SYS (Novel) Chapter 388

C388 - Who Is the Real Runcandel? (8)

The distance between Jin and Luntia slowly closed.

Late screams echoed on the ground that was the training field.

Ahhh, ahhh...!

According to estimates, more than a hundred guardian knights lay moaning in all directions.

The Warriors who had protected them had barely taken a breath, but they had the premonition that a new commotion was about to ensue.

'The Third Flagbearer is furious...'

'So far, we had no choice but to save the knights, so we couldn't interfere to stop the Twelfth Flagbearer. But now, we won't be able to interfere.'

In particular, those who 'knew a little' about Luntia (mainly the senior members of the Elder Council) judged that it would be difficult to prevent the fight from starting again.

They knew how dangerous Luntia was, who had finally made a move.

And there was no need to stop her.

'The Family's Guardian Knights nearly died burned.'

'If this isn't treason, then what is it?'

Jin had scorched the entire central field of the Family, and at worst, over a dozen Guardian Knights could have turned into ashes.

Thanks to the efforts of the Flagbearers and the high-ranking knights, there were no casualties, but it was an incident that could easily be called treason.

Moreover, they had witnessed bold statements that not only questioned the legitimacy of the Family but also undermined it from the perspective of the attacked Runcandels.

Of course, Jin had deployed 'Hellfire' under the judgment that the top Flagbearers and the knights could adequately protect the Guardian Knights, and there was a situation where Lynn Milcano encouraged the situation by speaking of a show of strength.

However, that wouldn't serve as a mitigation.

Everything has a limit.

From now on, what Jin had to demonstrate was nothing other than valor.

To prove that the declaration of returning Runcandel to a Family of Magic Swordsmen was not just words.

And for that, there was no need to mention that he must win.

The moment he was defeated in the battle against Luntia.

However impactful the words were.

However remarkable the challenge was.

However powerful the warning was.

However brilliant the truth was...

All the words Jin uttered would lose their value.

Initially, merely engaging in a decent fight with the Third Flagbearer as the Twelfth Flagbearer would have been a noteworthy achievement, but not now.

The responsibility for the weighty words containing a thousand years of history rested on his shoulders.

As an individual of Runcandel.

With ten steps between them, Jin and Luntia silently locked eyes for a moment.

The spirit of combat and the intent to kill filled Jin's eyes, while Luntia's held a deep gaze.

Bradamante, the sword that had consumed Hellfire, and Charles, the fine sword infused with aura, vibrated.

The two swords emitted sharp resonances, like beasts trying to tear each other apart.

There was no signal.

However, both swung their swords at each other without the slightest error.

It was as if they were wielding a bludgeon, not swords, with no restraint whatsoever.

Thus, the first clash between them began.


When the energy contained in the swords was released, a thunderous sound and shockwave occurred.

Before the shockwave could escape the arena, the swords clashed once more.

Like giant pieces of glass shattering, a rain of flames and aura burst from their swords.


It was as if nails had been driven into their bones and organs.

Jin's expression contorted in pain, and Luntia clenched her teeth tightly.

Despite being covered in flames, Luntia seemed serene, even managing to resist the Hellfire flowing through Bradamante.

"I will kill you." She didn't open her mouth, but it seemed he could hear Luntia's voice. Her intent to kill seemed to take shape and pierce through Jin's mind like an icicle.

'It's impossible that she hasn't taken any hits.'

No matter how resilient Luntia was. What Jin had just unleashed was Sarah Runcandel's Secret Sword Technique.

It might still be inferior to what Sarah could unleash in her prime, but it was a sword that had pressed all present Runcandels in the arena until now.

'You can't keep resisting like this, Elder Sister. That's impossible for anyone in the world, except for our Father.'

Jin having an indifferent attitude didn't mean he wasn't truly shaken.

The Hellfire intertwined with Bradamante constantly gnawed at Luntia's body.

But Jin's body was breaking down at a much faster rate than Luntia's.

'Hellfire alone isn't enough.'

If he had deployed it solely to defeat Luntia from the beginning, the story might have been different.

However, over half of the Hellfire's power had been consumed when facing the other Runcandels.

Merely igniting the remaining flame wouldn't be enough to contend with Luntia.

'The elder sister hasn't unleashed her Final Moves yet. If this continues, I'll surely lose.'

He had to play his trump card.

With a sword that matched or exceeded Hellfire.


Jin poured out the last remaining flames from Bradamante and distanced himself.

The flames roared with powerful energy, enveloping Luntia.

In that moment, Luntia showed signs of hesitation for the first time.

But it was only a moment.

In the next instant, while Luntia emitted her aura, the Hellfire turned into embers, emitting a faint light.

The flames that had surrounded Jin also dissipated. His body, which had burned like fire, returned to its original state.

Woooogk, wooofk...!

Jin's breath became heavy. Blood dripped from his parched lips.

Even the wounds that had burned like fire were now oozing blood, and his staggering appearance seemed like he could collapse at any moment.

On the other hand, Luntia's movement became light, as the Hellfire that had been troubling her had disappeared.

Furthermore, she showed no signs of exhaustion like Jin.

'It's over...'

It was certainly remarkable, but it's the Third Flagbearer's victory. Judging by the state of the Twelfth Flagbearer, the match would end in three minutes.

The Third Flagbearer wouldn't spare the Twelfth Flagbearer. Even if he lives, she will surely leave him crippled.

That's what the spectators thought.

It was a fact that Jin, as a Magic Swordsman, had demonstrated incredible power that they couldn't comprehend.

However, from the beginning, the Third Flagbearer, considered the strongest after Luna, and the Twelfth Flagbearer, now nineteen years old, were too different in class.

Nevertheless, it was still shocking.

Some Runcandels were on the verge of going mad with remorse, thinking it was a pity for Jin to end up like this.

Just ten minutes ago, they had wanted to strangle the Twelfth Flagbearer after seeing his actions.

They were excited about the power of the Magic Sword that Jin had shown.

They felt that Jin's words about the possibility of that power breaking Zipple had credibility.

So they considered other possibilities.

'If the Acting Patriarch steps forward, the Twelfth Flagbearer might survive.'

If the Twelfth Flagbearer dies, it will be harder to find out about the First Patriarch's grave. If the Acting Patriarch intervenes before the Third Flagbearer kills him...

Opposite thoughts swirled in the minds of the Runcandels. However, those wishing for Jin's death and those wishing for his survival shared the same thought.

Jin's fate rested in the hands of Rosa Runcandel.

Rosa Runcandel, and the seat of honor in the training field where she was sitting, remained unchanged from before the Hellfire was deployed.

She sat calmly, brushing aside the flames from the Hellfire with an indifferent expression.

While the flagbearers and senior knights protected the guardian knights, Rosa had watched the battle between Jin and Luntia from beginning to end.

"Third Flagbearer."

At Rosa's call, Luntia stopped.

If Rosa hadn't called, Luntia would have taken two more steps and cut Jin's throat.


"Are you going to kill him?"


Rosa didn't add more words to Luntia's response.

In the silence, Jin's labored breathing sounded especially loud.

Even for those unfamiliar with swords, it was clear that his endurance had reached its limit, considering how rapidly he was breathing.

After about fifteen seconds, Luntia had no choice but to ask.

"Is there a problem with killing the Twelfth Flagbearer? I would like to know why you haven't said anything."

Upon hearing this, Rosa slowly raised her head.

"I had my doubts, so I was thinking."

"What doubts..."

"I find it curious why everyone thinks the fight is over."

At Rosa's words, all the Runcandels turned their gaze toward Jin.

He was still panting and standing as he thrust Bradamante into the ground.

Jin unsheathed a new sword.

The blade that emerged from the sheath was as pale as the dawn sky.

The Thunder Sword, Sigmund.

A divine sword of the Legends Tribe that Jin inherited from the Battle Goddess, Vahn.


The blade, infused with lightning, emitted a deep and ominous sound.

The pupils of the Runcandels who saw this filled with astonishment.

Does he still have the strength to fight...?

'After unleashing that insane flame sword a moment ago, does he still have energy left?'

No, the Acting Patriarch must have examined the fact that the Twelfth Flagbearer still had some willpower left. His current endurance would no longer sustain him.

Jin no longer had the strength to fight.

Even if he did, it would never be enough to change the course of the battle.

That's what the Runcandels believed.

"Hah... I thought I had completely destroyed everything, but one remains."

Finally, when Jin opened his mouth, Luntia felt goosebumps on her skin.

She also thought that Rosa's words meant Jin still had some willpower left.

It wasn't that.

"It seems today I must completely destroy even the seat of honor where my mother is sitting to make my statement more meaningful."

Upon hearing this, the Runcandels once again felt as if their heads had been struck by a heavy hammer, numbing their senses.

Sword of Legends, Battle God's Technique, Tenth Move:

Sword of the Reign of the King of Legends: Initiation

Jin's eyes filled with lightning.

The ground twisted and darkened as lightning radiated outward, splitting the scorched earth.

A horrifying heat, distinct from the Hellfire, quickly spread and engulfed the surroundings.

[Everyone, keep your eyes wide open... Look carefully. Who is the true Runcandel and what has Runcandel been protecting? And...]

What the current Runcandel has forgotten.

Jin looked at the Runcandels again with his shining eyes and continued to speak.

The lightning energy covering his sword blanketed the chaotic, broken ground.

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