SYS (Novel) Chapter 505


Just one second. Or maybe even less than that.

If it had been delayed even a bit, the battleship plans would have suffered irreparable damage.

Those who confirmed that Jin's fire had been extinguished were unable to move for a while, even after seeing that the plans were safe.

"Just in case."

Jin put the blueprint and the machinery back into his coat pocket with an expressionless face.

"It would be wise for you not to break your promise or plot anything behind my back. If you want to leave room for negotiation on the plans and machinery in the future, of course."

"...For someone worried about that, you seem very sure of yourself, Jin-nim. Rest assured, that won't happen. However."

Zephyrin showed intense killing intent to the point that her facial skin tingled.

"You'll have to negotiate with us for those items somehow in the future. If you back out or change your words, I don't know how things will go for you at that time. It's a warning, and I'll break you into ten thousand pieces."

"Why do you try to maintain a bloody atmosphere to the end for a debatable point? If you kill Jin-nim, I won't break you into ten thousand pieces, but into a million."

"Living golem, humans already have a short life, so don't hasten your death too much. Do you want me to tell you how many semi-immortal beings I've sent to hell in my lifetime?"

Jin lightly tapped Sandra's shoulder with his finger.

Jin's intention was not to provoke Zephyrin any further.

"I was planning to negotiate with Kinzelo later even if you hadn't intervened. We obtained the plans, but our Family lacks the technological capability to decipher or produce them."

It was a weakness that didn't need to be hidden or disguised.

Runcandel had only survived a thousand years with a single sword.

Having an extreme aversion to magic, it was natural that Runcandel had contributed little to the development of civilization derived from magical research.

Other major factions had achieved various technological advances and innovations during that time.

Zipple, the imperial family, and even Kinzelo, which had recently revealed its prominence, were no exception.

It might have been a miracle that the Family had survived so far solely based on strength.

Looking at it another way...

It could also be a testament to how remarkable Runcandel was.

The overwhelming strength that each Runcandel possessed, the power that had sustained them for a thousand years, was coming to an end.

All current Runcandels felt it deeply.

Now, Runcandels needed something more.

Indeed, the Genesis Knight level reached by Cyron, for the first time since Temar, was paradoxically proving it.

Even though a new Genesis Knight had finally appeared, Runcandel was unable to avoid its inherent decline.

The time for change had come.

And even now, slowly but surely, it was changing.

Among the Flagbearers, there were certainly those who tried or thought about change.

Jin, who declared the reinstatement of the magic sword, Joshua, who believed in the power of prophecy, and Dyfus, convinced of the need for innovation after this incident, were representative examples.

Each of them had these thoughts:

'I need to escape the desert and delay as much as possible the moment of sitting at the negotiating table with Kinzelo. I must obtain information about the plans and devices somehow within that time. Otherwise, I will have no choice but to make a losing negotiation.'

'Negotiation? There's no need for that, younger one. Even without Kinzelo's technological capabilities, I already have the means to produce battleships.'

'Joshua, Mother, and that entity called the Prophet... Maybe they already have the means to produce battleships. Protect the plans, and choose whom to trade with between the Family and Kinzelo. It will all be a tough battle. Before returning, I have to deal with Joshua to lighten my burden.'

Dyfus hadn't given up on killing Joshua.

'We have to assassinate him before escaping from the Sota Desert, if possible. Even if I can't kill him this time, I'll create an opportunity when I return to the Main Family. Definitely. That is the way for us.'

Zephyrin smiled cheerfully.

She was hiding her agitated emotions again.

"That's right, for Runcandel, those things are really like a pearl necklace around a pig's neck. I won't make such a foolish mistake in the next negotiation. So, enjoy today's small victory, Jin-nim."

Jin, Murakan, Yona, Joshua, Dyfus, Jane, Sandra, and Zephyrin.

And so began a strange and uncomfortable companionship.

Zipple and Kinzelo were still waging a fierce battle in the sky and on the ground, and the dawn in the desert was coming to an end.

Being protected by an enemy of another was not a pleasant situation.

The Runcandels, who walked expressionless, felt a choking sensation in their chests, as if a large lump of lead settled there.

Although it was not yet visible, the group felt that the Spectre Corps' pursuit network was slowly closing in.

At least two more hours.

They will undoubtedly find us in that time.

'It would be good if they didn't expose us until we leave the desert.'

Zephyrin was strong. The confidence that she could face Murakan at her best was not false.

However, Jin believed that she, like Murakan, was not in perfect condition.

The same thing happened when they first fought on the Black King's Mountain, and now the shock from back then would worsen the situation.

In reality, Zephyrin currently did not possess transcendental power at the level of Hedo.

Her strength came from the Leader of Kinzelo, and he was in an extremely unstable state after the terrorist attack on Sword Emperor Castle.

'Even if Zephyrin were in a completely healthy state, contrary to what I thought, she wouldn't be able to face the entire Spectre Corps alone.'

That would be impossible even for Hedo.

If someone discovers the group, they would send a signal, and then the entire Spectre Corps would come here.

Also, Zephyrin won't sacrifice her life to protect us.

In the worst case, she may abandon both us and the merchandise and escape alone.'

Jin glanced back for a moment.

He intended to check the situation between Zipple and Grenille unfolding in the sky.

Zephyrin let out a mocking laugh at that sight.

"You seem anxious. There's no need to hope for Grenille to divert Zipple and join this escort."

"This isn't a crisis where I need more help from the enemy. This just confirms once again that the power of your battleship is stronger than back then."

"Anyway, it seems like you'll never shut up even if you drown, Jin-nim."

"You're nothing more than a kind of insurance. And insurances don't speak. If you don't want Murakan or Sandra's useless curses, it's better to stay silent."

"That's right."

If one leaves Sota Desert heading opposite to Kuta Forest, they will reach Romin Forest, and crossing that forest will lead to the central border of the Lutero Magical Federation.

The border is guarded by Zipple and five autonomous districts, and eight autonomous countries.

If they pass through all that and go beyond, they will reach the sea, the Lutero Western Sea...

And then, they will have to travel a long way to reach neutral waters.

Infiltrating and escaping from the very center of the Federation is almost impossible.

The former was achieved relatively easily through the infiltration tunnels created by the Prophet, but that path couldn't be used for escape.

The group moved assuming that the infiltration routes and tunnels created by the Prophet had already been exposed.

Therefore, their speed was slower, and the burden of unpredictable dangers was significant.

Hoo, hoo~

In the midst of the desert winds, the rough breathing of a group member became increasingly audible.

It was the rough breath of Jane, the Black Knight.

She suffered the most significant injuries during the battle with Hedo.

Despite being a Black Knight, she couldn't withstand the continuous bleeding and setbacks without showing any signs.

"Jane-nim, are you okay?"

She nodded, but her whole body trembled like a quaking aspen.

Blood flowed from Jane's boots with every step she took.

She carefully removed the cloak covering her body, and they could see her ribs exposed between the torn infiltration suit and bandages.

Black blood oozed from her pale bones.

The reason she kept walking was that she is a Black Knight.

If she weren't, she would have already passed out and found death.

"I need to wrap new bandages."


Healing magic bandages were only improvised first aid.

She was feeling death.

Not only she, but everyone felt the same.

This time, Jin couldn't hide his conflicting emotions.

'Even though she follows Joshua, she's a Black Knight of the Family... a person who has dedicated herself to the Family more than anyone. Is this the only way it ends?'

If they didn't leave quickly, Jane would surely die.

But they simply couldn't escape that fast.

While the group changed the bandages, Sandra gave painkillers to Jane.

"I take this when I have aftereffects from experiments. If you swallow it, you'll feel a little better. It's the most effective painkiller in the world. Don't feel pain, Jin-nim looks sad. It interferes with our date."

Jin stared at the painkillers for a moment, and at that moment, he couldn't help but feel a pang of self-hatred for the thoughts crossing his mind.

"It's a scene that makes me want to cry. Do you happen to have a handkerchief? I might need one too. That girl's death seems inevitable, so wouldn't it be better to send her off comfortably? Even considering the efficiency of our escape, it seems like a better option."

Zephyrin said that and pointed forward with her finger.

The entrance to Romin Forest was visible.

"That forest was already besieged right after the terrorist attack on the shipyards began. It was such a tight siege that no one could sneak in, except Jin-nim's younger sister. We have to force our way through, but you wouldn't think it's possible with a patient, right?"

There was no need to confirm the credibility of her words.

Except for teleporting and flying, the only possible escape routes were toward Kuta Forest and Romin Forest.

It was impossible that Zipple had left those routes unguarded.

"At least, the Spectre Corps hasn't discovered us during our journey here. Not yet."

Jin exchanged a glance with Zephyrin.

"It would have been difficult without you. That's your role, Zephyrin."


"From now on, clear the way on the right to divert their attention. We'll escape the desert after the Spectre Corps focuses on you."

"I think it would be more rational for all of us to clear the way to the border as soon as possible, and I act as bait from there, right? If there's a commotion, the Spectre Corps will come, right? Do you really think the Black Knight can survive? Do you plan to use me as bait, thinking she can survive here?"

Jin remained silent.

"You don't know that, anyway, it would be impossible for everyone to return alive, right? You're being too greedy, Jin-nim. That Black Knight is already practically a half-orc."

"Shut up and go quickly. I'm the one making decisions, not you."

The reason Jin didn't give up on Jane's life wasn't just emotional issues.

Although Zephyrin and Sandra, who don't show it but actually agree with that opinion, can't know that fact.

"Why do you care about me? It won't be a big loss for you."

Zephyrin shrugged at those words.

"Well, I'll go along with it. It's not really harmful to me, as you said. It's a bit uncomfortable, but rejecting it won't set you back at all. You're doing this for the life of the Black Knight... I thought you were completely cold, but it seems there's a childish side to you."

There would be no chance during the escort, but he judged that the possibility of stealing items would increase as Jin and his group escaped Zipple's pursuit.

After all, she wasn't the only one from Kinzelo here.


Even after becoming bait, she could escape without getting caught and return to Jin's side at any time.

At that moment, Jin being in a critical situation was best for Zephyrin.

"See you at the border. Take good care of the items, ah."


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