SYS (Novel) Chapter 503


Runcandels and Sandra also watched the battle taking place in the sky.

A bit lower, explosions continued to occur in the ground area.

The battle between Kinzelo and Zipple continued in the underground shipyard.

The situation remained unfavorable for the Runcandels.

Yona was unconscious, supported by Jin.

Joshua, Dyfus, and Jane also suffered significant injuries from the recent battle.

The fate of the Black Knight Mon, who remained in the shipyard, could not be immediately confirmed.

Among the group, only Jin and Murakan were in a condition to continue fighting.

Moreover, leaving the Lutero Magical Federation would still take a considerable amount of time.

"Hahaha, Jin, it seems Hedo has played his role well. Seeing my aunt's magicians heading in the wrong direction is quite revealing."

Sandra spoke with an excited voice, but the Spectre Corps was not foolish.

If they find no traces of escape in the Kuta Forest, they will undoubtedly change direction and expand the search area widely.

'Considering the state of emergency declared some time ago, not only the Spectre Corps but the entire area adjacent to the Sota Desert would have been under lockdown and surveillance.'

They had to go through all that and return to the clan.

'What is somewhat fortunate is that there is a high chance that Kinzelo will help us escape.'


Another enemy appearing at just the right moment.

Jin was convinced that Grenille's appearance was by no means a coincidence.

They might not know the situation in detail from what just happened in the Second Magic Tower, but they at least know about us.

No, they know that Elder Sister Yona has stolen the vault.

'Since she commissioned it.'

Just before losing consciousness, Yona handed Jin two things.

One was the blueprint of the battleship, and the other, a small and unknown type of machinery.

The machine had the shape of a board a little smaller than the palm of the hand, and when shaken, it emitted a sound resembling that of a complex tangle of gears inside.

Its purpose was unclear.

Even Joshua, who had heard about the blueprint and the existence of the machinery from the Prophet, and Sandra Zipple, could not determine the exact use of the machine.

However, since it was accompanied by the blueprint, it was undoubtedly an essential item.

The energy emanating from the object was strangely extraordinary.

'Kinzelo must have sent Grenille to prevent us from being attacked by Drakka's reinforcements.'

The reason was clear.

Kinzelo was causing this disorder to loot the vault in the first place.

Naturally, they needed to take the items obtained by Runcandel.

If Runcandel was forcibly captured by Zipple's main force, they would never be able to get those items back.

The identity of the Kinzelo member who assumed the role of finding the group, and when they would arrive, was crucial.

Or they can deal with them with their current power, or they can have a conversation.

It would be good if someone arrived who fulfilled at least one of the conditions.

However, even if someone who did not meet the conditions came, it would not be a significant problem.

'As long as we have the blueprint and the machine, I will have the initiative, whoever comes for Kinzelo after us.'

While Jin organized his thoughts, Sandra continued talking without pause.

"Ah, if it weren't for my younger sister, I might have been the one carrying you on my back. It's a shame, but I can't make someone who fainted like this walk... How about we join our arms?"

The other Runcandels watching Sandra could barely disguise their discomfort.

Why is Sandra Zipple trying to help the younger one?

Judging solely by Sandra's demeanor, they seemed like a newlywed couple who couldn't live without each other.

Thanks to her, we easily escaped from the Second Magic Tower, but is this really right?

Even if Sandra Zipple hadn't intervened, the younger one and Murakan probably could have escaped from the Second Magic Tower.

'It's hard to understand, but Hedo followed Sandra Zipple's orders absolutely, and he was clearly trying to kill me, Dyfus, and Jane until Sandra ordered her to clear the way.'

If it weren't for Sandra, the other Runcandels, excluding Jin and Murakan, would have undoubtedly died.

Dyfus and Joshua were convinced of that.

In reality, it probably would have been the case.

Even considering Yona's contributions, Hedo was not someone the current Flagbearers could handle.

Jin also struggled to decide how to treat her.

"Sandra Zipple."

"Yes, Jin-nim."

"I am not your lover, let alone your husband."

Jin couldn't comprehend Sandra's feelings.

Putting aside their incompatible origins as Runcandels and Zipples, her unilateral affection was something that couldn't be simply explained as peculiar.

The two first met in Gaifa, and it was as enemies.

Sandra's behavior wasn't scary or seriously unpleasant.

However, Jin wasn't content with the situation where he only received help from her without giving anything in return.

"But it is a fact that thanks to you, the lives of my brothers and the Black Knight were saved. I want to repay you in some way. If there's anything you need, ask for it. If it's within my power, I will take care of it after we escape."

Sandra closed her mouth for the first time at Jin's calm voice.

No matter how much of an enemy he was, this indifferent attitude was hard to accept with common sense.

But a line had to be drawn.

That was Jin's stance, and he believed that anyone in the world would think the same.

Sandra seemed visibly surprised by Jin's serene words.

"Oh... brat. That was a very cold comment. Impressive, very impressive."

Murakan, feeling uncomfortable seeing Sandra silent, uttered those words for no reason.

He had never seen a person like Sandra in his over 3,000 years of existence.

However, the reason Sandra remained silent was not that she felt hurt by Jin's indifferent attitude.

"Right, Murakan-nim. You sure know how cool my Jin is..."

She simply closed her mouth because Jin's composure seemed astonishingly cool.

How could such a reaction arise from my words?

It was a series of surprises.

A chill ran down Jin and everyone else's spine.

"The more I see you, the more attractive you seem! I'm more certain each time. Falling in love with Jin-nim was the best decision of my life."

"No, what is this..."

"I will definitely marry you, Jin-nim. It's true, we're not lovers or spouses yet. I think I've jumped the gun a bit."

"Just... a bit?"

Jin almost stumbled over his words.

"Jin-nim, I decided to love you for no reason. So, I don't ask for anything in return, and, like many other types of love, there's no need to understand it."

Sandra smiled and continued her words.

"It's just a spark in a boring life. Occasionally, lightning can strike a clear sky, right?"

Seeing how Sandra unexpectedly praised love, Jin concluded that there was no need to worry about her anymore.

There was no response.

"I understand what you mean."

"Of course, my unrequited love is only for Jin-nim and the little sister. As for the rest, since I saved you... What should I receive in return? Hm."

"I understand the reason for the younger one, but why is Yona included?" Dyfus asked.

"Because she's the little sister."

"Ah, I see."

He decided not to think about it too complicatedly now.

It seemed easier to understand that Sandra Zipple was a person like that.

"Above all, Jin especially values his little sister, right? As far as I know, the only siblings he has a good relationship with are the older and younger sisters."

"Maybe Mary is included too."

"I'll keep that in mind. And you, Fourth Flagbearer?"

"I don't know, but it's almost certain that the younger one despises that guy more than anyone else."

"That's why I was a little puzzled too. If I were Jin, I would have killed the Second Flagbearer using Hedo."

"It's a situation where we need all the help to escape. I can't help it. But even if it were me, I would have done the same. The younger one has a truly big heart."

"There's nothing that's not cool about him from start to finish."

Dyfus and Sandra, who laughed heartily, seemed strangely in sync.

"Dyfus, wake up. She's showing goodwill, but she's still an enemy. Moreover, she's a pure-blooded Zipple. Is a relationship worthy of such ridiculous jokes?"

As if expecting this reaction, Dyfus's eyes darkened with murderous intent.

"Is it a joke? Damned bastard."

"What did you say?"

"I would like to crush you right now. You should know better than anyone the mistakes you've made. You, the Second Flagbearer of the Family, became the next patriarch thanks to our mother! You put everyone in danger on this mission. It's nothing short of treason."

"Treason? Are you doing this because I didn't share all the information? I know you don't like it, but I judged that it was the best for the success of the mission. Hedo was an unknown variable."

"Bold words from you. If it weren't for the younger one, you would have perished due to your brilliant judgment, that's a fact that can't be denied."

"You're acting like a child, Dyfus."

"...Fourth Flagbearer, you better stop. Escaping enemy territory is our priority."

When Jane intervened, Dyfus let out a bitter laugh.

"It's for the mission, for the Family... I feel bad. How much benefit have you gained so far with such pompous words? Surely, the time will come when everyone finds out whether what you say is true or false."

Once again (excluding Sandra), silence fell.

The wind erased the group's footsteps.

And when the noise of the battle and explosions in the sky and the shipyard became much more distant...

And the thick sandstorm obscured the view...

The group could confirm that a dark silhouette was approaching them from the distance.

'They are here.'

Someone from Kinzelo.


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