IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 86



40 minutes ago.

To increase the dividend rate of horse No. 3, I manipulated the bad horse, No. 1, as if it were a popular horse.

In my previous life, I had heard about it during my liberal arts class in an instant.

Players say they encourage people to bet on horses with lower odds of winning.

Not many people here know horses as well as Thierry.

"Most of them are people who enjoy gambling moderately, people who more or less want to capture the feeling."

Ordinary people without a keen eye will bet on the most popular horses.

And I invested a large amount of money at the beginning, creating the illusion that horse No. 1 was the most popular.

"If they're not sure which horse to bet on, they'll bet on a horse with high stakes."

"Ah, that's why the dividend rate for horse No. 1 has been reduced like this."

"True. Even if they get a little less money, they want to make a safe decision."

Guillaume's face, who understood all my explanations, was filled with excitement.

"So, what if Sir Thierry's chosen horse No. 3 wins?"

"It will win fifteen times more."

"She's a real gambler... No, she's a genius. Manipulating the dividend rate like this."

Thierry murmured with a hint of admiration.

"It's starting."

In a short time, the horses began to appear one or two at the starting line.

A lot of money was bet, and it was my first race, so I had a tense throat.

It started!

The red flags waved with the sound of fireworks, and huge riders with firm muscles began to run across the field without hesitation.

At first, horse No. 1 started leading quickly, and the place was shaken by the cheers.

It must be because many people bet on horse No. 1.

"Thierry, what the hell happened? If Princess Deborah loses on a surprisingly established field, we..."

Guillaume was nervous, but Thierry was calm.

"Just wait and watch. It's been warming up for quite some time."

"Oh? Ooooohhh!"

Horse No. 3 with a bright red mane, reminiscent of a red tomato, ran fiercely like fireworks in the second half of the game.

"Oh, oh, oh!"

As soon as it passed three horses in an instant, Guillaume grabbed his chest and shouted breathlessly, and Thierry clenched his fists tightly.

Did it really win first place?

Finally, horse No. 3 took first place due to a small difference.

Honestly, I didn't expect it, but I'm also surprised because Thierry's eyes with horses were truly exceptional.

He played the piano well and had a lot of talent, so I couldn't understand why he lived like this.

"We won! It's first place!"

"That's why I can't stop betting!"

These young scoundrels with money in their hands were in a festive mood.

They ran shoulder to shoulder with excited faces and even sang a strange song.

"They like it so much."

Well, it's like being a knight in a situation where there is no answer to the point of making a fake Holy Spirit egg.

Thierry and Guillaume stopped moving and blinked with a silly expression, smiling unknowingly thinking it was ridiculous.


"Why? What's on my face?"

I rubbed my cheek with the back of my hand.

"Ah, it doesn't matter."

"Just, at that moment it was so..."

The two seemed a little embarrassed without knowing why, and suddenly calmed down.

"Because they are high-ranking nobles, they know how to hide their expressions."

I thought so and quickly mentally calculated the gold coins I had won today.

After the match. Great timing for calculation!

We divided the pile of gold coins into exactly three parts.

Seeing their bright faces, it seemed like they had made extra money even after recovering the collateral items.

"I'm the one who really hit the jackpot."

I won the money, and the desired Holy Spirit egg finally came into my hand.

I did well bluffing like a swindler in front of those young, childish masters.

"I'll make you double the money!"

Provoking their desire and curiosity to succeed, I received a promise from Thierry to deliver the incubation stone on the afternoon tea party day.

"Actually, this is the real jackpot! Idiots."

While smiling, Thierry approached me.

"Princess Deborah."

He looked at me with a very serious expression.

As the relaxed and calm atmosphere disappeared, beautiful features with some individuality were clearly revealed.

"What is it?"

Perhaps, thanks to the training of seeing Isidor or the beauty of the Seymour family men so much, I'm no longer nervous even when a tall, handsome man like a Milano Runway model is in front of me.

"I had a dream of a golden rose blooming, but now that I think about it, it was a dream that symbolizes it."


"I'm sorry... for suspecting and being stubborn all this time..."

The man, with slightly red eyes, looked at me. Along with a faint blush on his white cheeks.

"Thank you."

Despite being a high-ranking aristocrat, it was a simple apology and thank you.

"You must have pushed yourself to the edge of the cliff to the point where you broke."

Well, what would happen if he were caught with guarantees on valuable relics while gambling and lost his pocket money?

The minimum is probation, but in the worst case, this scandal could have led to his removal from the family registry.

"Princess Deborah remains calm even in the midst of winning this jackpot. As expected, the con artist... No, an expert is different from an amateur..."

Guillaume murmured with admiration.

I'm glad I suddenly won a lot of money playing, but on the outside, I am calm, maybe because I had made a lot of money in the meantime.

Although in reality, I haven't properly won half of the 10 billion.

"This is not a big deal for me."

I pretended to be a competent professional gambler who read cards and bid them farewell with a cold expression while pretending to be calm to the end.

White Turtle!

As soon as I got home, I ran to the annex studio with a happy heart.

"How should I name the cute Holy Spirit baby?"

I took out the key, opened the last tightly locked drawer, and took out the iron sword that had been sold at the auction house.

I polished it until the sword shone.

"Come out."

I lightly struck the stone with the small sword.


And nothing happened.

* * *

"Why is Sir Thierry lying on the ground like that?"

"He's always like that."

The White Knights clicked their tongues as they threw their swords on the nearby grass like trash and looked at Thierry lying there like an idiot.

The world was so unfair.

He walked quickly as if a screw had come loose, but because he inherited the talent from the Orge bloodline, he achieved a high level at a young age.

The knight respected by everyone is Diery, but when asked who they would like to live as, the answer is Thierry.

As a result of his efforts, he is the best of all the empire's knights.


Thierry continued to sigh and stared into the air.

Everyone is too much.

They should have told him in advance that Princess Deborah has great fatal charm.

Only Isidor and the Fifth Princess knew.

When she smiled at that moment.

He suddenly jumped onto the grass.

When horse No. 3 won, his heart started to beat wildly, and in the moment of joy, he saw Deborah smiling faintly.

He couldn't understand why his heart couldn't stop beating.

"She's even prettier when she smiles."

In fact, he thought she was beautiful even when she frowned or showed no expression.

Her features were as beautiful as a rose, like the direct line of the Seymour family.

But when she smiled faintly, he felt like he had been hit with a hammer in the back of the head.

Even Guillaume, who was a little afraid of Princess Deborah, thought it wouldn't be so bad for him to become powerless the moment she crossed her eyes and smiled faintly.

"It's so intense that I keep thinking about it."

He messed up his fluffy black curly hair.

It was the first time in his life that a woman manipulated the dividend rate on the racetrack.

It wouldn't be as shocking as being slapped out of nowhere while walking.

And, besides...

If it weren't for those last words, the sense of camaraderie as an accomplice and discovering her snake-like charm (?) would have ended like that.

Thierry recalled Princess Deborah's final advice with strange feelings.

"If someone tries to lure you into a gambling den when you're heading to the pawnshop to retrieve the item in warranty, ignore them. There's a high likelihood of being dragged into a rigged game."

She said with a cold voice.

"Do you mean there will be a scam in that alley?"


Indeed, as advised by Princess Deborah, as soon as they headed to the alley where the pawnshop was located, they saw mischievous-looking men bragging about winning 20 times more with dice.

Guillaume was astonished because it was no different from his expectations.

"As expected, the princess must be the game swindler I only heard about. Maybe because she's a Seymour famous for her clever mind, she's completely different from common scoundrels like us."

Really, if she hadn't reminded him in advance, he would have been in trouble.

Perhaps because of her advice, at that moment, he suddenly regained his senses, as if the nanny had slapped him on the back.

If it weren't for her words, he would have acted impulsively according to his feelings at that moment.

Thierry actually avoids going to places with strong addictions by inertia. But he was drawn to the provocative side and forgot reality as if he were torturing himself.

This is because he's sick and tired every time he remembers that he has to wield the sword every day.

"They fooled me like that last time."

He made money at the racetrack, but the reason he squandered his entire fortune at the betting house was because he fell into the atmosphere of having triumphed at the racetrack.

She helped him twice.

It was a big problem in exchange for delivering the incubation stone, which was like a dusty stone rolling around in Diery's sword storage.

"Although it wasn't advice out of concern for me according to Princess Deborah's personality..."

Thierry rubbed his burning neck.

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