SYS (Novel) Chapter 506



Zephyrin's axe-sword emitted a purple demonic energy.

At the same time, signal flares shot up from various places in the desert and the Romin Forest.

A variety of magical signals painted the sky in an instant, turning the battlefield into a festive display.

"Enemy detected! The enemy has been detec... Argh!"

The magician who shouted couldn't finish the sentence and met his death.

Zephyrin's purple energy sword cleaved his body in half.

Although it was dawn, visibility remained blurry due to the sandstorm, and magicians waiting in the Romin Forest were extremely nervous and on guard.

They made a fatal mistake due to excessive tension.

Detonating unidentified signal flares without accurately identifying the enemy was clearly a fatal error.

"Gather! Gather! They are planning to force their way through, block them!"

Zephyrin's sword energy ruthlessly swept through the forest.

Magicians spent the first few seconds desperately blocking the sword energy, but commanders soon realized something was wrong.


"It's not Shadow Energy or an aura... that demonic energy, it's not Runcandel! It's a Kinzelo demon!"

"How many?"

"Confirmed as one! Unknown identity, presumed to be female!"

"Damn, the signal flares...! Ugh!"

Zephyrin closed the distance in an instant and beheaded the shouting commander.

"Haha, what can I do if everyone is so stupid?"

The eyes of other magicians almost popped out as they confirmed her identity.

"Are you... Zephyrin?"

"Third Class Researcher, Zephyrin...?"

-Berakt-nim, Miss Zephyrin is someone we cannot punish.

-I know. I just asked because I wanted to know if you had any tricks up your sleeve, vice-leader. If the leader's recovery is further delayed, it will postpone our great cause.

-...In that case, I will personally meet and make a request to him. I will ask him to remain among Zipple's ranks as a spy for a while. I think it's the most we can demand from Miss Zephyrin.

After forcing the leader's power on the Black King's Mountain.

Zephyrin agreed to Bishkel's request and became a third-class researcher in Zipple, working as a spy.

Therefore, her appearance was an even greater surprise to the magicians in the Romin Forest.

"Yes, I am Zephyrin. Now that I think about it, the commander who just died held a grudge against me, didn't he? Ugh, he wasn't supposed to die so easily!"

"What kind of betrayal is this!"

"Are you all too bewildered to understand the situation? I've been a spy from the beginning. You fools were just captivated by my appearance."


Magicians were almost swept away like fallen leaves by Zephyrin's axe-sword moving in all directions.

At least three or more magicians died with each swing, but the number of magicians gathered after the initial signal flare easily surpassed a thousand.

Chain barriers were erected, and attack spells rained down in all directions.

Meanwhile, confusion among those observing the signals from the desert intensified.

Flares were fired in the Romin Forest!

Have they found Runcandel?

What is this?

A yellow signal is being fired to indicate an internal betrayal.

What is happening in the Romin Forest?

From Drakka to the Sota Desert, passing through the Romin Forest and up to the border of the Magical Federation...

All Zipple members in the area were too preoccupied deciphering the chaotic content of the signal flares to focus.

Octavia still had to deal with Gurnil, so she had no spare room.

However, Drakka and the Spectre Corps needed to make quick decisions.

"Was their escape to the Kuta Forest initially just a distraction?

'This could be a double bluff, or it could be another attack from Kinzelo.'

But there are still no traces of their escape near the Kuta Forest.

'Squad leader, decide!'

The Spectre Corps Squad Leader soon made a decision.

"Squads 1, 2, and 3 head to the Romin Forest. The rest continue searching the Kuta Forest!"

Squads 1, 2, and 3.

The dragons transported almost twenty members of the Spectre Corps and changed direction.

Now it was Jin's turn to make a decision.

'The entire Spectre Corps won't come after us. Since the signal is unclear, they can't completely abandon the search in the direction of the Kuta Forest.'

Hoo, hoo~

Jane's heavy breathing calmed down after taking the painkiller.

"Brat, that crazy demon dragon sure knows how to draw attention. Move out. Hey, Black Knight, can you hold on a bit?"

"Yes, Murakan-nim. I can fight."

"What's the point of fighting with that body? Are you trying to show off? Get on my back. Hey girl, carry Yona again."

Surprisingly, Jane willingly climbed onto Murakan's back.

"...I apologize for showing such an unpleasant sight to the Family's guardian deity."

"Don't be so embarrassed. Even knights from ancient Runcandel, stronger than you, have vomited and caused a ruckus on my back."

In which direction will they move?

As forces converged on the right side where Zephyrin had cleared a path, choosing the opposite direction seemed the obvious option.

Everyone thought so, but Jin was reaching a different conclusion.

"Wait a moment. Then, we will break through in the same direction as Zephyrin."

"Brat, what are you talking about? If that's the case, why did you tell Zephyrin to draw attention?"

"What did you say?"

"The Spectre Corps is coming, so why do you want to wait?"

"Ohh! Jin-nim, do you have something else in mind?"

The group expressed their doubts.

"The Spectre Corps's objective coming to the Romin Forest for support is not to subdue or kill Zephyrin. The Spectre Corps's top priority is to find us, whether the magicians die or not."

The group's eyes widened at his words.

"In other words, the Spectre Corps will search the entire Romin Forest, avoiding fighting Zephyrin as much as possible. Fighting her would only hinder the search."

Jin's words were correct.

Even in the midst of urgency, the group couldn't help but admire him.

They couldn't comprehend how he could have such insight in such a short time.

"Wow... he's so crazy, so cool that I might faint."

"The moment the troops are more focused on Zephyrin, we'll follow her path. Then, we'll silently escape the Romin Forest, dealing with any enemies that may follow us. We must refrain from using aura as much as possible not to be distinguished from Zephyrin."

The demonic energy, which was frantically cutting through the forest and magicians, was emphasizing Zephyrin's presence.

The moment the aura blended among them, the group would immediately be exposed to the Spectres.

"I'll give you a signal when I think it's the right time."

Hidden in the sandstorm, the group waited for Jin to speak again.

It had been five minutes since Jin spoke, just after Zephyrin raised a storm with her demonic energy.

"Let's go!"

The Runcandels charged into the Romin Forest.

The magicians pursuing Zephyrin were visible from the start.

They were too busy reading the situation and spreading information, so they didn't notice Runcandel swords falling on their necks.


Not using aura didn't mean the sword would dull.

The Runcandels gritted their teeth and ran, leaving behind the fallen magicians' necks.


"Run, Runcandel, quickly!"

They were desperate.

Throughout the time the Runcandels were running, they prayed in their hearts for the forest to end quickly so they could get out unharmed.

Fortunately, the magicians didn't discover them, and even if they did, they killed them immediately.

After running for who knows how long, the sound of the air being abruptly cut reached their ears.

The dragons carrying the Spectre Corps were flying in the air. They had just arrived in the Romin Forest.

As Jin had predicted, the Spectre Corps refrained from facing Zephyrin and instead seemed to focus on searching the area.

The shadows of the forest protected the Runcandels from their eyes.

"Haa, haa!"


Finally, as morning shone fully, the Runcandels managed to escape from the Romin Forest.

Their bodies were covered in sticky magician blood, sweat, wood fragments, and dust, but no one was dead or severely injured.

The forest magicians were still chasing Zephyrin towards the border.

Additionally, some Spectre Corps members were also following Zephyrin due to the severe damage she had caused in the forest.

Now, if they could cross the central border of the Federation, the chances of escaping would increase dramatically.

However... It was inevitable that the group would be exposed to the Spectre Corps before they could choose a new escape direction.

The Runcandels found themselves facing figures dressed in gray, their staffs pointing at them.

'... About ten.'

Jin calmly counted their heads.

Ten members of the Spectre Corps.

The ones who had chased Zephyrin wouldn't return.

Instead, the Spectre Corps stationed in the Kuta Forest would hurry to support them when the battle began.


Their leader fired a signaling flare, indicating that the target had been found.


Jane spoke.

"Please let me down."

The first time she obediently climbed onto Murakan's back wasn't any different.

She wanted to conserve all the remaining strength she had.

And the reason Jin tried to save Jane at all costs was the same.

The sacrifice of a Black Knight was necessary in times like these.

Although they didn't say anything, both Jin and Jane had prepared themselves from the moment they decided that Zephyrin should draw attention.


"There's no need to say it, Twelfth Flagbearer."

"...I see."

"Your choice to bring me here was the right one. Sandra Zipple, even though we are enemies, I am grateful for your help. The painkillers are proving somewhat useful."

Jane unsheathed her sword and stood in front of the group.

There was no room for apologies.

"I won't forget the sacrifice today, Black Knight."

"A death dedicated to the Family is more valuable than life. Therefore, this is not a sacrifice but the greatest glory."

The tremor that felt like it could break at any moment while being carried on Murakan's back soon subsided.

Jane's sword calmly and firmly pointed at the enemies.

"I may not be able to prolong this for much longer. Go quickly. You must survive to witness my glory."

Although there were other unspoken words within her, Jane didn't say them out loud.

'Twelfth Flagbearer, truly, if the opportunity arises, I would like to serve you. Not the Second Flagbearer...'

After looking at Jane for a moment, Jin shouted, calling his elder brother.

Second Flagbearer, Joshua Runcandel!

And then continued.

"Don't just stand there. Help Jane-nim in her final battle. That may be the only way to wash away a bit of your dishonor and betrayal.


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