SYS (Novel) Chapter 392

C392 - Even if You Cover It Up, You Can't Hide It (2)

As Cyron said, it was not something that could be hidden.

They sealed off all of Hufester, controlled all media, and strictly restricted access for those waiting in the Family during Jin's declaration.

Amidst the Garden of Swords, after the eruption of Hellfire, dozens of Final Movements simultaneously unfolded.

The battle that took place in the center of the city of Calon was something the residents couldn't remain oblivious to.

It wasn't a scale of conflict that could be hidden.

Through informants from each faction already present among the residents, the chaos caused by Jin spread beyond the Garden of Swords and quickly and forcefully disseminated throughout the world.

The speed at which rumors were spreading was as fast and intense as a storm.

"...My goodness, I asked him if he was going to commit treason, but I never thought he'd actually do it. If this isn't treason, then what is?"

Holy Kingdom of Vankela, office of the Holy Queen.

Upon hearing the news from the saints of the Dawn Chariot Society, which could be considered the intelligence division of the Holy Kingdom, Lani furrowed her brow with a worried expression.

What on earth had happened that after secretly treating someone in the dead of night, such a major incident occurred...?

"I should have known from the moment he said he needed to give his arms a chance to shine. Phew, what do you think, gentlemen? Do you believe Lord Jin is currently unharmed?"

The Saints shook their heads.

"The security was too tight, so we couldn't investigate directly, but based on information leaked by city residents and various faction informants, he doesn't appear to be doing well at all."

"Some even say that he's not just in critical condition but already dead."

"What did you say, dead?"

"...No faction has been able to confirm Jin Runcandel's condition since the incident."


One Saint stepped forward, resolutely, and spoke.

"Your Majesty, as a Saint and recipient of Ayula's grace, if you'll permit me the audacity... I believe you should make a decision for the sake of the nation's benefactor."

Following the incident in the Holy Kingdom, the name "Jin Runcandel" had become a symbol within the kingdom, rivaling even the Holy Queen herself.

Furthermore, those in the know were aware that Jin continued to provide astronomical support to the kingdom.

Hence, such a direct proposal was put forward.

Lani reflected for a moment with a serious expression before responding.

"...Very well. I've heard that Hufester has declared a second phase of emergency alert, but if I formally request a visit, they'll have no choice but to agree. I will go personally to assess Lord Jin's condition and take measures for his treatment. However..."

Lani looked at the Saints with determination and continued.

"As far as I know, he always has a plan. He hasn't done this recklessly. If I were to intervene thoughtlessly, I might inadvertently provide an excuse to his enemies. Moreover, neither Lord Jin nor his Dragon Guardian have directly requested my help yet. For now, I will wait for further news."

Lani's decision was met with nods from the Saints.

If there were indeed significant issues regarding Jin's life or death, the Holy Kingdom was ready to use all available means to assist Jin.



At the same time, discussions about Jin were taking place in the Emperor Sword Castle of Vermont.

In the moment Dante urgently looked for Ron with a worried expression.

Ron was also hearing the same news from the Knights of Hairan.

And just like Lani, Ron furrowed his brow.

It wasn't Jin's situation that worried him.

Ron wasn't distressed by that.

It was because he didn't know how to comfort his grandson, who was shouting that he would run straight to the Garden of Swords.

"Has my grandson arrived?"

"Grandfather, if I may speak. Today might be the last day my grandfather sees me."

The words "last day" struck Ron Hairan's head like a hammer from the beginning.

"...Why is my grandson suddenly like this? Did he eat something bad? Haha."

"I intend to head to the Garden of Swords immediately."

"Well, Dante."

"Even if you try to stop me, I will definitely go. Regardless of how annoyed you and the clan might be. However, shamelessly, I would like to make a request before I go."

"Well, Haha... Go ahead, first talk."

"Please help me save my friend. Furthermore, if my friend has already passed away by the time I arrive. Please respect any decision I make at that time."

If Jin had died, it meant that Dante was willing to fight to the death with the Garden of Swords.

Of course, at the end of the road, he would face death or a crippled life, or the misfortune of all of Hairan, who would fight desperately to save Dante.

Since the moment Ron first saw the scoundrel who deceived his pure-hearted grandson, or rather, since his grandson went to the Cosmos Arena and met that friend and got excited, Ron had felt an inexplicable foreboding.

'If I'm not careful and pass the clan to my grandson, in the end, the Emperor Sword Castle could fall into the hands of that demon.'

Just thinking about it made his blood boil.

Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad outcome if Jin was already dead.

After all, he had worked so hard to prepare his grandson to be the clan's heir!

"Dante Hairan, my dear grandson."

"Yes, Grandfather."

"First of all, stay calm. This old man hasn't taught you to be like this."

"I understand. However, I'm ashamed to admit that I can't prioritize the clan over my friend. I'm nothing more than an insufficient human to be the young patriarch."

If it were up to Dante, he would willingly resign from his position as the next clan patriarch and forfeit all his rights just to be able to go to the Garden of Swords alone.

That's the kind of person his grandson was.

Naturally, Ron couldn't just stand by.

"What I mean is not that. Don't you trust your friend?"

With those words, Dante's eyes widened as if he had been struck in the back of the neck.

He had taken the bait, just as Ron had thought.

"What I know is that that little demon... No, your friend Jin Runcandel is not one to do things so brashly. He's always a cunning strategist, always with a hidden plan. I'm sure he'll appear without any problems."

Ron didn't genuinely believe it.

Given the magnitude of the incident, it wouldn't be surprising if Jin were dead.

However, for now, he needed to comfort his grandson, so it was necessary to tell a little lie.

It was astonishing how easily it seemed to work.

Dante's face showed deep gratitude for those words.

"Grandfather...! Now that I think about it, it seems possible! No, you're right. In that case, there has to be a chance! I thought too hastily!"

"Haha, good. Then, train quietly while you wait. There's nothing better than training in seclusion to clear your mind. You must trust your friend. If it is known that you have to make a decision, I will intervene personally."

Dante nodded with bright eyes.

"Yes! Thank you, Grandfather! I'm heading to the training grounds right now."

"Good. Refresh your mind while wielding your sword."

With a joyful heart, Dante had no choice but to withdraw.

He hadn't expected his grandfather to intervene personally, but the gesture of cooperation relieved his anxiety.

As soon as Dante entered the training grounds, Ron called the Knights and issued the following order:

"As soon as it is confirmed that Jin Runcandel has been crippled or has died, take measures to continue the young patriarch's closed-door training for another ten years. Seal it hermetically so that he cannot leave under any circumstances. So that sorrow, despair, and anger can be sublimated into his sword."

"As you command!"

This was the best course of action Ron could take for the sake of his beloved grandson if things went wrong with Jin. Not seeing his grandson for ten years would be more agonizing than any torture, but he couldn't let his grandson die because of Jin, nor could he go to war with Runcandel.


"Hmm, my son-in-law... What should I do?"

Hidden Palace.

Talaris lay on an ice bed she had made herself, stretched on her side. The small beastmen of the Golden Peng tirelessly manicured her nails, and members of the Watertails Tribe gently massaged her scalp with slow, deliberate motions.

"Daughter, your husband... might be dead..."

"Jin. Dead. No."

"Oh, Darkflame, can you change your words a bit? It sounds very unfortunate."

Peng gave Darkflame a sharp look.

"No, Jin, dead."

"Oh, enough already. I expected too much. If that's the case, why don't you go and kill him yourself?"

"Quiet, and keep doing what you're doing. Hmm? My lovers will be here soon. If they don't like my nails, I'll kick all of you out. Even if some wild beasts eat you, I'll pretend not to know."


While the small beastmen were busy, Talaris gazed at her daughter with a mischievous look.

"Well, if you're worried, why don't you go see him once?"

"Based on Mother's reaction, I don't think it's necessary. If I go now, I'll only get mistreated."

"Oh, so you're saying you're worried?"

Siris stood up, lightly pounding the ice table with her fist.

"Mother, do you think I'm a fool?"

"Oh, you startled me. Why are you so angry all of a sudden?"

"An item from the underwater storage has disappeared. Do you think I wouldn't know that it was taken by Runcandel's first-class butler?"

Siris's reason for anger was simple.

"When did you search the underwater storage?"

"Mother, you stopped managing the underwater storage a long time ago, it's been 10 years. During my time at the Hidden Palace, I've checked it without fail every day."

A single item, a Blood Drop of Numerus, had been stored in the Hidden Palace's storage for a long time.

She knew that the blood drop that butler Heinz took had been in possession of the Hidden Palace for a long time.

But the fact that Runcandel was claiming it as his property and taking it abruptly didn't sit well with her.

"Really, did I ever tell you it was ours..."

"Whose is the underwater storage? It's the Hidden Palace's. What I'm saying is that Runcandel shouldn't use our things without permission."

"Well, I did promise that to Cyron a long time ago, but... were you upset because they were taken while you were managing the storage?"

"Anyway, I'm upset because Runcandel treats us like a storage."

"In that case, should you receive something in return for Jin? Don't get into unnecessary conflicts with your mother."

"That's already my plan."

As Siris turned and left the hall, Talaris shook her head.

"My dear daughter, but she can be a bit irritating at times. In any case, that item originally belonged to Runcandel, and they're using it to save my son-in-law. What's there to be angry about?"

"Well, that, that."

Suddenly, when Darkflame spoke, all eyes turned to him.

"Maybe... she... you know, doesn't know how to express... her... friendship."

"Indeed, huh. So she wanted to give it with her own hands? That makes sense."

At that moment, Peng had no choice but to widen her eyes and exclaim.

"That, that! Now you can talk in the right order! Why didn't you do it earlier?"

"I did, I tried."

"Argh! How annoying!"

"Now even these bugs are arguing in front of me. Do you really want me to kick you out? Once you're done with the hand and foot nail manicure, prepare a special perfume."

While the small beastmen of the Golden Snow Tribe were busy preparing the perfume, Talaris contemplated what decision Kelliark Zipple would make regarding Jin's 'Declaration'.

"Cyron will soon enter the territory of the Five Kings of the Black Sea... I hope Kelliark doesn't find out."

If he knew, it was entirely possible that Kelliark Zipple...

Would declare total war on Runcandel.

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