SYS (Novel) Chapter 319

C319 - Joshua's Counterattack (3)

"If it's Joshua's villa... do you mean the secret villa Lady Luna mentioned to you last time?"

"That's right, Sir Kashimir. It's a place I've been thinking of raiding at some point anyway."

Joshua had dozens of private villas, but only five were classified as secret villas or safe houses.

-My older sister's trip to the Black Sea is good news for me as well. Please take this opportunity to find out what kind of missions our father and the former Black Knights undertook there, and why our father's Runcandel is so obsessed with the Black Sea.

-All right. It's the first time our father has taken someone other than his comrade to the Black Sea. So, I'll bring you news that satisfies you. In return, tonight, you have to sit with me and tell me the stories you've experienced outside all night long.

Before departing for the Black Sea, Luna told Jin about two of the five secret villas.

It was information she had gathered after receiving Jin's request to "find out something about Joshua" during the incident in the Holy Kingdom.

"Are you suggesting we attack it right now?"

"I'd love to, but Kuzan and Yulian haven't returned from the southeast of Mitel yet."

Dragons couldn't join the attack on Joshua's secret villa.

If a Dragon got involved, there could be trouble if there were any survivors among the enemies.

As the Black Dragon was the family's guardian deity and the Silver Dragon was unofficially sought by Vermont, they couldn't attack Runcandel.

"And I need to confuse that bastard as well. Let's show him a bit of how hard I'm working to get money. Also, once his secret villa is exposed, I wonder what expression he'll make."

"But Young Master, the possibility of us actually fighting is high. The Leaders of the Seven-Colored Peacocks are already meeting with Vermont's contacts... Frankly, I don't want to use the Imperial Family's money."

"I understand, Sir Kashimir."

"Of course, if the situation doesn't improve, I'm willing to bow my head to the Imperial Family. The Emperor... if I demand it, he'll surely give me a huge sum of money."

He wouldn't choose to lower his pride before the Imperial Family that had exiled him.

Kashimir was willing to abandon his pride, as a good leader should, but he didn't want to use that last resort unless absolutely necessary.

Jin also hoped that Kashimir wouldn't have to endure such humiliation because of him.

"As for the money, I'll try to get some, so don't worry. Strawberry... no. As Gilly said, it's still impossible to beat Joshua in terms of financial power, but we'll prevent the city from going bankrupt."

Kashimir placed his hand on Jin's shoulder, who looked touched and apologetic as he smiled.

"I'm embarrassed, Young Master. It seems like I keep burdening you with too much."

"What are you talking about, Sir Kashimir? The problem originally started because of me. Don't think like that. Rather, I should apologize."

"No, Young Master Jin did nothing wrong..."

"You're playing like children. You're both at fault. So, how do you plan to get the money?"

"You're a Dragon. Do you have any hidden wealth?"

"No, I don't. Even if I did, would it still be there, in Storm Castle where the Runcandels live, which used to be my hideout?"

"In that case, you'll have to sell your vomit and scales. I'm sure they'll sell well as perfume or armor materials."


Then, Gilly burst into laughter.

"It's a joke. Don't get so nervous. First of all, we have to borrow some money. We also have to start the business we postponed."

"What kind of business?"

"The business that my friends from the Golden Snow Tribe prepared. I must move diligently. It hasn't been long since I returned from vacation, so I can't leave the Garden of Swords for long."


The next day, Jin arrived in Vermont once again in disguise and with a fake identity to enter the country.

He dyed his hair white and dressed as an aristocratic artist using cosmetics from the Golden Snow Tribe.

"It seems I have to keep hiding my identity even after becoming a Flagbearer."

In his arms, he held a porcelain vase wrapped in the finest silk.

Misha: Do you really need to take it? I have quite an attachment to it.

Jin: There's a place where I need it.

Misha: Can't you use something else? That's an artwork that's over fifteen hundred years old and its value is incalculable...

Murakan: Hey! You're a Guardian Dragon too, right? What's the role of a Guardian Dragon? The Thousand-Year Contractor needs this, so give it to him. Come on, heh heh. Kid, what do you need this for? How about smashing it in front of her?

Misha: Don't say such things, seriously, stop it, little brother.

A while ago, when Jin visited Misha's bar called "Velo," he noticed that the interior decoration was extraordinary.

The top-class bar was strictly run by partners, and the owner was a Dragon who had lived for over 3,000 years with an exceptional sense of aesthetics.

Among the decorations were ancient art pieces that not even most archaeologists had ever seen.

Jin demanded the porcelain vase, which was in the place Misha cherished the most (her bed), and he had glimpsed it.

"I wanted to use it at a better time, but I have no choice. This isn't bad either. Thank you, Miss Misha."

Jin had requested it just in case he needed it when he found this place.

"We've arrived, sir."

"Keep the change."

After paying the fare and stepping out of the carriage, an imposing castle soon came into view.

This place, where dozens of guards clad in shining armor stood watch in all directions, was the ancestral home of the Hairan Clan.

The Emperor of the Sword's Castle.

It was an arrogant yet fitting name for the home of Vermont's most famous swordsman.

Jin, who had been admiring the castle for a while, approached the gate.

Unlike the intimidating castle, the guards were surprisingly friendly in welcoming Jin.

As expected of the Hairan Clan, which had an equally benevolent outward image as the Zipple.

"What brings you here?"

"I am an artisan named Paul Gray Mick. I've come to deliver the ceramics that Sir Dante ordered some time ago."

The guards glanced at the ceramics Jin was carrying and then nodded as if they understood. This was because it was common for Dante to order ceramics from time to time.

"This friend will guide you. Please go to the reception hall and wait."

"I must deliver it directly to Sir Dante."

"I can't guarantee that Young Patriarch Dante will come out by himself. However, it's unavoidable as Young Patriarch is busy with work. Please don't take offense."

The guard almost smiled when referring to Dante as the Young Patriarch.

While Jin knew that Dante had been handling his affairs firmly even before the Regression, experiencing it firsthand was completely different.

"I dare not think such a thing. I came unannounced because it was finished earlier than expected. I appreciate your hospitality."

"You're the most sensible artist I've ever met."

Jin followed the guard into the reception hall of the castle.

Today, only one person had come to see Hairan, and the vast reception hall seemed empty.

Jin had successfully entered. However, he wasn't sure if Dante would recognize the name.

"Paul Gray Mick." If he didn't understand it, Jin would have to address him differently, which could be problematic.

Jin stood still and waited for a while, engaging in conversation with the doorman.

About thirty minutes passed.


Jin heard footsteps coming from the outer hallway of the reception hall.

"Ji, no. Where's Paul Gray Mick?"

Dante corrected himself hastily after inadvertently calling Jin's name. As he appeared, the doorman respectfully greeted him, and Jin bowed his head as if he had seen his superior.

"Well... Ahem! I've been waiting for this masterpiece for too long. You should come back now."

"Yes, Young Patriarch!"

As soon as the guard left, Dante embraced Jin tightly.

"Jin! How could you come here without notifying me? And how long has it been? Have you been well? You've grown stronger since the last time I saw you."

It was a familiar and playful voice that Jin hadn't heard in a long time.

"Slow down, Dante. You seem a bit taller."

"I've grown about two centimeters. Did you notice?"

Although he had grown, Dante was still much shorter than Jin. It was the inevitable result of his congenital bone structure.

But Jin immediately noticed how much Dante had trained during the time they hadn't been in contact.

At nineteen, he had become the Young Patriarch, and his sword skills had reached a level that could only be described as genius.

It was impressive. Jin wanted to open a bottle of the finest wine to celebrate, but that wasn't why he had come today.

"Dante, I have a request."

"Oh, anything. What is it?"

"Can you lend me some money?"

Asking for money immediately after meeting for the first time in over a year and a few months meant that this friend clearly wasn't a good friend.

But Dante thought that if it was Jin, there would be no problem. It meant that even if Jin asked for something larger than money, Dante would listen.

"How much do you need? Oh, while we're at it, I should return the money you lent me when I escaped from the Holy Kingdom, and I'll make sure to pay you a huge amount of interest."

"About 300 million gold coins."

"I see... Wait a moment. Say that again."

"I need 300 million gold coins."

Dante felt cold sweat on his back for the first time in a long time.

300 million gold coins were a huge amount of money, even for the Young Patriarch of Hairan.

"Did Runcandel ask you to claim a 300-million reward for naming you the Flagbearer?"

"No, it's not that. Can you get it?"

"Even I need my grandfather's permission to use such a large amount of money. However, I don't have enough justification to ask my grandfather."

Jin removed the silk wrapping from the ceramics.

"What if we say it's for this ceramic?"

Dante wasn't particularly knowledgeable about art, but he recognized that Jin's ceramics were not ordinary objects.

He owed it to his grandfather, Ron Hairan, who was a ceramics enthusiast and admired them daily in his study and workshop.

However, even if it was an exceptional ceramic, could it be worth 300 million gold coins? Dante had his doubts.

"A few years ago, I was curious about who shook my grandson's heart."

A new voice came from beyond the reception hall.

Ron Hairan.

The Patriarch of Hairan, and the invincible knight who competed the longest against the Divine Star Knight (Genesis Knight), Cyron Runcandel. It was his voice.

"I never thought it would be a swindler like this. 300 million gold coins? Were you really listening to that nonsense? What a disappointment, Dante."

"No, Grandfather. He's not a swindler; I'll explain..."


Ron drew his sword from his waist. Then, the aura that escaped from the sheath instantly caused a slight earthquake in the reception hall, and the air distorted.

"Besides, this guy has the distinct dirty smell of Runcandel."


"I won't kill him. Instead, I'll take one arm as a lesson. So he never shows his face in front of you, my grandson Dante, ever again."

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