SYS (Novel) Chapter 387

C387 - Who Is The True Runcandel? (7)

The arena turned into an infernal landscape, with waves of fire burning fiercely around two individuals in the center.

The flames clung persistently to the Runcandels, growing even more intense instead of weakening.

The sword energies unleashed by Jin's sword, resembling hellfire, didn't easily dissipate even when they encountered obstacles along the way.

Like the flames were wind, they bounced and scattered in all directions.

The deluge of sword energies, gushing like a torrent of hellfire, overwhelmed the Knights guarding the others.

However, these energies didn't reach Luntia, who stood right in front of Jin.

Her body radiated an aura, a colossal strength that pushed aside the sword energies.

Jin knew very little about his Third Sister, Luntia Runcandel.

In his past life, they rarely crossed paths, and the same was true in his current life.

"Elder Sister Luntia is the only one Elder Sister Luna finds difficult to deal with."

Oddly, despite her indifferent attitude towards most things, many members of the Family still had high expectations for Luntia.

They believed that she, and not Joshua, was the most suitable to be the next patriarch.

"Now that I think about it, even in my past life... my parents didn't take Luntia lightly."

-Luntia, Ran, and Vigo.

-Yes, Mother.

-Miu and Anne are responsible for causing this crisis, but as Flagbearers, they cannot evade their responsibility either. Especially you, Luntia, I am deeply disappointed in you. You must take some time to reflect, and both Ran and Vigo must each return one of the swords.

During their cadet days, Rosa had scolded the Flagbearers in Jin's presence.

At the time, Jin believed that Luntia was being punished with "self-reflection" simply due to her position as the Third Flagbearer.

But it wasn't so.

It was undeniable that Luntia possessed something unique compared to her other siblings.


Luntia sighed with a furrowed brow.

It wasn't a sigh of exasperation at Jin's comment.

From the moment the hellfire was unleashed, no one here could underestimate Jin.

But Luntia seemed extremely bothered by the situation itself.

Since Jin had left Stormcastle and arrived at the Garden of Swords, everything had been like this.

The boy, who was only ten years old, quickly got under the skin of his siblings.

When Jin went on a mission to Mamitt during his Cadet days, he had received a self-reflection punishment from Rosa.

Jin's mere presence posed a significant threat to the mission, and Luntia's attitude, which had longed for a life free of trouble, was affected.

During his time as a Provisional Flagbearer, Jin suddenly broke the rules and caused an uproar upon his return, turning the Family upside down.

Similarly, during the Holy Kingdom incident, she had to be dispatched due to Jin.

Looking back, it was always Jin who stirred up problematic storms.

Luntia could assert one thing with certainty.

For nearly a decade, no one had worn her out more than Jin.

Those who knew her personality never dared to provoke Luntia recklessly.

In fact, it had been a long time since Luntia had felt boiling anger deep within her chest.

Nothing in the world irritated her more than untimely consequences that disrupted her peaceful world.

"It doesn't seem like it's going to work, you, the youngest."


As soon as she spoke, a sword, imbued with blue flames, once again pierced into Luntia's chest.

There was a contrast between Bradamante, who had grown immense with flames, and Luntia's slender sword, 'Charles.'

At first glance, it appeared as a thin and fragile sword, ready to break at any moment.

However, the next moment, when Luntia wielded it, it seemed to represent a phenomenon that didn't exist in this world.

It could be described as if solid light rushed towards Jin.


Charles' sword tip accurately pierced through Bradamante's blade.

It could even be said that it was miraculous to precisely pierce through a single strand of thread gently descending through the air.

Luntia's thrust undoubtedly went beyond that.

It precisely pierced the blade of the sword, which fell at lightning speed.

Bradamante was deflected at a right angle, and Jin could feel the sensation that his wrist was about to break.

"This is what the Third Flagbearer of the Family is capable of...!"

That single strike was more than enough to describe Luntia.

Unimaginable speed.

A swift sword that you couldn't counter unless you could predict its trajectory. In the scorching heat where the entire arena seemed to melt, Jin felt a shiver down his spine.

When he blinked once, the next thrust came.

Charles, which had grazed Jin's cheek, was now stained with flames instead of blood.

He felt as if a hurricane had suddenly unleashed in front of his eyes.

Just like the wind couldn't be seen, neither could Luntia's thrust.

Jin felt the dangerous sensation that something was flying at an incomprehensible speed, relentlessly.

It felt familiar.

It was an emotion he always felt when facing formidable opponents.

Jin had no doubts or fear.

All he had to do was stand his ground and fight, and instill the same feeling in the opponent.

The flames in Jin's pupils intensified.

"You are certainly very brutal."


Charles continued to graze Jin's body, emitting sparks with each contact.

"But it doesn't seem like it's enough to stop me. It's disappointing, considering you said it wouldn't work."

The sword energies, which previously shot out like projectiles, began to converge, guided by Jin's will.

It was like the coordinated movement of dozens of snipers, all aiming at once.

As these sword energies converged and rained down on Luntia, her relentless thrusts began to decrease in frequency.

Although the sword energies had been deflected, there was no respite for the Runcandels engulfed in flames.

The hellfire, which was already at its zenith, became even more intense.

The place that had been called a 'training ground' had almost completely disappeared.

The melted and broken roof allowed sunlight to enter, tinting the blue sky red.

Beneath it all, Jin's and Luntia's swords clashed once more.

"It's strange how fire flows from your wounds instead of blood."

"Elder Sister, unleashing such a deadly sword with a rapier is no small feat."

"Seriously, what are you trying to achieve with this?"

"I've already told you. I want to restore Runcandel's status as a Family of Magic Swordsmen."


It didn't sound like swords clashing but rather the sound of a giant beast gnawing on bones.

The shockwaves generated by the collision between the two distorted places.

At first glance, they seemed equal in offense and defense, but in terms of swordsmanship, Luntia was clearly ahead.

That's why Luntia kept thinking the same thing every time Jin showed weakness.

It's over.

This time, it's really over.

No... Is it over?

Certainly, it seemed like they had reached the end several times as their swords pierced each other's bodies.

When he thought he had pierced her throat, it turned out he had grazed Jin's ear, and when he felt he had pierced her heart, flames instead sprouted from his shoulder.


There were undoubtedly flaws in the youngest's fencing, so why did Charles only yield futile results?

It was strange.

Despite understanding the youngest's movements perfectly, the battle was not turning in her favor.

It was a peculiar phenomenon that her rapier wasn't reaching the youngest.

And a premonition gripped her.

"Didn't something like this happen when I faced Elder Sister Luna?"

Something similar happened when she faced Luna.

And Luntia didn't take long to find the answer.

The reason her sword kept failing to hit the opponent wasn't because of the opponent, but because of herself.

"I... have been avoiding getting injured too much."

When facing formidable opponents like Luna, Luntia unconsciously chose to move in a way that minimized injuries.

Being wounded was more bothersome than anything in the world, and in such situations, Luntia's desire for the annoying time to pass quickly outweighed her desire to defeat the opponent.

That's why her sword had become shorter, her steps narrower.

It was easier to accept defeat than to endure wounds.

"I didn't expect this to happen even when facing the youngest. It's something that hasn't happened to me many times in my life..."

Although Luntia didn't take Jin's combat prowess lightly, she didn't consider this duel as a life-or-death battle.

She needed to reassess her judgment.

"I'll risk my life as well."

Of course, when the battle ended, there was a much higher chance that the result would be survival rather than death.

However, there was a significant difference between entering a fight where one's life was at stake and one where it wasn't.

Just as the attitude of predators in the open field depended on how big their prey was in front of them.

The fact that she unconsciously avoided injuries when facing a challenging opponent was also a kind of test.

Luntia Runcandel was a somewhat peculiar human being. No, even throughout her entire life, the fact that there were very few times when she had been "injured" was a testament in itself.

For Luntia, apart from those few occasions, all other fights were almost the same, with a level of danger similar to breathing, eating, and going to bed.

But this fight with Jin was different.

Luntia sensed that this battle was one where one side would be defeated, lose everything, and disappear.

Therefore, every moment was a struggle where her desire for survival and victory outweighed the boredom.

"It seems you're finally taking this seriously, Elder Sister."

Jin immediately recognized Luntia's change.

Luntia's suffocating intimidation suddenly disappeared, which was only natural.

Her aura was now as calm as water.

"You're strong. You've grown well."

Luntia adjusted her posture and continued speaking.

"But you shouldn't have provoked me."

With no aura shield, Jin's fire pierced through her.

In an instant, Luntia was engulfed in flames, leaving behind only a dark silhouette.

She faced the hellfire with her bare body.

At that moment, Luntia remembered Luna looking at Jin, and Jin couldn't help but think of his elder sister's image.

Luntia's body was known as the best among the blessed bodies of Runcandel...

It was even stronger than Luna's transcendent body.

Even after turning around the flames, Runeitia (Luntia) approached Jin with determined steps. Even amid the dancing flames, not a single blister could be seen on her body.

"This is incredible."

Jin gathered the flames that had spread everywhere.

The flames that had spread like a plague throughout the training ground and even beyond were being absorbed into Bradamante.

"I never imagined there would be someone tougher than Elder Sister Luna among us..."

Not just Jin, but all his siblings thought the same.

Except for Luna, none of them had imagined that there would be such a strong sibling.

Because none of the other siblings had ever made Luntia feel threatened even once.

"I didn't know you would also be willing to fight with all your might, so there's no need for us to feel disappointed in each other."

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