feel a chill.'

If it had been at another time, there might have been some tension, but Jin calmly turned his head to observe his companions on both sides.

A sly smile appeared on his face.

"That, that thing. Zephyrin. Isn't it Zephyrin?"

"Zephyrin? This damn...!"

"How well we treated her!"

The eyes of the Black Kings on external guard duty sharpened like blades.

"She's an enemy of our leader, charge Black King Cannon Number 1!"

"Open all cannons, including Black King Cannon Number 1. We will avenge our leader!"

"The sacrifice of our leader will not be in vain!"

The Black Kings Mercenaries spoke as if Valkas had died in that moment.

It wasn't clear if it was to inspire anger or if someone had used the term "enemy" to create a strange trend in the flow, but it couldn't be known.

The cannons were aiming.

The Black Kings Mercenaries stationed at the central watchtower were sending signals.

It meant that the preparations to shoot down that damn thing had been completed, so give the orders immediately.

"Well, my Lord. Please make a decision."

"Let's do a defense test."

Valkas raised his hand, and the staff in the watchtower nodded.


The defense devices installed by the Black Kings in various places on Tikan's walls began to appear at the same time.

It was a perfect and seamless transformation, like the rotation of precisely interlocked gears.

Cannons appeared in the embrasures to press and suppress the intruder.

There were also devices firing nets, and there were over 40 giant bows operated by various members.

Additionally, numerous defense setups were aimed at Zephyrin.

I heard rumors that the fortress defense had started, but was it to this extent?

Moreover, to receive such treatment when they should greet me politely...

'It's absurd, Jin-nim!'

Start firing!

While the commanders shouted, the sky instantly turned red with projectiles, flames, arrows, hooks, and nets.

If it had been an ordinary dragon, it probably would have met its death at that moment.

However, Zephyrin skillfully dodged the attacks.

'...She's quite fierce.'

Zephyrin was surprised first by that part.

Under normal circumstances, she might have laughed at such a pitiful sight.

However, it was a different story in the current situation where she couldn't harness the Leader's power.

"Black King Cannon Number 1, fire!"


As soon as it was determined that a blind spot had been created, Black King Cannon spewed fire.


A strong but refreshing explosion, as if something blocked had been pierced, sounded after the cannon fire had already grazed Zephyrin's cheek and shoulder.

'Huh, just now... what was that?'

If she had taken a direct hit in her weakened state, she would have suffered death or equivalent damage.

The intuition was so clear that Zephyrin had no choice but to block Black King Cannon Number 1 after it flew at an impossible-to-dodge angle.

She had harnessed the Leader's strength.

(Cough! The Leader, who was lying down at that moment, was vomiting blood, and the Kinzelo members were on alert.)

"It's quite excellent, isn't it?"

During the Black King incident, the battle took place almost in a different subspace, and the members couldn't use it as everyone was evacuating.

The power of Black King Cannon Number 1 was at an extraordinary level.

"It's the pride of our Black Kings."

"Now I have an approximate idea of its performance. Now, please guide Zephyrin to land here."

When Valkas relayed Jin's order, the firing pattern changed from suppression to guidance.

After that, Zephyrin rolled through the sky for about 5 minutes before landing in the mansion's front yard, somewhat battered and bruised.

"Huff, huff... th-this... Jin Runcandel! Bastard, are you mocking me again? Have you forgotten our agreement? Come out. I'll rip off all your limbs."

She spat out such words in the heat of the moment.

All of Jin's companions gathered in front of her.

"Hmm, who are you going to tear apart?"

"Zephyrin, you turned the Black King's Mountain into that state and still dared to come here."

"Lower your gaze and behave properly."

Talaris, Valkas, and Lata spoke simultaneously.

Especially Talaris, without waiting for Zephyrin's response, closed the distance in an instant and delivered a punch to Zephyrin's jaw.

Thunk, thud!

The sound of a fist imbued with the power of Full Ice colliding with the jaw of a demon dragon was a sensation that anyone who heard it couldn't help but wonder.

Isn't she dead?

Zephyrin received the impact of her punch for the second time.


Shockwaves and gusts of wind swirled around her, followed by a sudden cold that froze Zephyrin's limbs and held them like chains.

"No. Ugh!"

"How do you mean 'no'?"

"Ha! Hidden Palace Master, it seems you don't know who I am, Agh! Ahhh!"

"Hmm, I guess you need to take a few hits until you soften up."


Without the need for further intervention from the other companions, Talaris ruthlessly and triumphantly struck Zephyrin with overwhelming blows.

After enduring such a ruthless beating for five minutes, Zephyrin, with a severely swollen face, could only think of one thing.

'This, this is not...'

Of course, this was not what she expected.

Even if she couldn't use the Leader's full power (though she had used it once again), Zephyrin's strength was by no means lacking. She was just slightly thrown off by Tikan's defensive setup, forced the Leader's power a bit, and fell to the ground somewhat fatigued. Moreover, her opponent was none other than Talaris.

Zephyrin also expected that, if Jin had any decency, he would have received her with some elegance. After all, they had made a promise in the Sota Desert.

"Ah, you said something like that, Zephyrin. If you had contacted me in advance, I would have received you politely. I thought you were a terrorist. Well, you are a terrorist, aren't you? Because you're from Kinzelo."

Jin responded as if he didn't know, and Zephyrin's eyes turned purple with demonic energy and murderous intent.

"Jin Runcandel... you bastard!"

"No, now is not the time to speak so recklessly. It won't do you any good if you keep fooling around, right?"

Zephyrin, calming her anger, observed Jin's group.

"...Jin, it's been a long time."

In the end, she admitted that now was not the time to stir up trouble, realizing it could cause a big problem if she used all her power.

"Not so long, comrade from the Sota Desert. It seems you also safely escaped from that desert."


Zephyrin smiled, barely suppressing the growing urge to say something vulgar.

"You speak as if we're nothing if you could use your power properly."

The truth was, no. You're interpreting it strangely."

"I'm curious since last time, what the hell do you believe in and keep moving alone? Moreover, this is my territory. It means you shouldn't come like this without an invitation."

There was a clear reason why Zephyrin preferred to move alone.

She, the Grand Duke of the Demon World, having someone unnecessary around...

She thought it was beneath her.

However, it was an awkward situation to say that, so she didn't respond.

Beings like dragons, demons, those close to immortality, tended to have such strange and outdated cultures and ideologies.

"I was going to kill him, but I spared your life just for our promise. So I hope this kind of rudeness doesn't happen again."

"Fine, I get it... Now, can you let me go and have a chat?"


When Talaris flatly refused, Zephyrin murmured.

"Hidden Palace Master, it's not very effective to play tricks like this. There must be records left by the previous Hidden Palace Masters about me..."

Then Talaris slightly burst into laughter.

"Hmm, today is full of kids taking jokes seriously. Demon Dragoness Zephyrin, there is a very short record about you."

"Most of it must have disappeared. I had quite interesting encounters with the Hidden Palace Masters. Wasn't there anything like 'do not mess with her at all' in the records?"

There was.

The record left by the previous Hidden Palace Masters about Zephyrin was just one line.

Avoid her if you encounter her.

She is not the target of sealing or assassination, and her current level of strength is only average.

'There must be a reason for leaving such a record.'


The ice binding Zephyrin dispersed into the air.

"I didn't see such content, but be aware that if you threaten my son-in-law like that again, it won't end as a joke. Moreover, on your own territory."

The fact that the Hidden Palace Master, Talaris Endorma, was very friendly with Jin was well known to everyone.

The public already knew that the marriage between Jin and Siris had been confirmed.

However, those who knew "The secret of the hidden palace" knew that they maintained absolute neutrality.

To resolve anomalies in the world, sometimes it was necessary to ally with certain forces.

'She's warning me, implying that she can deviate from neutrality... The Hidden Palace doesn't seem the same as before.'

It was new information for Zephyrin.

"Hmph, I'll keep that in mind. Anyway, Jin. Keep the promise we made."

Zephyrin was very curious when she came for a visit, but now she was angry and anxious.

-That's right, those things for Runcandel are actually like pearls around a pig's neck. I won't be fooled in the next negotiation. So enjoy today's small victory, Jin.

If Jin changes his words again this time, she would return with no gains, only being beaten like a fool.

"I will."

Surprisingly, Jin was obediently responding to Zephyrin's demand.

"Are you talking about handing over the blueprints and the machine?"

"That's going too far. I will have a formal meeting with Kinzelo. I will give you the opportunity to decipher the blueprints and the machine at that time. The deciphering process will take place in front of both factions, and all information must be shared with our side."

"Haha! You still talk like a tough guy."

"You're mistaken, Zephyrin. The winner of that day in the desert was me. Since the items are in my hands, Zipple and your Kinzelo are losers. Thank my generosity. If you don't like it... just go back empty-handed. And leaving your head behind wouldn't be a bad idea."

"The day will come when all demons will curse you, Jin."

Jin responded with a mocking smile.

"It's fine, I'm immune to curses. I will decide and notify the date of the meeting. I think we're done here. What are you going to do? Since we were having a meal, try some dishes before you leave."


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