IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 85



... They made a slip of the tongue, and then they missed the mark while covering it up. However, the reason I quickly grasped the context of the conversation between the two is that I know from the previous information in the novel that no one knows that Diery has the Holy Spirit's egg.


Guillaume exclaimed speechlessly, and Thierry snorted.

"I suppose he overheard the conversation and put it together."

"I don't do anything like boasting. Sir Thierry is the one feigning his innocence clumsily, so would you prefer to sell me that Holy Spirit's egg and become accomplices together?"

"Accomplices? Does that mean I'm already guilty? Based on what?"

He looked at me with an expressionless face. As his peculiarities and relaxed demeanor disappeared, he looked rather sharp.

Thierry suddenly got serious, so I was a little startled, but I honestly wasn't afraid of him compared to the Master, so I spoke in a relaxed tone.

"Sir Thierry is the one boasting. What would you do if they later hit Sir Diery to check the authenticity of the hatching stone?"


"Just give it to me. I'll buy it at a higher price than on the black market. I have plenty of money."

Thierry slightly tilted his head.

"The hatching artifact hasn't come out so far, so it's the same as a rock... Why would you buy it at a higher price than on the black market?"

He was sharp.

It seems he didn't enter Epsilon without reason.

If I keep obsessing over the hatching stone, he might become suspicious of me. If he finds out that there is an artifact of that hatching stone, it will be troublesome.

I shrugged once.

"I enjoy the possibility of a bigger reward because I like making a fortune in one fell swoop. Wouldn't it be fun if mundane life suddenly got exciting?"

"That's great..."

Guillaume exclaimed as if he thought I must be called the notorious one from Seymour, as rumored.

Fortunately, he was a simpler type than Thierry.

"I'm also interested in the red horse Sir Thierry mentioned earlier, not just the Holy Spirit's egg. Is that definitive information?"

"Maybe, are you trying to get involved in the racetrack now?"

"Do you think I would just be getting involved? If I'm an accomplice, it should be to this extent."

As I continued, his eyes widened considerably.


"If I tell you in advance, it's not fun. So I'll show you directly at the racetrack."


"... Ah, I've really gone all the way."

I was an ordinary citizen who had never stolen 100 won from someone's pocket in my previous life, and now I'm at the racetrack.

The path to the racetrack headquarters was also very difficult.

Even though Thierry seemed reckless, secretly, he was a meticulous person.

After entering the basement of a large store that sold ceramics, he shared a map of the back road leading to the racetrack along a deep passageway.

Thanks to him, I was able to get away from the escorts and easily reach this place.

It was clear even if I didn't see how much I was getting into trouble because of Thierry, the Orge family idiot.

I patted my racing heart in front of the forlorn racetrack and checked my head.

"Well, this kind of place suits a villain more."

When I remember the completely ruined afternoon tea party, I felt bitter for some reason.

Not long ago, I arrived ten minutes late to the eagerly anticipated afternoon tea party because I had talked with Thierry and Guillaume.

It was a small tea party and not a formal event, so all the ladies of Epsilon didn't say much about my tardiness.

"No, don't worry. Lady Deborah."

"Of course! Sit, sit here. It's the sunniest spot."

"No way, didn't they just point it out because they were scared?"

Maybe it was better not to go than to arrive late.

"Jojo Princess Deborah. Your outfit is so cool today."

When I think about it now, there was a fake laugh somewhere.

"Th-that's right, how should I put it, it's simple but elegant."

I only went to listen to women's everyday chatter, but it was a burden because the conversation seemed to revolve around me.

"It was to the point that I missed the fifth princess."

Should I give up the tea party?

I haven't given up hope that if the fifth princess or the executive members attend, things will get better.

"If the fifth princess is here, they might think there is a higher person to hold me back, so the atmosphere will be better than before."

I struggled to eliminate the ambiguous mood, grabbed the pocket watch, and looked around.

"But why aren't these two coming? I've said many times that we have to arrive much earlier before the game starts."

"Here it is! Princess."

Then, a familiar voice sounded from behind, and Guillaume greeted.

"I didn't know you would really come."

Thierry murmured quietly as he looked at me.

They appeared wearing tunics in the same color as their hair as promised. I was also wearing a dark purple tunic.

"Finally, the decisive day has come."

Guillaume said with a sincere voice.

"If I can't win today, there's no tomorrow."

"I won't see the sun tomorrow."

"That means don't bet in the first place. These guys."

Watching the pathetic appearance of their useless determination, we walked towards the entrance of the racetrack.

There was still plenty of time before the race started, so the place to bet on the horse was quiet.

In the field visible through the ticket window, the training of the horses scheduled for today's match was in full swing.

Thierry's relaxed demeanor was nowhere to be seen, and he patiently observed the trained horses with his arms crossed.

"How is it?"

"The condition of the red horse is much better than I expected. Both the coat and the gait are in good condition."

"Is the number 3 the horse Sir Thierry is sure will win?"


Thierry responded briefly.

After becoming accomplices, he started speaking to me comfortably as if he had stopped being chivalrous.

"But in the case of No. 3, you're seeing the jockey for the first time."

Guillaume murmured as he looked at the booklet with the jockey written in it.

"I saw that jockey training for a while last time, and his ability to handle horses was extraordinary. I'm sure he'll win without getting caught on any obstacles or flat racing."

"How are you so sure?"

Guillaume explained my question instead.

"The knight and the horse are inseparable. In particular, the Orge family operates a huge horse ranch, so Thierry has seen many horses while growing up from childhood."

"Then I know which horse is the weakest."

"No. 1 won't get anywhere."

As soon as Thierry finished speaking, I took a bundle of gold coins from my bag and bought a bunch of betting tickets for horse No. 1.

"My number 3 will be sad..."

Thierry gritted his teeth and muttered. The veins on his neck rose, and his fists trembled.

"Be patient, Thierry. Since you haven't delivered the items yet, it's money from Princess Deborah. We don't have a penny."


"Princess Deborah, do you have any doubts about Sir Thierry's good eyes? Shouldn't we commit to each other since we're in the same boat?"

"It's all because I have an idea. Just wait and see."

After about 40 minutes.

5 minutes before the start of the match.

"You won't make any money with that horse number one, now we're ruined."

"Princess Deborah, now is not the time to gamble. It's a really serious situation for both of us. Didn't you hear everything in the music room?"

"Alright, I got it. Now, slowly, I have to move."

"What is she trying to do?"

I started refunding all the betting tickets I had bought today.

And I poured all the money I got back and one that I brought onto the horse No. 3 that Thierry pointed out.

"Why did you do something so cumbersome just to end up betting on number 3 anyway? The odds only shot up."

Thierry was a little annoyed.

"Hey, look at the updated dividend rate."

The racetrack updates the dividend rate every 10 minutes.

And now, five minutes before the game starts, the money I could win when I initially bet on horse number 3 has increased so much that it can't be compared to before.

This is because everyone bet only on the horse number one.

"I told you last time that I was going to double it, and that would make me double the winnings. Did you think it was a joke?"

Thierry widened his eyes at my words.

"Do you mean you did it to get that dividend rate?"

"Yes, I used mass psychology. Everyone is betting only on the horse number one, which I bet on heavily at the beginning."

I kindly explained to these two who looked perplexed.

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