IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 87



"Oh? Sir Thierry and Princess Deborah, aren't they?" Miguel tilted his head because there was an unusual combination in the hallway of the main building of Epsilon.

"Their relationship doesn't look that bad."

Both seemed to fit together since they were handsome and beautiful, with a sense of delinquency flowing somewhere.

"He's a troublesome son who is as striking and attention-grabbing as his appearance."

Princess Deborah was known to be famous from a young age, and Sir Thierry was a rogue that everyone knew.

"Thanks to Princess Deborah, Sir Thierry has been buried for a long time."

"What the hell?"

He heard Isidor's cold voice in his ear.

Suddenly, the atmosphere on his side was not normal, so Miguel looked at his lord.


When he was in his original appearance, he didn't show much of his dirty personality, but the lord was looking at the place where Deborah and Thierry were standing with a very dissatisfied expression.

Meanwhile, Thierry was having a strange conversation with Deborah.

"Did you really come to the music room to see me?"

He chuckled and spoke with a peculiarly light tone.

"What kind of song do you like? Thanks to you, I barely survived the luck of almost being killed by my father's sword, so if you ask, I'll play anything. I usually play lullabies, but I can also play minuets."

Deborah's eyes opened slightly as he was a bit excited and quickly pronounced her words.

She paused for a moment, then opened her mouth.

"I didn't come for the piano performance but because I had something to ask."

It seemed that she seemed interested in the piano for the moment, but he supposed it was an illusion in a good sense.

"What is it?"

"Is there any chance Sir Diery has more Holy Spirit eggs?"

It was a trivial question, so Thierry felt disappointed in a way and scratched his chin.

Last time, he looked so pathetic, so he wanted to make it up a bit this time.

"If he had any, I would have taken them from him."


"My brother Diery is only interested in the sword. Probably the incubation stone is the only thing he received when he was a child."

"I see."

"Stop by the music room if you're free. Although I'm the only one in the music club, I'm pretty good. It's better than listening to a terrible performance."

"There's only one person, but can you call it a club?"

"I know there are only two people in the fifth princess's mana research club."

"...There are three."

"Michelle Granber is a phantom member."

In the midst of a silly conversation while smiling, he saw a familiar figure.

Every time I see Sir Isidor, he looks so handsome.

He walked over here with a neat gesture.

The moment their eyes met, Thierry tilted his head as if Isidor was looking at him with a cold expression.

"Hm, I must have seen it wrong."

The Isidor he knew was a gentleman and kind to everyone. He is very patient, so he never gets angry without reason.

"Princess Deborah, what are you doing standing here?"

Isidor, who naturally intervened, smiled sweetly at Princess Deborah and asked her gently.

"Wow, he's disgustingly handsome."

Thierry was amazed on his own.

Meanwhile, he is only impressed when he sees Isidor's face as if he is looking at an exceptional work of art, but somehow a subtle irritation began to flow.

"Why is this idiot suddenly acting like a fox? I'm sure he looked at me cheekily a moment ago."

"Sir Isidor, why are you treating me like a ghost? It's making me sad."

"What were you talking about with Sir Thierry, Princess?"

"Hey. I'm here."

Princess Deborah looked at Isidor, blinked slowly, and then spoke.

"That's not a big deal. You two can talk. I have a class soon, so I have to go."

She quickly exited the conversation.

As soon as Princess Deborah disappeared, Isidor's expression turned cold, causing Thierry's shoulders to shudder.

"I was right that he looked at me like that before."

"Sir Thierry. Why are you suddenly speaking so comfortably as if you were a knight? Aren't you two unfriendly to each other?"

"Why do I feel like you're interrogating me? I haven't done anything wrong."

"I am asking very kindly at this moment. Would you like me to show you what a proper interrogation is?"

"Oh, it's not as good as she said, so you don't have to worry about it. Why the hell is someone who has other things to worry about acting this way?"

"You must have forgotten that I am one of the Vice-Captains of the White Knights. But would you like me to send a report on your training attitude to Duke Orge for the last three years? Now, this is an interrogation."

"Are you cheaply threatening me with something like that? It's too much. It practically means death."

"What do you mean by threatening? I've been hiding your bad attitude all this time. Since we're on the subject, express your desire to stop the preferential treatment."

"Wow! I can't win with words alone. Were you this kind of person?"

"So it would be straightforward if you tell me what happened. I can't stand the curiosity."

Thierry slightly frowned upon seeing Isidor's uncharacteristically stubborn attitude.

Ah, it's so strange.

The relationship between Princess Deborah and Lord Isidor seemed to be quite different from the rumors.

Most of them speculated that Princess Deborah was threatening Isidor, or that there would be some kind of deal and agreement between their families.

The first is unfounded and exaggerated, but the second is quite reliable.

In terms of factions for Seymour and Visconti, both were a family of the long-established imperial faction.

By the way, it seems that Isidor's side is much more interested in Deborah.

Thierry pondered for a moment while Isidor continued to press for answers.

"What do I have to do?"

But still, he couldn't tell the truth that after making a fake incubation stone and selling the genuine one, they went to the racetrack with that money.

He quickly made the right excuse.

"The other day, I told Princess Deborah to go to the Epsilon club room if she wanted to hear a piano performance."

It was also true.

In reality, she went to see him last time to hear his performance.

"Piano performance?"

Isidor raised an eyebrow.

"I play the piano quite well, even though I'm like this. The princess appreciates lyrical music. Our musical tastes also match well."


"Do you understand? Then I'll go train. I thought I was the most generous, but it turned out I'm the scariest person."

Thierry walked towards the main building's exit while grumbling, and Isidor brushed his hair roughly in a state of confusion.

"Why is that idiot so annoying?"

However, he wasn't in a good mood, but when Thierry laughed kindly and spoke to him comfortably in a friendly tone, Isidor's insides twisted.

Moreover, the fact that Thierry became close to Deborah just because he played the piano secretly provoked him.

What? Do their musical tastes match well?

What kind of musical tastes do they have to talk to the princess like that?

When he thought that the two might get closer in the future through their common interest in playing the piano, he gradually became bitter.

He walked toward Miguel, who was waiting at the entrance, with an irritated expression.


"Yes, sir."

"I'm going to practice the piano."


"Ask for the best grand piano made by a renowned craftsman."

"...Yes, sir. I will prepare it."

He passed by the largest music store in the Yones district that day.

Then he bought a bunch of night sheet music with a lyrical and atmospheric melody and returned to the mansion.



I looked around the white stone and sighed.

"Why the hell aren't you reacting to this?"

All circumstances indicate that I have acquired both the Holy Spirit egg and the magical tool, but there was no change even when I struck it and rubbed it with the sword thousands of times.

I even tried putting the sword and the egg together on a blanket to give it a cozy feeling, like being in a mother's arms.

Of course, it still didn't respond.

Is there any other way I don't know?

The expert Arin, who has read a lot, may know something about ancient artifacts used for incubation.

I grabbed the tea leaves and headed to the annex where Arin's laboratory was located.

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