SYS (Novel) Chapter 504


The group unsheathed their swords in silence.

Due to the sandy storm, it was impossible to quickly identify who the approaching figure was.

The approaching person's silhouette showed no signs of intimidation at all.

This fact unsettled the group a bit.

"...It doesn't seem to be Zipple. Judging by the fact that they're not immediately firing a signal flare," Joshua said in a low voice.

As he mentioned, if it were Zipple, the person would have immediately fired a signal flare upon recognizing the presence of the Runcandels.

The distance between the group and the person gradually closed.

"Oh, but the Second Flagbearer really has excellent knowledge of the situation, right? However, what is that on their back... a sword? Isn't it too large to be called a sword? It looks peculiar. I heard of someone using such a weapon in this world. Who was it?"

An incredibly large and rough-looking sword.

"Ah! Elder Sister! Right, the elder sister. White Whale uses a weapon like that, doesn't she?"

It could be called an axe rather than a sword.

There was only one person in the world who used such a weapon, Luna Runcandel.

At least until recently.

Jin and Murakan had encountered an individual wielding Luna's symbolic axe-sword like a toy not long ago at the Black King's Mountain Hideout.

It can't be...!

"Darn it, that crazy dragoness?"

Both recalled the memories of that day at the same time, while the rest of the Runcandels had no idea of the person's true identity.

After all, Luna was not present.

Finally, the group could see the face of the approaching person.

A face so white and beautiful that it seemed to glow even in the sandy storm, and a physique so slender that it seemed strange for them to carry an axe-sword.

The Demon Dragon, Zephyrin.

"Wow, Jin, and the Black Dragon Murakan. What a coincidence. I didn't expect to find you here."

Sandra was the first to react to Zephyrin's appearance.

"Hey, who are you? Are you close to Jin-nim?"

"Hmm? Ah, Sandra, right? Is there a reason you're asking if we're close?"

"If you're close to him, I'll treat you like an elder sister or consider you a cute little/younger sister."

Murakan nudged Sandra on the shoulder.

Sandra, who had been irritated by the clear signal that they didn't have a relationship, began to show her hostility.

"I almost made a mistake. What's the point of pretending we're close, acting friendly?"

"Wow, your words are quite harsh. Are you sure you won't get into trouble if you criticize me so confidently? Miss living golem."

"Eh? Would you like to see if I die first, or you die first?"

"How amusing. Did something go wrong in your head when you became a living golem?"

Seeing Zephyrin laugh cheerfully, Jin and Murakan remembered the challenging fight they had that day.

-I think it might be the Dragon of Kinzelo's Leader.

-That annoying guy? It's possible. The power he showed during the attack on Sword Emperor Castle was divine.

-...Murakan-nim, and the Twelfth Flagbearer. It seems there's no way out if the fight drags on.

-Is there no way out if the fight drags on? It's not that simple. We can never defeat her.

Once they escaped from Hedo, facing Zephyrin seemed like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Within Jin's embrace were the things Zephyrin had come for.

Joshua, Dyfus, and Jane had not yet discovered Zephyrin's true identity, but they recognized that she was extraordinary.

And Murakan, who would have uttered curses, showed no signs of fighting.

In fact, Murakan's mouth itched so much that he was going crazy, but he restrained himself because Jin might die if he fought Zephyrin now.

It wasn't just about settling scores with Zephyrin.

If they engaged in a battle with her, Zipple's pursuit unit would inevitably join, and Kinzelo's forces, including Grenille, could also follow suit.

Sandra, on Murakan's behalf, cursed and swore constantly.

It was a mystery where she had learned such terrible words, but they were terrifying enough to make even the worst alley thugs cower.

And Jin silently sighed in relief.

Fortunately, it's what he expected.

Just as other Runcandels read the atmosphere from Murakan's attitude,

Jin grasped the situation through Zephyrin's actions.

It is clear that the plans of the battleship and the stolen machinery from the Second Magic Tower's vault are also crucial for Kinzelo.

It had already been proven by the resources and manpower Kinzelo had invested, but Zephyrin's actions made it even more certain.

The Zephyrin that Jin remembered was not someone who prioritized talking when a problem arose.

Her usual approach was to stab her opponent without warning.

But now, she narrowed her eyes and spoke.

"Well, I guess there's no need to talk too much. I can't stand the shrill voice of that living golem anymore. Jin-nim, hand over the items stolen from the vault."

"And if I refuse?"

"Then they will be killed. Simple, right? Or do you also want to know how they will die?"

At the mention of being killed, the other Runcandels felt a renewed sense of shame.

Both Hedo, with whom they had fought a moment ago, and the woman in front of them looked at the Runcandels with disdain.

But there was no other way.

"We are weak."

That was the truth.

Born as pure-blooded Runcandels, after becoming Flagbearers, there had never been a time when they experienced such consecutive misfortunes.

While the brothers gritted their teeth, the smile Jin hid inside deepened.

"I almost won."

Even if pure strength wasn't on their side, the situation and conditions were changing in their favor.

Even on the Black King's Mountain, Zephyrin had no intention of killing him.

"Killing me could pose a problem in obtaining Solderet's Contract."

If that was the case back then, it was probably the same now.

Unless Kinzelo had made extraordinary progress in the meantime, Zephyrin couldn't kill Jin yet.

And this place was Lutero Magical Federation, near Drakka.

If a fight erupted and turned into a showdown where members of Kinzelo and Zipple gathered to fight for Jin, there was a high chance that Zipple, not Kinzelo, would end up taking Jin.

In that case, they would not only lose the items but also Jin, a substantial loss for Kinzelo.

"Kill? You talk about it too easily, Zephyrin."

"Do you think I can't do it?"

"That's right."

"You seem very confident, believing that last time you caught me off guard and beat me, but today, I'm not in a good mood."

Murakan had assessed Zephyrin as someone he couldn't defeat at that moment. Also, she, like Murakan, seemed unable to use her full power for some reason.

In the Black King's Mountain, Zephyrin had left the battlefield without gaining anything.

"It's probably because she hasn't fully healed from that blow Tess dealt her back then."

Of course, it couldn't be determined for sure, but intuition spoke.

It said that there would be no problem even if he went all out.

"So, what are you suggesting? Are you asking me to comply while complaining?"

"Are you going to keep not cooperating until the end? Ah, probably because you think I won't kill you unless necessary."

"Why make useless threats when you know very well?"

"I said unless necessary. And even if I keep you alive, killing your younger sister you're carrying, your brothers, and the Black Knights won't be a problem. Wouldn't that be sad?"

"Then stop talking so much that your mouth hurts and give it a try."

"Sure, do what Jin-nim says! Stop barking if you can't bite."

While Jin and Sandra spoke at the same time, Zephyrin's lips curled.

The effort to maintain composure and a smile despite the boiling anger appeared as a spasm.

For a moment, a tense silence filled the air.

The group recognized that Zephyrin was stretching her patience.

In reality, she was considering whether it would be better to kill them all given the circumstances.

Jin handed Yona to Murakan and carefully took out the plans and machinery from his embrace. He then held one in each hand and waved them gently towards Zephyrin.

"You look so intimidating that I had no choice but to bring these out."

"...Give them to me."

"It seems you still don't understand, huh? Huh? Huh? Don't move. If you keep threatening us, I wonder what will happen to the items we worked so hard to obtain... I don't know either."


Suddenly, a flickering flame appeared in Jin's left hand, holding the plans. It was a fire formed with mana.

Zephyrin stood like a stone statue, eyes wide open, and the Runcandels showed similar reactions.

"Didn't you know how hard we worked to get these?"


"You, stop your clumsy threats, Zephyrin. Are you not feeling well today? Neither am I. That's why I could really throw these away. After the plans burn, I won't hesitate for a second to destroy the machinery."


The flame contained at most a 3-star level of mana, but to everyone's eyes, it seemed like a disaster.

Of course, Sandra internally expressed her admiration again.

"Jin Runcandel, you bastard...!"

"This is what you have to do for threats, right? You came to us with an attitude as if you were grabbing straws, don't you think you're being too arrogant, Zephyrin."

"If something happens to those items, you'll all die."

"I know, okay? In a way, I'm just gambling. Let's see whose hand is stronger."

Naturally, the plans were protected by defensive magic.


At best, this protected a single sheet of paper, and as there were sensitive runic characters everywhere, the paper would have suffered irreparable damage in seconds.

Like a burning nail.

Jin's words were not wrong. Kinzelo and Zephyrin were also clearly aware that the whole situation was unfavorable from the moment she came to visit them.

However, they had no idea that Jin would show himself so strong.

More specifically, Bishkel and Margiella expected it, but they hadn't foreseen that Jin would be so uncompromising.

Or, rather, they thought Jin would give them a break, especially because Zipple and Hedo had pushed them to the limit throughout the journey.

Jin wasn't fooled.

Once again, he used his means without hesitation.

"...Put it out!"

"Putting it out won't be so easy."

"I won't attack, so put it out, right now!"

Yes, I think you can put it out, younger one.


It's burning, it's burning!

The brothers thought the same as Zephyrin.

Jin hadn't explained it to them, but now they almost perfectly understood the situation.

But Jin shook his head again.

Joshua almost shouted at that moment, telling him to put out the fire.

"It's not enough. There's one more condition."

"Damn it, what more do you want, you bastard!"

Jin smiled satisfied and said:

"You and Kinzelo lost the bet, so you have to pay the price."

"Speak quickly!"

"Zephyrin, until we leave Lutero Magical Federation, you must escort the Runcandels away from Zipple. If you agree, then I'll put out the fire."

Zephyrin was already nodding even before Jin finished speaking.


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