SYS (Novel) Chapter 536


The Reverse Sky sphere was engulfing the sky.

Simultaneously, the sky, the plain, and the entire battlefield began to tremble as if they were about to shatter at any moment due to the power of Reverse Sky.

Broken rocks, piles of stones, and corpses floated randomly, dragged by gravitational attraction...

And the air around the sphere was grotesquely distorted.

Jin shouted as he controlled the mana gushing madly from the mirror.

It's a magic rank not allowed for humans.

From the beginning...

Jin had been using more than several times the mana Enya had extracted from the mirror.

It was a cry he uttered unconsciously because he felt like his head was about to burst, but it was a desperate voice that rather sounded like a scream.

But for those who heard it, it was just a terrifying and horrible sound that sent shivers down their spines.

It seemed as if some divine being threatened them by announcing punishment.

Everyone present on the battlefield stared at Jin, who remained blurry in the distorted space.

Is this really the magic of a single human being?

Neither the enemy nor the ally.

Even after seeing it with their own eyes, they couldn't help but be astonished that it was the Twelfth Flagbearer of Runcandel who unleashed Reverse Sky.

Even the blank eyes under the hoods of the Specters twitched at the light scattered by the Reverse Sky orb.

Most of the battlefield ignored the existence of the mirror.

However, they were able to know that Jin's magic far exceeded human limits.

They were also convinced that no one would be able to do this with the help of any artifact.

An Archmage.

No, a Magic Swordsman.

The Reverse Sky Jin had just launched was like a signal that the history of Runcandel's Magic Swordsmen would be revived.

[Infinite mana... Is that Colon's Artifact]

[Flight withdrawal, hurry to reload the cannon...!]

To escape the influence of Reverse Sky, the mass-produced battleships began to retreat.

However, an enormous invisible force was already holding back the entire fleet.

Some parts of the ship were crushed, and protective shields shattered every time they tried to force an escape.

Fragments of the shattered ship fell to the ground and crushed the enemy ground forces.


The fragments caught in the whirlwind also fell onto the allied camp, but the dragon knights and the sword master seemed to eliminate them.

Murakan and Quikantel also protected their allies by spreading the force of shadow and the divine power of time.

If not for them, the allies would have suffered considerable damage, but in the first place, Jin decided to use the mirror for Reverse Sky because he believed in them.

Over 40% of the swords and chains of the Red Abyss had already been absorbed by Reverse Sky.

If the Specters had exactly the same power as the Specters Jin had experienced, they would have blocked even the Reverse Sky from the mirror.

It was possible that there were up to sixty superhuman-level magicians.

However, just like the mass-produced ships couldn't compare to Kozec, the resurrected Specters were no different. In essence, they were nothing more than imperfectly resurrected dead.

Even so, they have tremendous power, but they do not possess the unique transcendence or the ideal quality of a true superhuman.


[We can't retreat, give up the battleships that have already been caught too much!]

The red mana veins absorbed by Reverse Sky looked like blood vessels.

These veins were constantly being cut and burst, plunging the Specters into a mana reflux.

There were Specters who vomited blood.

Some lost consciousness and fell out of the shattered battleship, but they were caught in the Reverse Sky vortex and disappeared.

Not a drop of blood remained, let alone a corpse.

It would be okay if they could finish off the cannons before they recharged...

But those who were not Jin could not afford to protect their allies.

The battlefield had become a hell difficult to stop for ordinary people.

At least, Murakan summoned dark force leeches outside the protective shield of his allies and attacked the enemies, but even that was unsuccessful due to the gravitational force of Reverse Sky.

He couldn't help it either if he didn't focus entirely on the attack.

That's why Murakan was worried about Jin.

He's on a different level than the great fan (Enya) used to say, Kid...!

'You can't maintain so much mana intact.'

If not controlled, not only could it end in a mana reflux but it could lead to death.

'I can't check it because visibility is very poor, and I hope he hasn't already gone, right?'

Indeed, Murakan had to save Jin even if everyone else died.

Of course, Jin wouldn't want that, but his duty as a dragon guardian came first.

Moreover, if he fell into the reflux while Reverse Sky had already advanced so much.

Not only Jin's life, but everyone's might be in danger.

The infinite mana that has already escaped from the mirror doesn't stop until the magical launch is over.

'The boy has control now, but when it's over...'

Murakan didn't know what was going to happen.

Because there is no such case.

However, there is no way this huge spell that has already been cast on the battlefield will disappear like a lie the moment Jin loses consciousness.

Reverse Sky became larger and larger without control, and it might have swallowed the allies in no time.

When all that is over, there may be no one alive on the battlefield, let alone Jin.

When he thought about it, Murakan's scales stood on end with tension, and his hair seemed to soften.

Even if he gave up protecting his allies for a moment, should he approach Jin and check his condition?

If he did, his allies would die within seconds.

He couldn't allow the hard-won victory to be tainted by the death of an ally.

Quikantel, on the other hand, recognized Murakan's intentions.

[Murakan, it's already too late to investigate. We have to focus on our part]

We have no choice but to believe.

As Quikantel said, if the limit had already passed, he wouldn't be able to save Jin by himself.

Even as he agonized, the power of Reverse Sky kept growing.

Over 30% of the fleet had already been completely destroyed, and the Specters were unable to counterattack at all.

[Damn it! I know, I know.]

If Murakan were in his best condition, he wouldn't have to worry about this.

What bothered Murakan is his own incompetence.

Quikantel is also a Dragon Guardian, and she knew that fact better than anyone.

[Our Contractors have always been stronger than us. Jin has always been special among them. So, wait, he'll be fine as always.]

Murakan roared and expanded the curtains even further.

And whenever the opportunity presented itself, he checked where Jin was and waited for the vision hidden by his mana to clear.

Perhaps his intentions had reached Jin, and soon the mana covering Jin rose.


Murakan was worried...

But Jin, who had suddenly appeared, seemed to have regained some stability, unlike the first time when he was screaming.

He was calmly adjusting the magic circles of the Reverse Sky that spread everywhere.

Along with the mana, a familiar black aura enveloped Jin.

Shadow Energy, the power of Solderet.

Jin, wrapped in that, seemed to be receiving Solderet's protection.

And that shadow force was not directly controlled by Jin, but it came from Solderet's masterpiece engraved in the mirror, the seal.

-[The seal is a masterpiece created by pouring all the power of Solderet when it possesses a stronger power than ever. It's not just a high-density Shadow Energy; it's also part of Solderet.]

The words of Kallum, the Mana God, when he saved Colon in the past.

A part of Solderet.

The remaining will in it guided Jin on the way.

How to use that infinite mana, which could destroy the world if left unused, to turn it into the power that would save the world.

Jin truly felt that he was communicating with it after a long time.

He couldn't hear its voice, but he felt a clearer will that guided and protected him.

'As a Contractor, this is the feeling of having a Deity with me....'

The sea of infinite mana moved according to its own will.

Forgetting for a moment the horrors, deaths, and madness of war.

Jin was momentarily in a state of ecstasy and played with his magic.

With the will of the two gods trying to save the world.

All the mana from the Reverse Sky that was heading towards the allies returned to the enemy.

It was the result of Jin starting to fully control the mirror's mana.

The confusion in the friendly field quickly disappeared, and the enemies were limited to screaming.

However, that sound was blocked by the cheers of the allies and the roar of Reverse Sky and did not reach anywhere.

Surprisingly, not a single ally died in Jin's reversed sky.

Both the Vamel Alliance and Hairan were defending him tenaciously.

Although he was said to have risen to the level of superhumans, Jin was only twenty years old.

If they let Jin bear the weight of an ally's death like that, they wouldn't be able to look him in the face after the fight.

[Look, I said he'd be fine. Now wake up and strengthen your shield. The Reverse Sky is diminishing, but your contractor doesn't seem to intend to end it here.]

Mana and Shadow Energy.

A red flame burned in him.

[Main fleet cannon reload completed!]


At that moment, the remaining battleships finished loading their cannons.

The Specters have not yet confirmed the flames that have begun to spread from Jin.

So they thought that if they could somehow fire it, they would be able to reach Jin.

Even if they couldn't finish him off, they were sure they could thwart Kidard Hall's legacy and kill at least a thousand enemies.

17 cannons opened.

It was a reload that had been done diligently while flying away.

Moreover, the Specters, although inferior to the real ones, wore gray robes.

They were prepared not only for their main cannons but also for their final link magic.

[Send Zipple's enemies to Hell together!]

[Colon and White Stone artifacts. Everything will be in the glory of Zipple...!]

The Specter Commanders couldn't finish their last words.

It was because they were confused as if they had fallen into the absolute darkness for a moment.

The darkness was so deep that even the person next to them couldn't see them.

It can't be!

'This is...!'

That darkness was the power of shadows.

It was a darkness deeper than when Murakan had colored the sky with a shadow force curtain.

Decimating Flame Orb Of The Dark Sky-The Final Version Of The Demon Empress

As soon as Jin finished chanting, the cannons fired.

However, everyone on the battlefield didn't even recognize the moment when the main fleet cannons opened fire.

It was because, as soon as it was fired, it dispersed into the solar mana created by the flame orb.

Legacy of Riol Zipple.

The great magic among the great magics, which can only be fully cast with Solderet's power, was swallowing Zipple.


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