SYS (Novel) Chapter 535


No one was fazed by the deaths of Myuron and Midor.

A fleet of thirty-three battleships emitted a red light.

A powerful mana that seemed impossible to control at all caused a resonant sound with enough momentum to tear the sky apart.

'Is this the reason why the Emperor and Lalamakua were so confident?'

Dante defeated the vanguard, and the Vamel Alliance, the Dragon Knights, and the 5 Sword Saints crushed the first reinforcements.

The significant victories of the pre-war and half of the war they obtained were overshadowed.

Although the Sword Emperor Castle's camp was still in good shape, it was impossible to deal with more than sixty Specters.

'Even if the resurrected Specters have fewer abilities than when they were alive...'

Each Specter has at least 9-star level mana, and the ships operated by them will have an incredibly powerful performance unmatched by those operated by the previous reinforcements.

The battleships extended their main cannons with barrels open like mouths.

"Enya, hold on tight. The mirror's mana is unlimited. In theory, you can handle thousands of them. Increase the strength of your shield, open your eyes, open your eyes, and breathe..."

Beris, she, said that, but she knew Enya was already reaching her limits.

Blood flowed from her nose and mouth, and her body trembled.

Enya barely nodded.

"Haha... I can do it. Huk, huk! I can do it!"

Block it!

As soon as Jin shouted with all his might, the battleships fired their cannons.

It was not comparable to Kozec's golden main cannon...

But the thirty-three cannons mixed with the unique red mana of the Specters seemed to easily obliterate the Sword Emperor Castle.

It was thanks to Enya that the Sword Emperor Castle did not collapse the moment the first bombardment was fired.

She managed to control the mirror, and her dragon fire shield, endowed with almost infinite mana, perfectly blocked the bombardment.

"Well done, Enya, well done!"

Even Beris hugged Enya with pride.

'But it's over if she tries to control the mirror again... she will become like me.'

Enya's body in her arms was as hot as a fireball.

Beris's clothes turned red instantly from her convulsions and severe blood loss.

"Ugh! Hoo!"

Enya had a hunch that if she continued using the mirror, she would either die or never be able to use her magic again.

However, she picked up the mirror again.

"Enya, no more than this."

"If I don't do it..."

Too many people will die.

That thought made Enya move again.

The mass-produced battleships seemed unable to reload their main cannons as fast as Kozec.

But their means of attack were not just the fleet's cannon shots.

Red Abyss.

The Specters' chain magic began to spread through the sky and the land.

[Eradicate Zipple's enemies...]

[The patriarch wants the White Stone. Kill them and find it!]

The eerie voices of the specters spread.

They all had the same voice, and their tone was quite dragging, like that of someone drugged or something.

'The density of the Red Abyss is also lower than I remember.'

It wasn't difficult to deduce from such factors.

They all have the same voice, the resonant sound characteristic of resurrected dead, and magic inferior to the original.

There was a clear difference between the summoned Specters and the Specters Jin had experienced in the past.

Of course, compared to the Red Abyss Jin had known before, it was only slightly inferior.

From a general point of view, it was still great magic.

It looked like a rain of blood.

The red mana turned into swords and chains wreaking havoc on the ground.

Most of them were blocked by the dragon fire shield, but Enya continued to endure the attack.

Murakan also spread a curtain with his shadow force to protect the ground, and Quikantel roared and extended the divine power of time.

However, the mana was too massive.

In addition to the red abyss, various offensive magics fell from the entire sky.

Elemental magics like hellish wind, flame orbs, and ice blades burst in and broke through the dragon fire shield.

The dragon knight and the sword saints tried to counterattack, but it wasn't easy.

Hairan's decisive killing moves were countered by countless magical spells before reaching the enemies, and even if he barely approached, he was often repelled by momentary concentrated attacks.

The Specters' magic leaked through the cracks in the dragon fire shield.

The magic didn't differentiate between the Imperial Army and the Sword Emperor Army.

Because of this, the Imperial Army suffered more damage than the Sword Emperor Army, which was protected by the Vamel Alliance.

"Bastards, we are allies...!"


A gigantic cauldron of death boiled amid shouts and thunderous explosions.

The battlefield was transforming again, and Jin had to make a decision.

'Mother... she still has no intention of joining the war.'

There were still no signs of Rosa and Runcandel appearing.

The reason was simple.

My mother is waiting to destroy or loot the White Stone.

Or she has planned to appear when the Sword Emperor Castle is completely destroyed and can no longer counterattack.

Unlike Jin, Runcandel's purpose is not to rescue the Sword Emperor Castle. It was the 'White Stone'.

For Runcandel, his sole purpose was to prevent Zipple from benefiting from the stone.

Rather, it would be the best outcome for Runcandel if neither side could obtain the white stones and be destroyed.

While Zipple knew exactly what the stone was for, Runcandel did not.

Furthermore, the moment Runcandel intervened directly, the risk of total war would increase.

That's why Rosa was waiting for the outcome of whether Jin would urge Hairan to destroy the White Stone.

Thus, Runcandel would appear when the Sword Emperor Castle's camp completely collapsed and retreated.

Do I somehow grit my teeth and continue blocking?

Or do I save the power of the Vamel Alliance and make Runcandel appear even if the Sword Emperor Castle suffers significant damage...

Jin chose the former.

It was by no means an efficient decision.

It was very likely that in the current situation, it would be better to make Runcandel appear even if the Sword Emperor Castle collapsed, and thousands of knights died.

However, Jin believed that using his friend and his people as leverage in this way was not the right thing to do.

Some might label him as immature and naive, but he was convinced it was the right decision.

In a way, Jin was making a decision for the sake of his friend and his people, while Rosa was doing it for Runcandel.

If he had only considered Runcandel's interests from the start, he would have raised Runcandel's banner as the Twelfth Flagbearer, not as the leader of the Vamel Alliance.

As always, Jin needs to prove why it's the right choice.

'I can't use the Sword of the Reign of the Kingdom of Legends.'

If it's the Sword of the Reign of the Kingdom of Legends, it would be able to pierce through the protective shield of more than 60 Specters and destroy the fleet.

However, if Jin executed the Sword of the Reign of the Kingdom of Legends, there would be no "next."

As the commander-in-chief of the Vamel Alliance, Jin had to observe the beginning and end of the war and make judgments and orders.

Zipple and Runcandel, no matter what forces ran rampant, he had to protect Hairan's flame.

Only Jin wished for Hairan's survival, unlike others who were after the White Stone.

Jin opened his eyes and called Shuri.

Shuri, who was rearranging the battlefield after transporting Dante to the Sword Emperor Castle, arrived by Jin's side like an arrow.

"To the castle walls!"


As Shuri ran at full speed, the specter body magic began to concentrate on Jin.

More than half of the Dragon Fire Shield had already been destroyed, unable to provide adequate protection.

"Protect the lord!"

[Help the brat!]

Warriors of the Vamel Alliance, including Proch and Valkas, ran toward Jin, clearing a path and diverting magic.

Jin also wielded his sword frantically, and Shuri roared and shot lightning from her eyes.

Several enemy attack spells and lightning shots directly hit Shuri...

But they couldn't penetrate the curse of immortality.

Meanwhile, Enya kept trying to control the mirror.

"Enya! Stop, you'll die!"

"Haha, people keep dying...!"

"Jin-nim is coming, if something happens to you, it will affect his mind. That could end up killing more people! Is that what you want?"

If it weren't for Beris's words, Enya would have strengthened the Dragon Fire Shield once again and would have died.

In the end, Enya lowered the mirror and shouted with her face stained with tears and blood.

"They are too much... such horrible people. It seems like there are only bastards in the empire and Zipple, haha!"


A red spear made of mana impaled the ground where Enya and Beris were. Fortunately, the first one only knocked down part of the castle wall, but the second spear that followed precisely aimed at them.

At that moment, Shuri jumped over the castle wall, and Jin diverted the second red spear away from the two.


Jin took off the flagbearer's cape and put it on Enya's shoulders.

Enya looked at her back and burst into tears.

The corpses of Hairan's Knights piled up under the castle wall, beyond her steel back.

Enya, she, wasn't as strong as Jin.

Facing so much death was a horrifying agony in itself.

"Good job, Enya, and Beris. If it were me, I would have fallen short."

Hearing those words, Enya lost consciousness.

Jin picked up the mirror lying on the ground.

"Beris, get on Shuri. Take Enya to the healers and tell Dante. I don't know much about the White Stone, but don't you dare use that damn thing."

Contrary to Jin's concerns, Dante still didn't know how to use the white stone.

But as the war intensified, Dante could clearly hear a dark voice whispering to him.

It was the voice of the White Stone.

Now that I think about it. Even when Jin obtained the mirror, Zipple trampled on countless natives of Colon and only coveted power.

Now it was Jin's turn to trample them with the power that Zipple finally missed.

A magic circle formed under Jin's feet.


Then, the sharp spinning sound characteristic of reflux magic spread, and a reflux sphere followed, rising into the sky.

It was as if the moon was rising right in front of them.

Reverse Sky, which far exceeded Jin's mana limit, absorbed the red abyss mana and showed a gigantic appearance every time it flickered.

"It's an Infinite Mana Reverse Sky. Even if your mana is huge, I wonder if you can show off in front of me."


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