SYS (Novel) Chapter 507


It was an event that no one had foreseen.

However, Jin had planned to use Joshua like this from the beginning of the escape.

It's a crisis that can only be overcome if someone makes a sacrifice.

And, of course, the only one in the group who didn't mind dying was Joshua, the clone.

Jin also wanted to save Jane with a desperate heart.

But Jane was already in a state where she couldn't be revived unless there was a Numerus legacy, and realistically, she wouldn't be able to withstand against ten Spectres, along with additional reinforcements.

There was a brief silence.

"I was going to do it even if you didn't say it."

Soon, Joshua replied with a calm voice, and even Jane looked at him in surprise.

The person who was most shocked was Dyfus.

"What? Joshua, are you serious?"

"Second Flagbearer, you won't survive if you join me."

"I'm glad to be able to risk my life now instead of fighting the Tower Guardian."

"Joshua, what are you thinking?"

"It's simple, Dyfus. I'm making a decision for the Family. If you have any complaints, step forward in my place."

"I'm not complaining. On the contrary, the thorn I have has disappeared on its own. However, I know better than anyone that you're not the kind of person who would give up their life so easily."

It wasn't the time for a long conversation.

"See you later, Second Flagbearer."


Joshua threw the Black Sword, Kainer, he carried at his waist, towards Jin.

Even if the clone died, there was no need to lose the sword.

"I'll come back for it."

"I also thought the sword is precious, but with what else can you fight..."

At the moment Jin spoke up to there.

Suddenly, Joshua's pupils turned black, even the whites of his eyes.

-If it's still not enough, I should consider using that power...

The thought Joshua had when he fought against Hedo.

The power he hesitated to use in the battle with Hedo now colored his eyes with an opaque black light and formed a new sword in his hand.

Joshua, what is this?


... Tainted energy?

What surrounded Joshua seemed similar to the tainted energy used by Amela in Gaifa.

However, it felt much denser and refined than that.

Joshua's tainted energy had a color almost identical to Shadow Energy.

I anticipated to some extent that the Prophet is deeply related to Chaos...

'Is it possible to use the tainted energy to strengthen others like this?'

The Spectres' staves shot rays of pure white mana at the same time.

It was a concentrated attack on Joshua, who had just started moving.

And the group was surprised once again to see him easily block or deflect all mana rays with a protective shield.

These can't be the abilities of that type, Joshua.

Is it also the Prophet's ability?

Dyfus narrowed his eyes.

Joshua definitely isn't at the level to be called a very strong Warrior or a superhuman.

Moreover, he had suffered internal injuries in the fierce battle just now, so it was impossible for him to effortlessly deflect attacks from ten Spectres.

[I can't maintain this state for much longer. I'll try to hold them off as much as possible, so make sure to bring the stolen items to the Main Family]

Jin and Murakan, who knew that Joshua was a clone, were calm, but Dyfus felt a strange sensation.

He had always wished for Joshua's death, but he had never thought it would end like this.

Of course, he was a bit bewildered, but there was nothing sentimental about it, like realizing that his feelings for Joshua were actually love and hate, not just hatred.

"Well, I don't know what you're thinking, but it's better to leave before you change your mind. Elder brother, make sure to decorate your last moment with grace. After all, you're in front of enemies. It probably won't be necessary, but if by any chance you come back alive, I'll personally kill you at that time."

Before leaving, Jin and Dyfus waved their swords at Jane.

She was wielding her sword towards the newly emitted mana rays aiming at the group.


She made an incredibly fast and precise vertical slash, and it was hard to believe that just moments ago she had been on the brink of death.

Jane was burning the last of her will.

Like a fire that reveals a greater light just before going out, her sword surpassed the level she had reached throughout her life, even if only for a moment.

She went one step beyond.

With her duty's courage.

Then, a group of three Spectres approached to block her, and the rest of the group seemed to try to attack Jin and his group, who were already moving away.

[Aren't you underestimating melee combat against Runcandels too much?]


Two of the staves falling towards Jane were blocked by Joshua's sword.

The remaining one, transformed into a spear, was repelled by Jane.

[Moreover, she's a Black Knight.]


One of the three rushing people didn't hear Joshua's words.

Because Jane, who had thrown herself backward, cut his neck with a single slash.

She was stabbed in the shoulder because she had also thrust too forcefully, but she couldn't let that overshadow her final resolution.

As the head of one of the Spectres fell, the Spectre Corps paused momentarily.

As formidable as the sword of a black-helmeted one was, they never expected that an almost lifeless body could achieve such results with a simple sword.

The Spectre Corps had expected Jane not to be able to inflict any significant wounds, let alone decapitate those who attacked.

What is this?

Did she kill him with a single blow?'

"Seriously, just being there is a miracle in itself!

'These Runcandels are particularly unpleasant when this incomprehensible power occasionally manifests...'

Jane forcefully set her dislocated shoulder in place as she looked at the Spectres readjusting themselves.

"They can't pass... Zipples."

Although her entire body was torn and battered, only her eyes emitted a dim and piercing light.

The remaining nine Spectres felt a chill run down their spines as they met her gaze.

Despite losing one person, they still had an overwhelming advantage, but the indescribable eerie feeling made it difficult to express discomfort.

Some stay, and others pursue those who flee.

Given the power difference, they could easily choose those options.

However, the Spectres were enveloped by a strong intuition that leaving only four or five would result in irreparable damage.

'Not only the Black Knight but also Joshua Runcandel's power has suddenly increased.'

'We can't afford to lose members so fruitlessly. Squad 4, 5, and 6, and the main force will arrive soon, so let's decisively finish off those two and resume tracking!'

'Sandra Zipple is probably still absorbed in her crazy love game. She won't provide any significant help without Hedo.'

The Spectres reorganized their formation.

Those who were going to pursue Jin and his group began to open their mana and draw magic circles.

"It seems like you're determined to fight properly, Spectres."

[It is an honor to join you in your final battle, Jane-nim]

Joshua stood shoulder to shoulder with her.

"...Second Flagbearer. It seems the rumors were true."

Instead of expressing gratitude for his participation, Jane first brought up a different matter.


"That your body is not just one."

She said this in a dry tone, but inside her, Joshua keenly felt a deep contempt towards him.

It was the first time he had seen the Black Knight so openly reveal her emotions.

[...Is it wrong?]

Jane didn't answer.

[Regardless of how you see it, I am fulfilling the highest value of the Family in my own way].

Although she harbored the desire to serve Jin, Jane didn't feel dissatisfied when following Joshua under Rosa's orders.

It was because she believed it was a way to show loyalty to the Family.

However, she was still human, so she couldn't help but feel disappointed just before her death.

"Fight, is that what you're talking about?"


The sky was turning red as the Spectres spread their mana.

What unfolded in the sky was the exclusive large-scale magic of the Spectre Corps, "Red Abyss," which Jin had encountered the first time he faced them.


Jane took a long sigh.

"It's so regrettable... You should be ashamed, Joshua Runcandel."

Like red rain resembling blood, red mana particles scattered from the sky, turning into swords and chains and raining down on the two.

Swoosh, clang!

Jane's first move in response to the Red Abyss was to block the red sword falling towards Joshua's back.


Witnessing the scene, Joshua felt something familiar and terrifying welling up inside his chest.


A monster that had taken root in the depths of his soul one day and had never retreated from there, not even once in life.

[What... How dare you speak so lightly without knowing anything, Jane-nim!], Joshua shouted, cutting the chains falling towards Jane's head.

Joshua's eyes, now tinged with black, trembled.

"What is fortunate is..."

[Despite the harsh contempt shown by my father, my sister, my brothers, and sometimes even my mother, and the countless disappointments I faced... I never gave up even once in the face of so much bitterness. I was more desperate than anyone].

"I dedicated my final glory to the true, not the false."

The two swords moved relentlessly.

They were blocking the red blades and chains falling on each other's corner, and if one didn't look closely, they could almost mistake them for wielding their swords to cut each other.

[Why does no one recognize me...! No one, no one! No one...!]

Screams that were almost like continuous wails continued to disperse in the air with the deafening sound of the two swords and the mana of nine people colliding.

How much time had passed?

In the end, Jane's flame was extinguished.


The blade of the Red Abyss pierced her back.

Until a moment ago, she had fiercely swung her sword like a vengeful ghost, but suddenly, her movements stopped.

Now her body had reached a stage where it couldn't be moved by will or any transcendental thing a human could possess by themselves.

[Damn it, Jane!]

Joshua instinctively extended his sword, but protecting her was impossible, and even if he succeeded, it would be meaningless.

In the moment her devastated body was finished off by the chains and swords.

Jane looked directly at Joshua one last time.

I hope my current state serves as a lesson for you.

And thus, Runcandel's Black Knight, Jane, met her end.

The remaining clone continued the battle alone, while Jane's corpse scattered through the Red Abyss.


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