SYS (Novel) Chapter 508


There were two red skies on the battlefield, and a red abyss also stretched on Zephyrin's side.

The Spectre Corps pursuing Zephyrin had put all their efforts into subduing her...

But so far, they hadn't landed any significant blows.

'A monster like this was a spy and worked as a Third-Class investigator not too long ago...!'

"The flare signal went off a while ago, but how is the situation developing?

The battle on that side is dragging on, and that black power seems to be Shadow Energy...

Is the Twelfth Flagbearer going directly into combat?'

'We urgently need support from squads 4, 5, 6, and reinforcements from the main base. Something is not right.'

Zephyrin was trying to avoid revealing her true identity to Zipples, and her physical condition was not optimal yet, so she wasn't using her power to its full extent.

However, Zephyrin managed to keep the Spectre Corps at bay.

She was so skilled that those unfamiliar with the axe she awkwardly used, as seen on the Black King's Mountain, might mistake her for Luna.

However, like the Spectre Corps, Zephyrin was also puzzled.

What is this?

That is not Shadow Energy; it's the power of Chaos.

Moreover, it's not Yona Runcandel's Chaos...

What's happening with Jin?

The sword energy that Joshua unleashed from the edge of the Romin Forest almost seemed like Shadow Energy.

However, Zephyrin quickly recognized that it wasn't.

I don't think the Fourth Flagbearer or the Black Knights are using the power of Chaos.

It's probably the Second Flagbearer...

'It's unpleasant because it strangely resembles that woman's power.'

That wasn't the only unpleasant thing.

Zephyrin was aware that the situation in the rear, in the Sota Desert, didn't seem favorable.

The storm created by the Grenille battleship was slowly contracting. Meanwhile, Zipple and Kozec's dragons seemed to find more stability.

'Even if we come this far, if I can't get hold of Jin's items, it seems unfair, and I won't be able to sleep. Come to think of it, it seems difficult for those idiots from the Kaligo family to steal Jin's items with their stupid brains. What should I do?'

Once again, Zephyrin's gaze turned to Joshua.

And she could discern something strange in the situation.

Apart from the Chaos power released by Joshua, there was no trace of Shadow Energy, nor aura, nor blue flame, etc.

What that meant was clear.

Is the Second Flagbearer fighting alone...?

Two reasons immediately came to Zipple's mind.

First, the Second Flagbearer could be facing the Spectre Corps alone using Chaos power, and then retreat, meeting up with the escaped Runcandels.

Second, sacrifice.

Whether it's the first or the second, the crucial point was that Joshua was fighting alone.

'It could become a backup plan.'

He can rescue Joshua and hold him hostage for future negotiations with the Runcandels for the items.

Zephyrin soon came to such a conclusion.

Zephyrin dodged the red abyss sword that was approaching her back and took out a flare from her pocket.


"Phew, Vice Leader! Help! Help! Is help very far away?"

The Second Princess of the great Kaligo family, Ainas Kaligo, had been shouting like that since her grand invasion from the Grenille battleship.

Sweat ran down Bishkel's forehead as he looked at Ainas.

It wasn't because of Ainas's appearance, whom he recognized as the demonic female version of Bouvard.

Although she looked very out of shape, surprisingly, she was doing well in battle.

Although a considerable amount of time had passed since the start of the battle, the fact that she was still alive was proof enough of Ainas's skill.

Of course, Bishkel did not highly evaluate Ainas's combat skills or abilities.

'...It's almost like the survival power of a cockroach. It even looks like that disgusting chubby guy in that aspect.'

Ainas shouting for help wasn't because she was engaged in a convincing exchange of blows with the enemies.

It was due to the transcendent regeneration exclusive to the highest-level demons.

Even if her body exploded, her head was cut off, or her limbs were dismembered, she instantly recovered and got on the nerves of both Bishkel and her enemies.

"I don't know if there's everything, Hedo-nim."

Octavia shrugged.

While Bishkel associated Ainas with Bouvard, Octavia saw Sandra in her.

"...I also wonder how different they are from the demons I fought before."

Octavia had no doubt about Hedo's lie.

Hedo felt a bit sorry for her.

"That demon may seem funny, but honestly... the Grenille battleship is quite impressive."

There was only one battleship that didn't seem to be in perfect condition, and a demon that only had good regenerative capabilities.

Octavia was just coming to terms with the fact that these things had been holding their own against the main force she had led so far.

"That battleship had already faced the Sword Emperor's sword. Seeing the majesty of their battleship, it seems that their sword hasn't dulled. Still, it seems like they're gradually being pushed back now."

"If the Sword Emperor hadn't damaged the armor and shield, it would have been tight even now. Even if it weren't for the demon that injured the Sword Emperor, we might have gained the upper hand earlier."

As she spoke, Grenille was in a much worse state than before.

Several parts were destroyed, and nearly half of the spikes forming the storm had lost their functionality.

The cannons, excluding the main cannon, were now at a level where they wouldn't pose a threat.

"Anyway, we have to make a decision soon. The situation near the Romin Forest doesn't seem promising."

Octavia said, increasing her mana.

The dragons were also ready to unleash their breaths, and the magicians were preparing large-scale defensive spells again.

It's almost the limit. If we expose ourselves to attacks of this level a few more times, escaping will be impossible.'

It wasn't a situation where the leader could restore Grenille, as he did during the terrorist attack on the Sword Emperor Castle.

'Zephyrin, hurry...!'

At that moment, Bishkel gritted his teeth, searching for her.

In the distance, a signal flare burst in the sky over the Romin Forest.

It was the signaling flare launched by Zephyrin.

The Zipple immediately recognized that it wasn't their signal.


Ainas also saw the signal and raised her greatsword.

"Oh, it's the signal of the Grand Duke Zephyrin! I don't know what's happening, but the Grand Duke! After all, she's our Grand Duke! Let's get out of here, vice-leader!"


The sharp metallic spinning sound emanated from Grenille's engine.

It was the energy they had been saving from being hit until now.

Those who had handled Kozec knew what that sound meant.

It was the sound just before initiating high-speed flight.

"Escape? After being hit like this, there's still so much energy left!"

Octavia squinted her eyes and shouted.

Everyone knew that Grenille's goal was to gain time in the first place.

However, Zipples believed that they could completely defeat Grenille unless the leader appeared, as happened during the terrorist attack on the Sword Emperor Castle.

"Hey, hey! Vice-leader! I'm still here!"

Bishkel had no intention of rescuing Ainas Kaligo and leaving.

Not only because he disliked her, but also because it was dangerous to waste time boarding and revealing weaknesses.

We can't do anything if you die.

If you become a captive, we'll rescue you through negotiation, Ainas Kaligo.

But I hope you survive on your own.

'So I won't have to waste bargaining chips unnecessarily.'

Ainas ran frantically towards Grenille, which had started spinning its hull.

However, she couldn't get close to Grenille, as Kozec's cannon shots, Hedo's sword energy, magician offensive spells, and dragon breaths were being bombarded and exploding in all directions.

"Vice leader! You forgot about me, ugh! No, eh, kuck! Kuduk! Let's go together!"

Having turned towards the Romin Forest, Grenille concentrated all the remaining power on the rear shield and acceleration.

Kozec couldn't keep up, and the dragons followed him, barely launching breaths, but none hit.

The colossal barrier erected by the magicians collided with the front of Grenille and shattered.

At that moment, Hedo explosively lunged towards Grenille.


Ainas, who stood in his way, was thrown somewhere by the shockwave created by Hedo's acceleration, and Octavia matched Hedo's jump by generating a gust of wind with her mana.


The longsword, Bale, rose in the air, unleashing a storm of twenty sword energies.

If not for the injuries, as Octavia had mentioned, Hedo's sword wave would surely have shattered Grenille's rear shield, preventing it from advancing at full speed.

'A bit too superficial.'

The sword wave only grazed the rear shield, narrowly missing its target.

At the same time, the heat and shockwaves from Grenille's engine enveloped Hedo's body and the dragons following closely.

Even in the midst of this, Hedo dispersed his sword waves in all directions to protect the dragons, allowing them to descend and avoid the shockwaves.

However, Ainas was once again thrown somewhere by Grenille's shockwave.

"Pursue them!"

Octavia's eyes burned with dark murderous intent as she shouted, and Kozec took the lead to catch up with Hedo.


Meanwhile, on the central border of the Lutero Magical Federation, beyond the Romin Forest.

A woman dressed in white cleaned the blood off her greatsword.

In front of her was a man covered in wounds and scars, breathing heavily and missing his left arm.

It was Bianca Kaligo, the first princess of the Kaligo family, and the Black Knight, Mon.

'She suddenly stopped moving...'

Mon encountered her while escaping from the shipyard.

He couldn't defend against her attacks throughout the battle, although he fought tirelessly.

Well, calling it a battle might be an exaggeration.

Mon's resistance was low due to fighting all the time in the shipyard, but Mon was sure of one thing.

Bianca was an opponent he couldn't defeat even if he fought in his best condition.

The only reason Mon was still alive was that Bianca suddenly stopped her attacks, as if possessed by something.

'Those who entered the magic tower... Are they okay? I have to somehow escape from this monster and ask for support from the Family. Definitely. But why is she looking at that thing so intently?'

What Bianca was looking at was the signal flare fired by Zephyrin.

"Uh, uh, that... The Grand Duke's signal. I have to go. What should I do...?"

A slow but dragging voice.

Bianca was conflicted.

Whether she should kill the human in front of her before leaving or just hurry and leave.

"The orders of the Grand Duke come first. If I don't follow them, I'll have problems. You're lucky, human. And it was fun."

Saying this, Bianca ran towards the Romin Forest.

She said it was an important signal flare, and even though she had such remarkable physical abilities that she could overpower Mon, it was impossible to know why she was running away carelessly.


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